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PC-ul a fugit într-o problemă și trebuie să repornească - Real Fix


Pentru orice utilizator Windows, the request failed due to a fatal device hardware error, „computerul este scăzut de memorie“ orPC-ul a fugit într-o problemă și trebuie să repornească” poate fi un mesaj îngrozitor. If you have experienced this issue and are looking for a reliable solution, citiți acest articol despre. Although the error message is expected to be disappeared after a restart, this annoying issue tends to persist. Prin urmare, many novice Windows users are frustrated to see this message thinking that it is unsolvable. Bine, the good news is that this article is about solving this issue for good.

În acest articol, we intend to discuss the causes behind this error and the recommended fixes. There can be several causes behind “PC-ul a fugit într-o problemă și trebuie să repornească” eroare. in orice caz, even if you don’t know the reason, you can still fix this error by following the instructions.

‘Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restartis a pretty common error that gives a blue screen. În general, the blue screen appears when your computer cannot function properly due to some reason or another. Așa cum sa menționat mai înainte, this error can occur due to various reasons. in orice caz, some causes are popular than others. Microsoft themselves say that 7 din 10 blue screen instances occur due to faulty driver codes. Între timp, despre 1 de 10 instances occur due to issues related to hardware. The most common issues forPC-ul a fugit într-o problemă și trebuie să reporneascăcan be listed down as follows.

  • Troublesome external hardware that prevents the OS from functioning properly
  • Outdated drives on the PC
  • You haven’t updated Windows for a while
  • A troublesome software program you have recently installed
  • Overheated computer

Bine, regardless of the cause, let’s take a look at on how to fix thisPC-ul a fugit într-o problemă și trebuie să repornească” eroare.

De asemenea, aici este cel mai bun Driver Talent review Pentru dumneavoastră.

Recommended methods to fix “PC-ul a fugit într-o problemă și trebuie să repornească”

Din acest moment, we will reveal five effective methods to fix thisPC-ul a fugit într-o problemă și trebuie să repornească” eroare. We don’t force you to try all of those methods. But we suggest you go through the methods and try whatever that might fit your situation.

1. Identify and get rid of the external hardware that causes a blue screen

If the cause behind the problem is a faulty external hardware component, you should remove it. hard disk-uri externe, USB flash drives, etc. fall into this category. Just remove the component from the port and restart to see if the problem is solved. A large number of users have succeeded with this simple trick.

2. Update the outdated drivers

If one or more drivers installed on your computer is outdated, that can cause a blue screen. To fix the error, the obvious step you should take is to update the drives. Asa de, you should find the drivers that are outdated and get them updated to fix the issue.

Please note that you will have to log into Windows on the faulty computer to do this. If you don’t have login permissions, you should restart the PC to Safe Mode and see if it works.

Updating the outdated drivers can be done manually. in orice caz, în condiții practice, manual updates can take a considerable amount of time. în plus, finding the outdated driver from the rest and downloading the perfect driver can be a difficult task. Many of the users claim that they often download wrong drivers or malware from random sources. Dacă aveți nevoie de un mod convenabil de a descărca driverele cele mai adecvate în cel mai scurt timp, utilizați un instrument profesional. În acest caz, vă recomandăm driver Easy.

De ce să alegeți driver Easy?

Ușor driver este un instrument profesional, care este proiectat pentru a instala drivere convenabil pe PC. Se poate căuta driver-ul precis pentru drivere depășite. Caracteristica de scanare a acestui software poate identifica rapid toate driverele învechite și driverele de download din surse de încredere. Nu se leagă computerul cu site-uri infectate. Cu driver Easy, you will not face the problem of downloading the wrong driver. Asta inseamna, it can save you a lot of time.

Updating the drivers using Driver Easy can be done using its free version as well. If you are prepared to download drivers one by one, you can use the free version of Driver Easy. in orice caz, if you wish to update your drivers with two clicks only, you should buy Driver Easy. The paid version of Driver Easy also comes with a Money-Back guarantee (pentru 30 zi). În plus față de, you get full support for the paid version.

Caracteristici ale Ușor driver

Acum, let’s take a quick look at the main features associated with Driver Easy.

