Top Vimeo Downloader Tools to Download Online Videos for Free

Vimeo is a platform that supports sharing videos online. In fact, Vimeo is considered to be the first website that allowed HD video sharing. As of today, it has become an exceptionally popular platform among internet users. Many of the individuals who use Vimeo prefer downloading their favorite videos and watch them later again. However, Vimeo doesn’t let its users download the videos directly. In this case, users will have to seek the assistance of a Vimeo Downloader. The purpose of this article is to emphasize the best Vimeo downloader tools available on the internet. If you are a Vimeo fan, you will find this article very helpful.

As of today, there are plenty of other video sharing platforms other than Vimeo. Well, what does it say indirectly? If you can find a good Vimeo downloader, you can use it to download videos from other platforms too! The purpose of downloading videos from Vimeo? After downloading videos from Vimeo, you don’t have to depend on the network connection. That means, the videos don’t buffer when you play the downloaded version. Also, when you watch downloaded videos on your phone or computer, it won’t affect your data balance.

Coming back to the point, let’s get to know the best m4ufree downloader & Vimeo downloader tools. The tools we present here comes with unique characteristics. We intend to list down the tools and their characteristics too.

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01. iTube Vimeo downloader

iTube Studio is a really sophisticated tool that works as a convenient Vimeo Downloader. Initially, you can use this downloader tool for free. If you like it, you can download the paid version to download endless amounts of videos through Vimeo.

Features associated with iTube Vimeo downloader

  • This tool lets you download Twitter videos, download Facebook videos  & also download videos from a large range of video sharing site
  • It supports YouTube, Dailymotion and many other platforms other than Vimeo. It can download movies on iPhone X
  • iTube converts downloaded videos into any format you like
  • This tool works 3X faster than the other Vimeo downloader tools
  • Apart from downloading, it allows recording videos too
  • Simplified operation with a single-click downloading process
  • Downloading multiple videos or playlists simultaneously
  • Vimeo lets you download 3D and HD videos
  • Vimeo is compatible with all smart devices such as Android, iPhones, etc.
  • It is capable of converting more than 150 formats of music and video files
  • Handy task scheduler feature
  • Integrated video player to play videos
  • It supports both Mac and Windows OS
  • Real-time screen capturing to record videos
  • Compatible with multiple browsers like Firefox, Chrome, etc.

To download iTube, you can go to their official website and get the download link. It is better if you can download the free version first, and go for the full version later. However, if you intend to experience all the features, you should download the iTube full version. Installing iTube is a really simple task thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Get iTube for Windows & Mac

Downloading Vimeo Videos through iTube

From this point onwards, let’s see how to download Vimeo using iTube.

1. As the first step, you should open the app to see the main window.

Vimeo Downloader - iTube

2. Then, you should copy the URL of the video you intend to download

Copy Vimeo URL
3. Now, you must paste the copied URL on the given space in App’s main window

Past Vimeo URL to iTube

4. Select the type of the file you intend to download (the file will be converted automatically)

5. Now, press the “Download” button. You will be notified when the file is downloaded

Download Vimeo with iTube

Now, it is a matter of enjoying the video you have just downloaded. To watch these videos, you don’t need any internet connection at all. Pausing, replaying, forwarding, rewinding and converting are totally possible with this file. In addition to that, you can simply edit these videos using any video editor.

Thanks to the sophisticated functionality of iTube, you can easily download videos from a massive range of sites. Apart from that, the built-in player of Vimeo can play any video file you have downloaded.

Get iTube for Windows & Mac

02. EaseUS MobiMover

This is another impressive and sophisticated tool that can be used as a Vimeo Downloader. If your preference is a simple, clean and faster Vimeo downloader, EaseUS MobiMover can be ideal for you.

Features associated with EaseUS MobiMover

  • It is a really convenient software to use
  • It is perfectly compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems
  • EaseUS Mobimover supports various video sharing platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, etc. other than Vimeo
  • EaseUS Mobimover helps to download videos into your mobile devices as well as the computers

How to use EaseUS MobiMover as a Vimeo downloader on a Windows computer

01. In order to use EaseUS MobiMover as a Vimeo downloader, you should have an iOS device. Connect the iOS device (iPad, iPhone) to the computer you intend to download videos. Then, you should open EaseUS MobiMover on the computer. Then, you must click on Trust on your iDevice to proceed.

02. At the top of the screen you see, you can select the Video Downloader option. Press the device icon and select the computer so the videos you downloaded will be saved there. If it’s required, you can click on the folder icon and change the location to save the file.

