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Det er ingen tvil om nytten av XVID filformat. derimot, grunn av ulike årsaker, du må konvertere XVID filer til et felles filformat. That is exactly when you will need the assistance of a good XVID Kalkulator. If you are looking for a good XVID converter to convert XVID files to other formats, lese denne artikkelen.

One of the most significant characteristics associated with XVID file format is that its compactness. Med andre ord, XVID files can maintain optimal quality while maintaining a small file size. Because of this compactness, XVID files are preferred by many individuals who share videos through the internet.

derimot, the downloaded XVID files give some issues when it comes to compatibility with players. Faktisk, this file format doesn’t work on Apple devices in particular. Så, you will have to find a different device to play the XVID files. Men, the most practical solution to this is converting XVID files into MP4 and play them in any player. Som du kanskje vet, MP4 files are friendly with pretty much all the players available. This file format can have audio, video, subtitles and still images as a single file.

BTW, click to know the best VR-spillere for Android i tillegg til CBR vs VBR sammenligning.

Del 1. Reasons to convert XVID to MP4 on a Windows platform

XVID can be described as a video codec library. This respective library follows a special video coding standard called MPEG-4. Faktisk, XVID is not a video file format. It is more of a program that lets you compress and decompress video files to MPEG-4. Teknisk sett, XIVD files can comprise of the optimal file quality of DVD, but it takes substantially smaller space. I tillegg til det, transferring XVID files is a very easy process thanks to the lightweight they possess. Regardless of all those benefits, there are several instances in which you will need to convert XVID into MP4. Here are some of those instances in which you will have to use an XVID converter.

1. XVID doesn’t work with iOS devices

If you use an Apple device, XVID files will give you a really hard time. I enkleste form, Apple devices are not compatible with the XVID file format. Your iPhone, iPad or iPod will not be able to play any XVID file. Så, if you have already downloaded an XVID file on your iOS device, you must convert it.

2. It is not compatible with various portable players

Apart from iOS devices, XVID shows poor compatibility with many other portable devices and players. Faktisk, a considerable number of modern-day video players don’t play XVID files. To play these files, you should get them converted into MP4.

3. Editing XVID files can be really difficult

You should know that XVID is not that popular when compared to file formats such as MP4. Så, many video editors don’t accept XVID as a compatible file format. Vi vil, if you need to edit the contents of XVID files, you should convert it into MP4.

Vi vil, those are the reasons you should convert XVID files into a more compatible format on a windows platform.

Del 2. Converting XVID to MP4 in 1-Click on Windows

If you intend to convert an XVID file into another format, you should use a powerful video converter. Og, Wonders UniConverter is among the best XVID converters in the industry today. Faktisk, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is considered to be a powerful and reliable software to convert videos.

This unique program is compatible with over 1000 filformater. Enda viktigere, it doesn’t cause any data loss during the conversion. That means the output file will have the same quality as the original file. The developers update Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate constantly.

Nå, let’s take a look at the most notable features integrated with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

  • Det kan konvertere Opus til MP3, convert ISO til MKV, ISO til MP4, AVCHD til MP4 fil, convert video files to MP4 and other formats like AVI, MOV
  • It is compatible with more than 1000 filformater (it supports VR and 4K formats as well)
  • Dette verktøyet kan konvertere videoer for å være kompatibel med ulike enheter som Xbox, iPhone, etc.
  • Den spesielle teknologi kalt APEXTRANS å gjengi rammene 30 ganger raskere enn med vanlige omformere
  • Den kan laste ned videoer fra over 10,000 videodeling steder (slik som YouTube), Vevo, etc.)
  • Det kan ta opp videoer spilles online og dataskjerm
  • Arbeid som en DVD-brenner programvare som gjør disker til å bli spilt med standard DVD-spillere
  • Wondershare UniConverter can even edit the videos (beskjæring, legge, trimming, etc.)
  • Det kan legge undertekster til videoer
  • Compatible with all the Mac and Windows operating systems that are used today

Step-by-step guidance on using XVID converter

Nå, let’s see how to use Wondershare UniConverter.

Først, download the software and get it installed on your Windows computer.

Last ned UniConverter for Windows Last ned UniConverter for Mac

01. Som første skritt, you should open UniConverter on the PC to see the home screen. On this screen, you will be able to find an option labeledLegg til filer“. This is located under theKonvertere” tab. Deretter, you should browse for the file you need to convert. derimot, hvis du vil, you can drag and drop the file you need.

02. Nå, you should define the file format of the output file. Å gjøre dette, you should go to the software interface and select the option labeledConvert All Files To“. Deretter, select the file format you require.

03. After defining the output file format, you should start the conversion process easily. For å gjøre det mulig, du skal trykke på “Konvertere” knapp. The program will start to convert the file based on the output file format you have provided. Ved gjennomføring av denne prosessen, you will be able to find it in the categoryOmregnet“.

Del 3. Using an online XVID converter

It is no secret that desktop-based software can work reliably and solidly as XVID converter tools. derimot, you cannot expect a highly professional software like Wondershare UniConverter to be free. Så, if you don’t need to pay for software, you can consider an online XVID converter. But these online tools are more suitable for minor conversion tasks. Med andre ord, online converters are not for those who expect professional results.

The list of online converters is a pretty long one. Most of these tools can convert XVID into MP4 and other file formats easily. I denne delen av artikkelen, we expose a powerful online tool that can convert XVID videos conveniently. I dette tilfellet, we will use a special online tool called Convertio File Converter. This specific program can convert a variety of files including video, lyd, PDF, dokumenter, etc. It can acquire files through various sources including URLs, DropBox, Google Disk, etc. This tool allows saving the converted files either on Google Drive or Dropbox.

How to use File converter as an XVID converter

01. Go to the link using any web browser on your computer.

02. Deretter, Klikk på alternativet merket “Select Files to Convert“.

03. You should now browse for your XVID source file that is located on the computer.

04. After adding the files to the XVID converter, you should select an output file format. I dette tilfellet, you should select MP4.

05. Klikk på knappen merket “Konvertere“.

06. At the completion of a successful conversion, you should see that the respective file is available to download.

Del 4. Differences between online XVID converter and Wondershare UniConverter

Wonders UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is a desktop-based software that shows excellent stability and functionality. If you are a professional who engages in file conversions regularly, using a desktop-based software is the best option.

Last ned UniConverter for Windows Last ned UniConverter for Mac

Convertio Online Video Converter

Compared to the previous option we emphasized, this online converter comes with a smaller number of features. The speed of the conversion process is substantially slower as opposed to desktop-based software. Its speed depends solely on the quality of the network connection. derimot, if you are looking for a basic XVID converter for free, this can be a good option.


If you need to do some heavy conversion work with better reliability, choose a desktop XVID Kalkulator. derimot, if you don’t expect anything advance, an online XVID converter tool can be a decent option.

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