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WhatsApp에 대한 가이드 플러스 다운로드 및 설치


WhatsApp에 몇 년 동안 인기를 얻고 그렇게 계속되었다. 권위있는 모바일 메시징 응용 프로그램은 iMessage를의 그것과 유사하지만, iOS 및 Android에있는 크로스 플랫폼의 이점이 있습니다. It supports sending photos and videos, and users can also create group chats. All of this is great, but some people want more. 이러한 이유로, they consider WhatsApp Plus download.

WhatsApp Plus is an alternative version which includes features that aren’t a part of the vanilla version of WhatsApp. Some of these features are simply cosmetic changes, and others are more technical. 그래서, if you’re interested in downloading WhatsApp Plus, read through this guide and get all the information you need.

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Key Features of WhatsApp Plus

To kick things off, we’re going to be explaining what the key features of WhatsApp Plus are, and why it’s an app to consider using.

  • More Emoticons. WhatsApp Plus includes its own set of additional emoticons. 운수 나쁘게, if you send any of these emoticons to someone who doesn’t use WhatsApp Plus, they won’t see them.
  • Improved File Sharing. WhatsApp’s file sharing limit is capped at 16MB, which isn’t always high enough. With WhatsApp Plus you are able to send up to 50MB of files through the app.
  • 테마. Another aesthetic change is that WhatsApp Plus enables users to change the app’s theme. The built-in theme library includes hundreds of amazing themes to choose from.
  • Stay Hidden. 처음에는, this wasn’t a feature of WhatsApp, but since WhatsApp Plus hit the scene, it has been added. You can disable the feature which shows recipients that you’ve read their messages.

The current requirements state that you must have Android 4.0.3 이상, and preferably no data limits. Limitless data isn’t necessary, but if you frequently send files with WhatsApp, it’s a good idea.

또한, there is WhatsApp Plus add-ons such as the Stickers Maker and WhatsApp Plus Cleaner.

Cons of WhatsApp Plus

Every third-party APK has downsides to using it, and here are the cons of a WhatsApp Plus download.

그런데, you may also like to know more about Fouad WhatsApp Free DownloadWhatsApp에에서 GBWhatsApp로 전환하는 방법.

  • Security Risks. Whenever you download an APK that isn’t available on the Google Play Store, you’re taking a risk. Even more so because you have to adjust your Android device’s security settings to install it, if you don’t download the official WhatsApp Plus and instead download a version with a virus, your device will be infected.
  • Infrequent Updates. WhatsApp receives updates pretty frequently, but WhatsApp Plus doesn’t. If the WhatsApp developers add a new amazing feature, it’ll be a while before you can use it on WhatsApp Plus.

Where to Get WhatsApp Plus Download

Prior to the installation, you must download the WhatsApp Plus APK. It currently isn’t available on the Google Play Store, so you’ll have to get it from a third-party website.

알다시피, if you’ve installed a third-party app before, this requires changes to be made to your Android smartphone’s settings before you can actually install the app. We’ll explain that later, but the point is you have to WhatsApp Plus download from a third-party website.

When it comes to WhatsApp Plus, we’re lucky. Most apps that aren’t found on the Google Play Store don’t have their own website. WhatsApp Plus has its own website where you can download the APK.

How to Install WhatsApp Plus Download

Installing the APK after WhatsApp Plus download is the next step. Doing this is easy, and there isn’t anything different compared to installing any other third-party APK.

단계 #1 – Download the APK from WhatsApp Plus’s official or third-party website.

단계 #2 – Go to your smartphone’s download folder and tap the APK.

단계 #3 – Follow the installation steps on-screen and grant any permissions that the app requests.

단계 #4 – After the app finishes installing on your phone, launch it and sign in with your WhatsApp account. You’re good to go!

WhatsApp Plus will now be ready, and when you sign in, you can start using the unique features it offers. Note that installing both the original WhatsApp and this version on your smartphone could cause conflicts, so only install one at a time.

Using dr.fone – Restore Social App

One of the things you have to be cautious of is when you do WhatsApp Plus download and install; you may overwrite existing WhatsApp data. 다행히도, if you use the built-in Google Drive backup feature, you’ll be fine. 하나, you shouldn’t rely on this.

Consider using dr.fone - 사회 앱을 복원 as an extra precaution. Below are the most notable features that this program provides users with.

  • Backup WhatsApp messages from iOS and Android smartphones to your PC
  • Directly transfer WhatsApp messages between any iOS or Android devices
  • Restore backed up WhatsApp messages to any smartphone
  • Back up and restore LINE, 누구, Viber, and WeChat messages
  • Available for Windows and Mac computers
  • A free version is available but for full access users must purchase the full version

Above are just some of the fantastic features that users get access to with dr.fone – Restore Social App. 무엇보다도, 그래도, it’s perfect for backing up WhatsApp before installing WhatsApp Plus. 게다가, here is other Whatsapp backup extractor 귀하의 정보에 대한.

dr.fone 받기 – 사회 앱 복원

Backup WhatsApp Before Installing WhatsApp Plus

We suggest using dr.fone – Restore Social App before and after installing WhatsApp Plus. It safely stores a copy of your messages in the event that something goes wrong.

