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ベストのWindowsとは何ですか 7 パスワードは、ツールのリセット 2019?


There are many individuals who want to know about the best Windows 7 password reset tool or ウィンドウズ 10 パスワードリセットツール. しかしながら, 唯一のいくつかは成功します. 一般に受け入れあたりとして, あなたのWindowsをリセットする最も簡単な方法 7 password is with your password reset disk. それにもかかわらず, the problem with the reset disk is that it can be complex for some of the users. さらに, some individuals are curious about different ways of resetting the forgotten Windows password. No matter to which category you may fall in, この記事はあなたのためだけです. 言い換えると, we emphasize several ways of resetting Windows password (including the best Windows 7 パスワードリセットツール.

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1. Try guessing the login password of your Windows 7 システム

Before we use any advance process or a Windows 7 パスワードリセットツール, letstry the simplest method. Although this option might sound pretty funny for most of the people, it actually works for many. Many individuals tend to use passwords that have some kind of relationship to their daily life. そう, recalling the memory and start guessing the password should be the first thing you should do. 例の多くには, the complicated passwords you use would have an incident or story behind them. All you need is to find the inspiration behind the password. それを行うには, you should play with your memory for a while. この場合にはあなたを助けるために、, we have listed down some aspects that might trigger your memory.

  • Your nickname, 名, your loved one’s name (or nickname)
  • Name of your beloved pet
  • The birthday of your loved one (or even yours)
  • The office address, company name or the department
  • Your home address, street
  • Your favorite flower, fruit or food
  • Or your favorite movie, the superhero you love
  • The perfume, aftershave, lotion, 等. you use
  • Your favorite restaurant
  • Employee number
  • Special day, occasion, venue, 等.

These are just suggestions, and there can be plenty of others to consider in order to recall the memory. もしあなたが必要ならば Excelファイルからパスワードを削除します そして Windowsのパスワードを削除, here is the best way.

2. Use Passper WinSenior – the best Windows 7 パスワードリセットツール

Can’t you recall your memory and you have no clue whatsoever about the password? 心配しないでください. We have several ways to recover your Windows password tool, just like we promised. The first (and most prominent) option if you don’t remember that password is Passper WinSenior. 実際には, we consider Passper WinSenior to be the best Windows 7 password reset tool due to obvious reasons.

With Passper WinSenior, it is absolutely possible to reset your Windows 7/10 password without reset disk. その代わり, you can use this tool and get the password reset very easily. さらに重要なことには, this method doesn’t cause any data loss after resetting the password of Windows 7. You don’t need to reinstall the system software as well. 実際には, this is a 3rd-party tool, but you don’t have to worry about it at all. It is exceptionally reliable and efficient software. All you need is a second PC to get this software installed and resetting Windows 7 password is simple.

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to reset a Windows 7 password with ease.

1) まず第一に, you should download & install the software called Passper WinSenior on the second computer. Please note that this method requires access to the second computer.

Download Passper WinSenior

2) 今, you should create a bootable reset disk (with a DVD, USB or even with a CD). これをする, you should insert the preferred drive into that PC on which Passper WinSenior is installed. 今, select the drive from the program interface and choose ‘Burn.You will then wait for minutes so the disk will be burned.

3) 次のステップとして、, you should insert the burned disk (USB/DVD) into the computer which is locked. それから, you should reboot the same computer from DVD or USB accordingly.

4) You can now remove the password which is forgotten. If now, you can even create a fresh account of Windows 7. To remove that password, click on ‘Reset Password.If you need to create a fresh account, just click on ‘Add Userso you can do it.

5) 今, you should click on ‘Rebootoption so you can exit the interface. 今, you will see that you accessed the computer without the requirement of typing a password.

Try Passper WinSenior

3. Reset Windows 7 password in Command Prompt

Compared to the previous method, this method might be somewhat complex. しかしながら, we thought it’s a method worth mentioning particularly for techies. This method too doesn’t need the assistance of a reset disk. しかしながら, one of the main disadvantages associated with this method is that it loses some of your files. 例えば, you lose email messages, encrypted files, 等. そう, we still suggest you use the previous tool. But if you still need to use this method, mentioned below are the steps you should follow.

1) まず第一に, you should find your Windows installation DVD into your PC’s optical drive. そうでない場合は, you can even use the Repair Disk. 今, reboot the computer using the DVD you have just inserted.

2) Your computer will boost successfully. 今, you should click on the button of ‘Next.Once the installation window appears, click on the option called ‘Repair your computer.

3) 今, you should select the OS you intend to repair. Be sure that you remember that drive letter used to have the OS.

4) 今, make sure that you go to the Command prompt and enter the following command.

C:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\
押す’ Enter’.

5) それから, enter the following code as well.
copy /y c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe
Press ‘Enter’ もう一度.

6) Make sure that you quit that command prompt. Restart the computer. When it comes to that login screen, just press ‘Shiftfive times to open that command prompt.

7) Enter the username password for the net user. 良く, the username should be changed with the new username & the new password too.

8) 今, exit the command prompt, then you will now can log in using the new password.


4. Enter Windows 7 system through Admin Account

There is another easier method for you to access the Windows 7 システム. しかしながら, the main disadvantage associated with this method is that it requires another Admin Account. That means this method will work only if the computer has a different Admin account. Mentioned below are the steps to follow.

1) Switch on the computer and long into the available account (which must have Admin privileges) Go to ‘Start’ メニュー & navigate to the option which is labeled as ‘Control Panel.

2) 今, select the option called ‘User Account.Tap on the option called ‘Family Safetyand go to ‘User Accounts.

3) Now click on the option called ‘Add or Remove User Account.You will now see the accounts that are created on this computer.

4) 今, select that account you intend to change the password and click on ‘Remove Passwordor ‘Change Password.


5. Reset Windows 7 Password without using a USB or disk

In order to use this method, you will have to engage in some command-line-related tweaks. しかしながら, this method too works on computers that have another username with Admin access. あなたが従うべき手順を以下に言及します.

1) Go to CMD and enter the following code.

  • Type ‘CDand hit ‘Enter.
  • MKDIR # hit ‘Enter.
  • CD # and press ‘Enter.
  • 7z e hashcat-2.00.7z./hashcat-cli32.bin -V and press “入る.

2) Use the command below.
cd ./hash/hashcat-cli32.bin -m 1000 -A 0 -o winpass1.txtremove win1.hash rock.dic. Press ‘Enter’.

3) 今, key in the terms ‘Yesand hit ‘Enter.

4) Use the below command as well.
cat winpass1.txt

5)それから, you will find that cracked password, followed by a hash. You should now change that user to that locked account.

6. Install Windows OS once again

If none of the above options aren’t working for you, the only option available is to reinstall the OS. しかしながら, please note that this method will lose all data saved in your C drive.

良く, that is how to use different methods to reset Windows account passwords on your PC. As we believe with the Windows 7 パスワードリセットツール (Passper WinSenior) is the best method of all. It doesn’t take much time, and it is a very simplified process. さらに重要なことには, this Windows 7 password reset tool doesn’t cause data loss. しかしながら, you may consider trying the other options as well.




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