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Vad gör TC Mean & Hur man använder det?


There are various acronyms that were introduced to the world by social media and SMS users. TC could be among one of the most used acronyms used today. dock, there can be some individuals who aren’t still aware of this acronym. Väl, if you are among those who wonder what does TC mean, denna artikel är för dig. Och, if you don’t know it, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Så, Läs den här artikeln på.

Many individuals tend to use acronyms instead of the full phrase for the sake of convenience. People generally want to type their chat messages and SMS faster and impress their loved ones. I detta fall, acronyms become exceptionally handy. The acronyms that were introduced to social media chat are commonly known as internet abbreviations. That is probably because these acronyms are widely used among Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, IMO, Linje, VEM, etc. användare. “TCis yet another acronym that is used among these internet users. The specialty of the acronym TC is that it is widely used than most of the other acronyms.

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Så, what does TC mean?

I enklaste form, TC meansTake Care.” Som ni kanske redan vet, take care is a phrase used to conclude a chat session. This is widely used in online chat rooms, e-postmeddelanden, IM like WhatsApp, Viber, etc. The meaning of this phrase is simply to say bye or farewell. Till exempel, say that you are in a Facebook messenger chat with your buddies. Och, av någon anledning, you have to leave the chat before the others. I detta fall, you are going to say bye to all the others in the chat. Så, you can conclude the chat saying TC all, TC buddies or just a simple TC. In return, your friends also might wish the same or sayyou tooor U2.

Unlike most of the other abbreviations you might have come across, TC is spelled lowercase as a general practice. Så, if you see someone say TC in a chat, meddelande, or an email, det betyder, to take care.

The term TC can be used between various parties. Till exempel, it can be used between best buddies. You had a WhatsApp chat with your closest friend, and both of you’ve decided to call it a day. Isåfall, you can say each other to take care of. But you don’t need to typetake carein whole. This is when you can use the term TC. Också, think of a situation where you conclude a very romantic chat with your soulmate. After all those romantic text messages, there comes a time to saytake care, my love, älskling, honey” etc. You can easily replace the phrasetake carewith TC in this case.

Med det sagt, you should also know that TC has an opposite abbreviation as well. That is the abbreviation TB. Faktiskt, the term TB is there to representwelcome back.

How to use TC

Now that you know what does TC mean. Let’s get an idea about how to use it. As you might realize with your common sense, TC is an abbreviation used to express your polite farewell. As a general practice, TC is used to express feelings within online communities. That is particularly between those who have gotten to know each other very well. Imagine a regular person of the respective online community is about to log off or say goodbye. Ibland, he or she is planning to be away for a while and come back. Till exempel, the member is going away for lunch, grab a coffee, or come back after some sleep. Oavsett orsaken, even if they are going away for a short while, you can easily say TC. Faktiskt, saying TC under such instances has become more of a norm. Under de senaste åren, the use of TC has become a practice of many individuals. Och nu, this term is used widely in various platforms. Till exempel, the term TC is used by WhatsApp users, Viber users, Facebook users, and even the SMS senders.

Examples of TC

Example 01

  • HMM… OK, buddies! I am going to call it a day. I have to pick up my son from his swimming class. Catch you up tomorrow!
  • TC, brother… see you tomorrow.

Example 02

  • Väl, that’s how you should do it. You can get back to me whenever you need any help with that project again.
  • Thanks a lot for assisting me with this project. TC!

Example 03

  • Hey… I know you had a pretty tough week. Hope you will get over with it this weekend. TC.
  • Tack, man…. It means a lot to me.

Example 04

  • Hey… thanks for throwing such awesome party… we all had the time of our lives there…
  • My pleasure man… hope you made it in one piece (ha ha ha… just kidding man)… anyways… TC bro.

Example 05

  • Hi Tim… I will not be coming tonight. Have some extra work do to and gonna stay over here. Just tell the others as well.
  • Oh… OK, buddy. I have already ordered our pizzas as well. Inga problem, fastän, as I can take care of it (ha ha ha). Hur som helst, TC bro. See ya tomorrow.

Example 06

  • Honey, can you buy some cereals on your way home? I totally forgot about it.
  • No probs dear. Just the usual thing we eat, höger?
  • Yes… you know it.
  • ok… TC honey see you soon!

Som du kanske märker, you don’t have to limit this abbreviation to internet only. It can be used within text messages effectively.

Related expressions to TC

Here are some related expressions to TC.

  • TLCTender loving care
  • TCB – take care of business (or even taking care of business).

We hope that this information is good enough for you to get an idea about what does TC mean. You can go through the article once again and let us know if you need to verify anything.

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