  • Fix all the drivers with two clicks
  • It can fix all the missing and outdated drivers
  • Millions of satisfied customers across the globe already
  • Comprises of more than eight million official drivers
  • It improves the performance of the computer and the stability
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • All the drivers it downloads are from trusted, official sources
  • It is developed to be compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 și 10

Descărcați Drive Easy

How to update drivers using Driver Easy

Let’s see how to use Driver Easy and update the drivers on your Windows computer.

Etapa 1. Install Driver Easy

The obvious first step of this process is to download and install the software. You can visit the Driver Easy official website and download the software easily. Atunci, you should get the software installed on the PC where outdated drivers are.

Etapa 2. Scan the computer

Atunci, launch the software and click on the option labeledScaneaza acum“. Atunci, Driver Easy will scan the computer and search for faulty drivers.

Etapa 3. Actualizați driverele

After scanning is done, the outdated drivers will be listed. To update them all at once, you can click on the option labeledActualizare Toate“. in orice caz, if you are using the free version of Driver Easy, ar trebui să faceți clic pe “Actualizați”. The main difference between free version and the paid version of Driver Easy is the amount of time saved. Free version requires you to download drivers one at a time while paid version downloads them all at once. You can think of these characteristics and decide whether to go for the paid or free version.

Descărcați Drive Easy

3. Check if there are Windows updates

Dacă “PC-ul a fugit într-o problemă și trebuie să repornească” persists, you should check for Windows updates. Installing the latest Windows updates will fix many of the glitches your PC suffers currently. De asemenea, allowing timely Windows updates can make your PC more stable, more secure and efficient.

Make sure that you log into the PC with administrator privileges to install Windows updates. But if you don’t have Windows update, you will have to log into Safe Mode and try it.

Bine, if you have Windows 10 pe PC, you will have to follow the steps mentioned below.

Etapa 1. Switch on the computer and type the phrase “Windows Update” within the search bar. Atunci, ar trebui să faceți clic pe opțiunea “Verifică pentru actualizări”.

Etapa 2. Faceți clic pe butonul etichetat “Verifică pentru actualizări”.

Etapa 3. Once the checking process is completed, ar trebui să faceți clic pe opțiunea “install all updates”.

Etapa 4. At the completion of installing updates, you will have to check if the computer works smoothly.

Dacă utilizați Windows 7, actualizările ar trebui să fie instalate urmând metoda menționată mai jos.

Etapa 1. Du-te la meniul Start și faceți clic pe opțiunea “Toate programele”

Etapa 2. Selectați opțiunea “Windows Update”

Etapa 3. Faceți clic pe opțiunea “Verifică pentru actualizări”

Etapa 4. Once the checking process is completed, puteți instala actualizările

Etapa 5. Acum, că actualizările sunt instalate. Apoi reporniți computerul și a vedea dacă totul merge bine.

4. Scapă de programe software instalate recent

Vă confruntați “PC-ul a fugit într-o problemă și trebuie să repornească” problemă după instalarea de noi programe în ultima perioadă? Dacă este așa, există o șansă ca programele nou instalate cauzează această problemă. Asa de, it is a practical answer to uninstall the programs you have installed recently and see if it helps. You can easily do it by identifying the recently installed programs and uninstalling them.

5. Repair the computer to prevent from overheating

Another possible cause behind “PC-ul a fugit într-o problemă și trebuie să repornească” error is overheating. Check if the computer has such an issue. If the heat exceeds 90 degrees of Celsius, that’s overheating. To monitor the amount of heat, you can use a heat monitor on your computer.

The most basic method to check if heating is the cause, keep your computer shut down for 30 minute. Atunci, you can start the computer again and see if everything goes well.

If your computer constantly generates an excessive amount of heat, you need a permanent fix to that. Check if the cooling fan is working properly before everything else. The broken cooling fan is the most common reason behind an overheated computer. In afara de, broken heat sinks and dirty casing can cause abnormal heat within the computer. You can also consider taking your computer to a repair shop if you cannot handle it by yourself.

Those are the methods you can use to overcomePC-ul a fugit într-o problemă și trebuie să repornească“. You can go through the list once again and find the best method that addresses your situation.

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