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微软办公室包括大量广泛和流行的节目. Excel中允许用户创建电子表格, PowerPoint中提供了一个简单的幻灯片解决方案, 和Word无疑是最热门的文字处理程序在那里. It isn’t limited to these programs through – Microsoft Office includes tens of solutions across desktop, 移动, and server platforms. Many of their programs are also available as online solutions too. One feature in particular that users demanded, and received, is password protection. This has led to some users querying about 如何取消保护Word文档.

Adding a password to your Word documents has a lot of benefits. 首先, 虽然, it prevents unwanted eyes from viewing sensitive information. Whether it be employee personal information or a diary entry, password protecting the file is the best thing to do. If you do this and forget the password you used, that can be a problem. If you find yourself in this situation, 再不用担心, we’ve got some solutions for you to try out.

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Methods for Protecting Word Documents

Before we show you the ways to unprotect Word document, you might not even know how to protect the document. Knowing how to add a password to a Microsoft Word file is very useful, 正因为如此, the methods below will explain how to do so.

Adding Password Protection

Microsoft Word offers two password protection features. This first method adds complete password protection that stops unauthorized users from accessing the file in any capacity.

步骤 #1 – Open the Microsoft Word file that you want to add password protection to.

步骤 #2 – From the menu at the top click on “文件” 并选择 “信息。”

步骤 #3 - 点击 “Protect Documentand from the list of options, 点击 “Encrypt with Password.

步骤 #4 – A pop-up window will now appear and in the box, type a password. Remember to make this password memorable as you’ll require it to access the Word file every time you open it.

步骤 #5 – After entering a password, 点击 “好” and close the window. Reopen the document to verify that adding the password was successful.

后请按照下列步骤, nobody without the password can open the file. This isn’t the only protection feature available to Microsoft Word users.

Adding Editing Restrictions

另外, you can add editing restrictions before you proceed to unprotect Word document. Doing this allows users to read the document, but they won’t be able to make any changes.

步骤 #1 – Open the Microsoft Word file that you are going to add editing restrictions to.

步骤 #2 - 点击 “评论” tab at the top of the screen and select “限制编辑。”

步骤 #3 – A menu on the right side will now appear. Use this to enable the restrictions you’d like to have in place.

步骤 #4 - 按下 “X” at the top-right of this menu to close it and finish the process.
You can also add editing restrictions through the “信息” menu in the “文件” 标签. 无论哪种方式, you can easily add this restriction, which will show readers the content but won’t allow them to change it.

Using Password to Unprotect Word Document

Now you know about adding passwords to a Microsoft Word document and how to limit what changes a user can make. But what happens when you want to remove the password and unprotect Word document?

There are various methods for removing the password. In this first guide, we’ll be covering the process if you already know what the password is. You can do this directly through Microsoft Word.

步骤 #1 – Locate and open the document you want to unprotect. Enter the password that you previously chose to set for the file.

步骤 #2 - 点击 “文件” tab and then select “信息” from the menu on the left.

步骤 #3 – Now that you’re on this menu, 点击 “Protect Documentand from the options that appear clickEncrypt with Password.

步骤 #4 – You’ll see a pop-up box appear containing the document’s password. Delete the password entry and pressOK.

步骤 #5 – If you now close Microsoft Word and then open the file, you will no longer be instructed to enter a password.

Creating a document and adding a password makes it much easier to unprotect it. The steps above are evidence of how easy it is. What is more difficult is if you don’t have the password, whether that’s because you didn’t create the file, or you aren’t supposed to have access to it altogether.

Removing Password with Passper for Word

Having the password is evidently more useful for unprotecting a Word document. In many cases this isn’t an option – people forget what password they added or download files that others have added passwords to. To unprotect Word document without a password, your best option is to use Passper的Word.

