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What Can You Do with Your Old Phones & Tablets?


You get another smartphone again and seal the old ones in your drawer? You are a smart device fan and are always the first one rush to get the new model when they just released? Day by day, you even don’t realize you have mounted many smartphone devices in the drawer. It is such a waste to just abandon them and leave them in the drawer to get dust. We are going to give new lives to those so-called useless phone or tablets lying in your drawer. Ten great suggestions will be shared in the following part of this article.

1.Get your old smartphone sold.

Even though you think your device is out of date and don’t want to use them ever again, they can still be sold online for a fortune. For some people, phones are just about making phone calls and texting, so it is just a good bargain to get a secondhand device online. You can sell your device at Gazelle, BestBuy, uSell, Wal-Mart, Amazon and more. It is a good deal both for you and the buyer at the same time.

2. Use your old tablet or smartphone as a security camera.

Your old phone which has the function of taking videos can be used as a security camera. It is quite helpful for those who want to monitor their house or children. In order to do that, you need to download an app that enables you to run security camera on the device through the network. Then you can use the smartphone or tablet as a camera to secure your house successfully!


3. Experiment with your old smartphone or tablet

When your phone is still in service, I bet you don’t dare to experiment with it because you are worried about losing data or accidental damage that could endanger your device. But things go differently when you get another device, the old one seems doesn’t matter anymore. You can use the device to do all kinds of experiment you are afraid of doing in the past. For instance, you can restore the system, root the device, flash a new ROM or jailbreak it. The tricks you are doing with your phone are not nonsense. Experimenting will improve your skills in using the device and your knowledge about smartphones.


4. Turn our old smart phone device into a remote control

Do you know that you can use your abandon device as a remote control to take in charge of other devices? In order to do that, you have to make a connection between your phone and TV or get another tool such as a chromecast streaming stick to connect your phone or tablet to other devices.

5. Make your old phone useful for your kids

Maybe you throw away your old device because you are tired of using it. But for your kids, everything is new to them and it is like naturally born that they like digital devices for no reasons. You can turn your old device into an educational tool by installing some apps on the device. Apart from that, your old device is also a funny game player after you get some suitable apps for children. But keep an eye on the accounts on your old device. Your kids may play with it without thoughts. So remember to log out all the accounts or setup some password to prevent your kids from getting near some important apps or accounts. Or you can wipe out all the personal data on your smartphone with the help of iMyfone Umate Pro on the device before you give it to the kids.


6. Use the old device as a portable external hard drive

Office workers have many crucial files that they have to take with them when they go out on business. There is no doubt that could service provides great convenience to us since we can have easy access to the files wherever we go as long as an available network is around. But if you are worried about the security of cloud storage, then you’d better use a portable hard drive to keep the files. Thus, your old device can be used as a portable hard drive to store the documents.


7. Turn your old smart phone into a professional MP3 or video player

It consumes a large quantity of battery life when you play music or videos on your phone or tablet. So many users hardly use their device to play media files since they are afraid that the device may go out of the battery and it is very annoying to charge the device often. But if you have an old device, you can use the old one as a dedicated MP3 player or a video player. And your phone can remain enough power to make phone calls.


8. Make your old device dedicated e-reader

A small and functional e-reader is probably what you need if you are into reading. You can use your phone directly to read the books. However, you can get some professional reading apps on the device and turn it into a dedicated e-reader. The reading experience is better for a dedicated e-reader and you are able to import various kinds of ebooks into the device.

9. Use your old device as a digital photo frame

Your old device can be turned into an attractive digital photo frame. It is so creative to frame your precious photos with the unused device, especially use the photos that you have made a cool slideshow as a digital album. To maximize the effect of the digital frame, please remember to dismiss the dimming and locking feature of the screen.


10. Use your old device as an alarm or barometer

If you cannot get up in the morning and need an alarm clock to wake you up every day, then you can turn the old device into the exact thing you want. What is better is to use it as a barometer. Download an app on the device to gather weather forecast information from climate station. With the forecast, you can better prepare before you go out.


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