Vimeo Downloader - EaseUS MobiMover
03. Now, copy the URL of the Vimeo video you need to download. Then, you should paste it into the given space. Then, you can easily tap the Download button. Once the download button is pressed, you will be able to see that the file is downloading.

Copy Vimeo Video URL
04. Once the Download button is pressed, the software itself will analyze the video to download. You can download it to your Mac or PC without any issue. Once the downloading is done, you can simply click on the folder, open it and check it.

Download Videos from Vimeo with MobiMover

Some specialties about EaseUS MobiMover.

Here are some of the specialties associated with EaseUS MobiMover.

It works as a free Vimeo downloader

Once the MobiMover is installed on the PC, you can start downloading videos to the computer pretty easily. In addition to that, MobiMover supports a large number of websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc.

As a free iOS Data Transfer

EaseUS MobiMover comes with data transfer features as well. In other words, you can use this tool to transfer data between two iOS devices. Apart from that, you can use it to transfer data between an iOS device and a computer. Using this respective tool, you can transfer files like videos, photos, contacts, music, and anything else you like.

Contact manager for iOS devices

This multipurpose tool can be used as a contact manager for iOS devices like iPhones. You can delete, edit or transfer contacts on your iOS device using this tool. MobiMover will help you manage the contacts of your device pretty easily without taking much time.

Other Vimeo downloader Tools

The two options we have mentioned above are professional Vimeo downloader tools. However, if you don’t want to use a professional downloader, you may try the options below. These options can be used if you need to download a couple of short video clips. As of today, there are plenty of tools available on the internet to download videos from various websites. We have done some research for you and found some good online video downloaders for you. You may try one of the following options to check if it can fulfill your requirement.


Vimeo downloader -
If you are looking for a temporary solution to download a couple of online videos, try SaveFrom.Net. This web-based service can help you download smaller video clips pretty easily. Thanks to its simple but effective features, this respective tool can download videos from any website. It supports platforms, particularly like Vimeo and YouTube. You can use it to download videos or audios as necessary. is capable of providing output files of MP4, 3GP, WebM, etc. carrying different video qualities.

04. OnlineVideoConverter

Vimeo downloader - OnlineVideoConverter
This is another user-friendly, highly efficient and trusted Vimeo downloader tool. It can be used to download both video and audio as you wish. You can use this respective tool to find and download your Vimeo videos. More importantly, it allows you to download the files on your preferred formats. OnlineVideoConverter is compatible with various audio and video file formats. MP4, MOV, 3GP, MKV, WMA, FLV are only some of those file formats it supports. If your intention is to download online videos for free, this can be one of the best options.


Vimeo downloader - FLVTO
If you wonder how to download video clips easily and free on your computer, FLVTO can be an option. This respective tool comes as a free tool that mainly aims at websites such as Vimeo, YouTube, etc. It is capable of downloading videos and converting them into a preferred version. For instance, you can simply download a video using FLVTO and convert it into MP4, MKV, MOV, etc. As a matter of fact, FLVTO is a really famous video downloader among internet users. If you need to download short video clips and you don’t worry about HD quality, FLVTO is a good option. In a nutshell, FLVTO is a simple but effective tool that works as a Vimeo Downloader.

06. Y2Mate

Vimeo downloader - Y2Mate
Y2Mate is regarded as one of the most popular and best Vimeo downloader tools in the industry. This respective tool allows downloading online videos from sources like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. in addition to Vimeo. More importantly, this respective product comes with a media player as well. Because of this integrated media player, you can check the file before downloading it. Such an approach helps you save time and data. On top of all those features, Y2Mate comes with a really nice user-interface to provide a better experience.

07. Clip Converter

Vimeo downloader - Clip Converter
This is another free online tool that plays the role of a Vimeo downloader and a converter. This special tool lets you download a wide array of online videos from various sources including Vimeo. In addition to downloading, Clip Converter allows recording online videos too. With the assistance of this free online video downloader, you can watch your favorite videos on the computer. You can even get them in your iOS device or Android device. When it comes to downloading online videos, Clip Converter is capable of getting it done using few clicks. The friendliness of its user-interface is really admirable. This respective tool is compatible with video formats such as 720p, 1080p, and 4K. In a nutshell, Clip Converter is a really impressive online tool to download Vimeo and other online videos.

Well, that’s our list of best Vimeo downloader tools. Our general recommendation, however, is to use a more reliable and stable tool for professional tasks. In that case, the first two options we have mentioned iTube will be the best.


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