Notes for Using iPhone to Control Your Home Security System

Designed and developed by Apple, iPhone is regarded as one of the best touch screen phones over the world. It combines multiple advanced features with basic phone function. You can do more than just making phone calls. Browsing webs, taking panoramic photos and setting GPS with the phone is just a piece of cake. The users can multitask with the phone and even make the phone as their own customized portable device. There are all kinds of apps covering all aspects of your life s for you to download such as images editing programs and budget controlling program which enable you to customize your phone and make your iPhone unique. What’s more, you can even make your iPhone a home security tool.

Use iPhone to Control Home Security

With so many wonderful features of iPhone, you will be even more amazed that it can also be used as a home security tool. Thanks to a newly developed apps that is designed for helping users to monitor their own homeland remotely and noticing the users if there is something wrong with their house.

We can tell you there are over one hundred apps that are capable of controlling and monitoring home security on Apple Store. If you don’t believe that, you can look for the answer yourself by typing the key word ‘home security’ on the App store. The result is stunning, the exact number is 693. Maybe not all of them are home security related. You can still check out the result.

Some of the apps may ask you to use an extra device such as video cameras. But most of them do not require that because the camera of newly published iPhone is 8-megapixel and f/2.2 which fulfills the need of being a security camera.

Now let’s focus on some iPhone apps that worth introducing. Each of them can somehow help you with your home security. Choose the right one for yourself.


iSentry is an app with no cost that enables users to make the computer a security system so that it can detect all the motions spontaneously. In order to do that, you need to get the app downloaded and point out the space you would like to monitor with the camera. Then you can get the images and motion videos when there are any movements. iSentry also allows you make some settings by yourself. For example, you can set up the monitoring time, activate the sound alarm and get notification emails by choice.



Presence is also a free app that makes your old WiFi available iPhone a home security camera. Technically, you just need to have the app downloaded on your two devices. One is used as a camera while the other one acts as a monitor. You can point out almost any area you want around your house for the camera to watch over and monitor the camera with your other device. There is a motion detection feature of the app that will notify you when something is moving within the monitoring zone of the camera. Then, you will get an email of a five seconds video. All these make you in complete control of your home security wherever you are.



This apps cost $4.99. You can connect up to sixteen Apple devices at one time to the live video and audio. The working process assembles Presence. However, it is apparent that iCam enables you to connect more devices spontaneously.



The app is only useful after you buy the camera and connect it to your iDevice. It only takes you less than 60 seconds to set up the whole thing. When you done setting up the camera and installing the app on your iPhone, you are able to watch the video clips the camera takes on your iPhone directly. Or you can record down and preserve the videos for later check. In addition, you are able to share the video clips with your family and friends, the sharing process works the other way around too.

There is something need to point out about DropCam. It is a two-way communicating app which means you can hear what’s happening over there and the other end can hear your voice as well. You can take that feature as a baby-sitting monitor. There is a zoom feature as well. You can zoom in the lens to closely look at some particular area of the house.


Apple’s original design has inspired many app producers.iSmartAlarm is one of them. It is a DIY security system app that enables you to watch over your house with your iPhone and a so-called device named CubeOne. The CubeOne is kind of the center of the security system and in charge of triggering the alarm. You are able to manage it wherever you go with your iPhone. There is a camera for sale along with iSmartAlarm . It can tilt, pan and rotate its lens to scan the room 350 degree. What’s more, there is a plastic protection shell to prevent the lens from water pouring, damaging, dust piling and more. You are allowed to control it with your iPhone as well.



You are not required to install a really expensive home security system on your house to keep your home safe all day long nowadays. With advanced technology around us, you just need to move your finger and download an app that enables you to watch over your home regardless of the place you are at now.

With the iPhone security system, it will be such a big comfort knowing that your home is safe under your control. You don’t have to worry about whether your children have got home safely anymore or if the house is free from intruders. The iPhone security camera take care of that for you.


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