  • Capable of recovering any forgotten passwords
  • Removes editing restrictions from Word documents that you can’t edit
  • Utilizes four different password cracking methods to ensure success
  • Uses the computer’s CPU and GPU to accelerate the unprotection process
  • You can pause the password recovery and start it again later
  • Most files have the password removed/recovered within minutes
  • Compatible with all Windows versions from Vista onwards
  • Unlocks Microsoft Word documents that have been created from Word 97 to Word 2019


There are lots of benefits to using Passper for Word, 但最重要的是, it’s incredibly easy to use for removing passwords and restrictions on a Word document. After using Passper, you’ll have full editing access, and the program won’t affect the content either. You’ll also be happy to know that Passper offers similar solutions for PowerPoint, 高强, and other Microsoft Office programs.

How to Use Passper for Word

If you decide that the best way to Unprotect Word document is with Passper for Word, 按照下面的指南. This will explain the quick process of removing Word documentspasswords.

步骤 #1 – First download Passper for Word onto your computer, 然后再进行安装. You may use the free trial or full version for this guide.

Download Passper for Word

步骤 #2 – Launch Passper for Word and on the main menu, 选择 “恢复密码。”

步骤 #3 - 在下面的屏幕, 点击 “加” to locate and select the Word file. You must also select one of the recovery methods to proceed.

注意: read each of the methods to decide the most appropriate option, although typically any method is fine.

步骤 #4 – Go ahead and press the “下一个” 按键, and the program will get to work removing the password protection.

步骤 #5 - 几分钟后, the password will be shown on your screen. You will be able to open the Word file and enter this password to unlock it.

For more complex passwords it will take Passper for Word longer to crack. 这且不说, most people set basic passwords on documents. 使用这个程序, you will also be able to get rid of editing restrictions, but we’ll get into that later.

Using Password to Remove Editing Restrictions

Microsoft Word also includes an editing restriction feature. Even though users can read the document without the password, they can’t make changes. Like before, there are two ways of removing this type of password.

If you already know what the password is, or you are the creator, 按照本指南.

步骤 #1 – Open the Word document that has editing restrictions on it and enter the password.

步骤 #2 – From the menu at the top, 点击 “文件” 然后在 “信息。”

步骤 #3 - 按下 “Protect Documentdrop-down menu and from the options, 点击 “限制编辑。”

步骤 #4 – A pop-up window will now appear, and on it, 点击 “停车保护。”

步骤 #5 – To confirm you want to remove the editing restrictions, you must enter the document’s password. Do this now, then pressOK.

步骤 #6 – Close the Word document, and when you open it up again, you won’t have any restrictions in place.

This is a quick and easy solution to unprotect Word document. 当然, the key detail is that you must know what password the document has.

Removing Restrictions with Passper for Word

Most people don’t know what the password is. For those of you who fall into this category, you can use Passper for Word again.

步骤 #1 – Unless you already have it on your computer, download and install Passper for Word.

Download Passper for Word

步骤 #2 - 打开该程序并从主菜单, 选择 “消除限制” 特征.

步骤 #3 - 点击 “Import Fileand use the window that appears to select a Word document.

步骤 #4 – After selecting a file, 点击 “去掉” 按钮和秒内, Passper for Word will remove the editing restrictions.

没过多久, you’ll have full access to the Word document. Instead of the file being read-only, you’ll have the opportunity to make any changes that you want. 顺便说说, 这里是最好的 Excel密码卸妆 供大家参考太.

To Conclude on How to Unprotect Word Document

It’s agreeable that Microsoft Office’s password protection features have many benefits, and we can use them in various circumstances. 然而, if you forget what password you set or are attempting to access someone else’s file, you’ll have a dilemma in your hands. 在此刻, you’ll want to unprotect Word document, and you can easily do this with our solutions above. Passper的Word is the top solution as it can unlock literally every Word document. Even the most challenging passwords can be removed, even if it does take a little longer. 总而言之, removing a password isn’t as difficult as most would think!




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