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What Does IGHT Mean & How to Use It?


Have you ever noticed the word “IGHT” when you browse the internet? Did you find it as a comment? Or was it on someone’s post? And, do you want to know what does IGHT mean? Well, you actually see an internet slang, and it is not an acronym. The purpose of this article is to explain what this term is and how to use it properly. So, read this article on if you’re among the tens of thousands of others who wanted to know it.

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What does IGHT mean?

Well, the most important thing is that you shouldn’t misunderstand IGHT to be an acronym for something. However, it is a slang used for an original word that is used in English. To be more specific, IGHT is a slang term used to express a positive thought. That means this term is used to give approval or accept something. Other than that, it can be used as a term of affirmation or agreement. So, the slang IGHT can necessarily be used as alternatives to the following words.

  • Yes
  • Sure
  • OK
  • Good
  • Fine
  • Confirmed
  • Positive
  • Agreed
  • Affirmative!
  • Positive!
  • Proceed
  • Go ahead

Well, IGHT is considered to be a casual term that is used to confirm or affirm someone else’s statement. It can also be used to confirm someone’s request or action. In other words, if someone is requesting permission from you to do something you can use the term IGHT.

In addition to that, IGHT can also be used in the form of a question. So in that case, you can use it to confirm that they accept something. Or, it can come to an agreement with the questioner. However, the questioner should be provided with the relevant information beforehand.

In addition to that, you should remember that IGHT can also be used as an exclamation. It can be used as a basic exclamation. That can be placed even at the beginning of the sentence. That means you can use this term in a sentence instead of regular words like “So,” “OK,” “Well,” etc.

In the below section of our article, we will explain how to use IGHT in few sentences.

  • Person A: “Hey, bro, what’s up? Can we meet over a beer this evening?”
  • Person B: “IGHT, bro.”

In the example above, you can see how IGHT is used to describe a simple confirmation. That means the person “A” makes an invitation to person “B.” In response to that question, person B (the friend who answers the phone) says a big YES. This example describes that IGHT can even be used as a standalone answer to a question. That means you don’t necessarily have to put IGHT with a long sentence all the time. Instead, you can use the term itself as an answer. With the single word the receiver gets, the message is delivered. The person who types IGHT in the above example is more than happy to agree with the proposal. So, person “A” knows that his or her buddy is coming definitely. In fact, this is a clear expression of YES, SURE, DEFINITELY, ABSOLUTELY or any other similar term.

Let’s take a look at another example now to make it pretty clear for you. In this example, we will use IGHT with a couple of other words.

  • Person A: “Hey, mate… stuck with some work and sorry for getting so late to reply”.
  • Person B: “Oh… that’s completely IGHT bro”.

As you can notice, this example says that IGHT is used with a relatively longer sentence. As per the usage of this text, person “B” says that it is completely OK. Or, it can be depicted as “FINE” or “No Problem.” So, person “A” is completely excused by person “B” for the late reply he or she has sent. In this case, IGHT is a term used to excuse someone else’s mistakes. Person “A” is trying to apologize as he couldn’t reply to the text. In addition to that, he emphasizes the reason why he couldn’t reply. On the other hand, the person who is expecting the reply (Person “B”) understands the situation completely. So, he or she uses the text “IGHT” with some other soothing words. As a result, person “A” will feel better, and perhaps; they will grab a beer later on.

Now, let’s see another example in which IGHT is used in a different manner.

  • Person A: “We guys are going to meet up at the mall (our usual place) this evening. There’s plenty to talk about.”
  • Person B: “IGHT… I will be there by 6.30.”

As per the example mentioned above, the person “A” is passing some information to person “B.” The message is about some sort of a meeting (probably among a group of friends). Apart from just passing the message, person “A” is expecting person “B” to be there. In a way, it can be depicted as an indirect invitation as well. On the other hand, person “B” realizes that person “B” needs him to be there too. He realizes that it is an indirect invitation for him, and the group is expecting his company. So, he replies with IGHT. In this case, IGHT can be interpreted as “OK,” “Sure,” “definitely,” etc. The person who has been invited confirms the message and says that he will be there.

Let’s take another example to explain how the term IGHT is used in another manner.

  • Person A: “About tomorrow’s event; bring your own drinks if you plan to have a drink, IGHT bro?
  • Person B: “IGHT”

As per this example, it looks like they are organizing an event. They already know about the event, venue, time, participants, and other information. As a gentle reminder, the organizers request attendees to bring their own drinks to the event. In other words, the attendees are not provided with drinks during the event (they have to BYOB). At the end of the message, person “A” has used a question mark and IGHT. By doing so, person “A” wants to get something confirmed from person “B.” Through the reply of person “B,” person “A” realizes that the message is passed correctly. Such communication is exceptionally important when organizing an event with many individuals. As a result, there won’t be any confusion during the event. Person “B” replies to person “A” just with a simple “IGHT” which is good enough for the moment. Person “A” will have this reply as a confirmation message. It can be produced as proof if needed by any chance.

In this last example, we use IGHT once again in a different type of sentence. With this example, you will realize another way of using IGHT and give out some message. Let’s take a look at this sentence.

  • Person A: “I am dead tired man… it’s been a really really long day…”
  • Person B: “He he… same here… IGHT, time to call it a day… catch you up later”.

Well, this example shows that IGHT is used in the form of an exclamation. That means, it is pretty similar to a term like “Well,” “OK” etc. In fact, you can use this term at the beginning of a sentence. Moreover, it helps you to add some expression to the text you are sending. For instance, you can use it to say that you are tired, exhausted, or fed-up prior to the comment. So, the receiver of the IGHT knows that the sender is trying to add more spice to the conversation. Also, it is a great way to share their emotions at the moment and understand each other.

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In fact, IGHT is considered to be more of a shorter slang version of the AIGHT. As we have realized, AIGHT is a more popular version as opposed to the slang IGHT. Nevertheless, AIGHT and IGHT produce the same meaning. The only difference between these two terms is that IGHT is one letter shorter than the other.

Well, as you might have realized already, these terms are used between closest buddies. Usually, these types of terms or slangs aren’t used in official conversations. Also, these terms emerge from time to time and gain attention, particularly due to the usage of social media. So, now you know what does IGHT mean, and you can start using it in the conversations.

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