단계 #1 – Download and install dr.fone – Restore Social App on your computer. Either version will be fine for this method.

dr.fone 받기 – 사회 앱 복원

단계 #2 – Launch the program and connect your Android smartphone to the computer with the USB device that you got with it.

단계 #3 – From dr.fone’s main menu, choose the feature “사회 앱을 복원합니다.”

단계 #4 – On the following screen, you’ll see several social apps on the left menu. 이 방법의 경우, we’ll be using WhatsApp.

단계 #5 – Different social app options will appear; 딸깍 하는 소리 “백업 또는 WhatsApp 메시지” 계속하려면.

단계 #6 – dr.fone will now begin taking the WhatsApp backup, 그리고 완료되면, you can view the backup file’s contents.

Now that you have a backup of your WhatsApp message, you can follow the installation guide for WhatsApp Plus download and know that none of your messages will be at risk. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, a quick restore will fix it.

Restore WhatsApp Data with dr.fone

그래서, after you finish installing WhatsApp Plus on your Android device, you might notice some lost messages. 대부분의 시간, this isn’t the case, but should it happen you can once again put dr.fone - 사회 앱을 복원 to good use. Following the guide below will show you how to restore a WhatsApp backup to your device.

단계 #1 – Launch dr.fone, and once the main menu finishes loading, 클릭 “사회 앱을 복원합니다.”

dr.fone 받기 – 사회 앱 복원

단계 #2 – Using the appropriate USB cable, 컴퓨터에 장치를 연결.

단계 #3 – From the menu of social apps on the left of your screen, 고르다 “WhatsApp.

단계 #4 – For this solution, we will be usingRestore WhatsApp messages to Android device,” so go ahead and click this.

단계 #5 - 다음 메뉴에서, you will see a list of the WhatsApp backups that are available. Scroll through the list and select whichever backup contains the correct messages.

노트: to check what messages each backup contains, 딸깍 하는 소리 “전망” 그 옆에.

단계 #6 – Select the WhatsApp backup that you want to restore and click “다음 것” 계속하려면.

단계 #7 - 다음, 눌러 “복원” button and with the popup box, sign in to your Google Play Store account.

노트: if you aren’t currently signed into any account on your device, 딸깍 하는 소리 “Skip” 에 이동.

단계 #8 - 마지막으로, dr.fone will restore the WhatsApp messages to your device. After the restore, you will find them on the WhatsApp app as usual.

Restoring WhatsApp messages with dr.fone by following the WhatsApp Plus download process is just as easy as backing them up. This guide is proof that it’ll take just a matter of minutes!

Can I Switch from WhatsApp Plus to WhatsApp?

You finish installing and setting up WhatsApp Plus, you took the time to use some of the key features, and you decide that it isn’t for you. 그래서, naturally, you want to switch back to the normal version of WhatsApp.

If you decide this straight away, then there’s no need to be concerned about losing your messages. 다른 한편으로는, if you gave it a chance and used WhatsApp Plus for a few days, you should back up your messages with dr.fone as a precaution. Once you do that, follow these steps to revert.

단계 #1 – Make sure you create a backup of your WhatsApp messages, then uninstall the app.

단계 #2 – After uninstalling WhatsApp Plus open Google Play Store.

단계 #3 – Search for “WhatsApp에” and install the regular version on your smartphone.

단계 #4 – After the app finishes installing, 그것을 시작, and sign in using your phone number.

단계 #5 – You can now restore your backup from dr.fone or Google Drive if any messages are missing.

WhatsApp Plus download adds a lot of new features to the app. 상기, we understand that it isn’t for everyone. Some users get uncomfortable when they aren’t using the official app whilst others don’t feel any benefits from the Plus version. Reverting back to the official WhatsApp is the best option for those users.

Better Solution to Switch Back

If you’d rather use dr.fone to switch WhatsApp Plus to WhatsApp, there’s another method for doing so. Follow the steps below and find out exactly how to do this.

단계 #1 – Launch dr.fone and from the main menu, 고르다 “사회 앱을 복원합니다.”

단계 #2 – Connect your Android device to the computer with the appropriate USB cable.

단계 #3 - 고르다 “WhatsApp에” from the menu on the left and then choose “백업 또는 WhatsApp 메시지” from the screen that appears.

단계 #4 – Once the backup is taken, 당신은 클릭해야합니다 “그것을보기” button to check all of your messages are safely there.

단계 #5 – Navigate back to the WhatsApp menu, and this time clicks onRestore WhatsApp messages to Android device.

단계 #6 – A list of dr.fone backups will be shown. 이 목록에서, go ahead and choose the backup you have just taken and click “다음 것.”

단계 #7 - 마지막으로, 눌러 “복원” button and if applicable, enter your Google Play Store account information. The backup will now restore.

This will force the WhatsApp Plus application to reinstall on your Android device as the official WhatsApp version. It will also restore all of your WhatsApp messages so that none of them are lost from doing this.

To Conclude for WhatsApp Plus Download

Like most modded APKs, WhatsApp Plus gives you access to features that you might have wanted to see in the app, but which aren’t there. After a quick WhatsApp Plus download and install you’ll find yourself with access to several new features. Installing this app is simple, and if you feel like you can benefit from the new features, it’s worth your time. 모두 모두, WhatsApp Plus has a lot to offer and, 이 문서, we’ve shown you everything you need to know about its features, 설치, and uninstalling it.

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