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9 Enkle måter å Fastsette ‘Dessverre TouchWiz Hjem har sluttet’ Utgave


How to fix ‘unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped’ feil

You must be aware of the new User Interface (UI), TouchWiz. Denne spesielle launcher har blitt rapportert til å møte flere saker. Hvert år, Samsung comes with new developments. Nylig, a new UI, which is known as TouchWiz, was developed and designed by Samsung Electronics, along with its partners.

Men, this particular development is not appreciated by many people. A lot of users have complained about the new launcher being unresponsive at times. It tends to stop suddenly and the phone freezes. I fortiden, users have already been agitated with the pre-installed apps in Samsung devices. These apps make the device slow and buggy. They also eat up a lot of internal storage of the phone and result in the slow functioning of the phone.

If you have also faced the issue ofunfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped,’ then we are here to help you.

Så, if you are looking for a quick fix to unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped, then keep reading this article till the end. We have found nine ways to help you deal with it. These solutions are not complicated, and anyone can solve the unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped issue by simply following these steps. The steps mentioned in the article are straightforward. You don’t require a technology expert to help you solve this issue. Så, uten videre om og men, let’s begin.

Denne artikkelen har to deler. The first part will explain the cases where TouchWiz becomes unresponsive while the second part will take you through all the nine solutions to solve this problem.

PS: For people who have problems with Android SystemUI har sluttet; Process System svarer ikke; dessverre app har stoppet; here are the best fixes for you all.

Del 1: Recurrent cases when TouchWiz becomes unresponsive

I denne delen, you will understand why you face unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped issue. We have listed the main reasons that cause this problem, so keep on reading.

  • Som oftest, TouchWiz doesn’t work properly as soon as you update the Android version on your device.
  • There are a few applications that are already installed on your device at the time of purchase. When you disable these apps, the TouchWiz home launcher doesn’t work properly, and your device stops to function.
  • Installing some third-party applications in your device may lead to this problem.

Del 2: 9 easy ways to fix ‘unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped.

1. Repair the Android System to fix TouchWiz

While using your device, if the TouchWiz suddenly stops functioning, the quickest way to tackle this situation is to fix (reparere) your device’s Android system. One of the best tools to repair your Android system is ‘dr.fone – Reparere’ which is only for Android phones. This tool takes hardly any time to repair

‘unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped’ utgave. Dess, it is very easy to use and doesn’t require much technical knowledge.

Spesielle egenskaper av dr.fone – Repair (Android)

  • Fixes the issue in just a click
  • Provides 24*7 support and offers a seven-day money back challenge
  • High success rate and is considered as the best tool due to its functions
  • Can fix multiple Android issues, which include app crashing, death screen, etc.
  • Fully secure

Steps to download dr.fone- Reparere (Android)

Skritt 1: Last ned dr.fone- Reparere (Android)

This process starts with downloading the program from the official website. As soon as the download completes, follow the steps to install it. After installing, launch the tool in your desktop or PC.

Last ned dr.fone – Reparere (Android)

Skritt 2: Connect your PC to your Samsung device

After opening the software, click on the ‘repair’ knapp. Connect your Samsung device with PC via USB cable.

Skritt 3: Velg fanen

neste, click on the ‘Android Repair’ tab. This tab will appear on the left panel.

Skritt 4: Enter correct Information

I dette trinnet, you have to enter all your mobile details as per the instructions for the correct identification of your device. For eksempel, modell, right brand, country name, etc. of your phone.

Skritt 5: Re-check the data

This process has a high chance of deleting your data; derfor, we advise you to keep a backup of all your data. You need to type ‘000000’ to confirm.

Skritt 6: Put your device in download mode

You will be instructed to keep your device in download mode. Follow the instructions and then click on ‘Next.’ Så snart du gjør dette, the program will identify your device. This will enable you to download the latest firmware.

Skritt 7: Device maintenance

The program will automatically begin to repair your device once the download is finished. You will get a notification on the completion of the process.

Få dr.fone – Reparere (Android)

2. Keep your device up-to-date

Most of the Android devices clear the cache data as soon as they get updated. Samsung is an exception among all the devices; this is the reason why you get a notification stating ‘unfortunately TouchWiz home has stoppedafter you update your device. The solution for this is to remove the cache, and your device will work smoothly. Below are seven steps that you can use to clear the cache data:

  • Click on ‘Appsfrom the home screen.
  • Gå til Innstillinger.
  • Search for Applications and click on the Application Manager.
  • Swipe right to go to the ‘Allscreen.
  • Choose TouchWiz and click on ‘Clear Cache.
  • Select ‘Clear dataand then click on ‘Ok.
  • After all these steps restart your Samsung device.

*This process will delete all your Home screens.

3. Turn off ‘Motions and gesture’ innstillinger

Samsung devices, which run on any Android version previous than Marshmallow, are bound to encounter the unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped the issue. This problem can be resolved by turning off functions related to motions and gesture settings.

  • Go to ‘Settings
  • Select ‘Motions and gesture.
  • A screen will appear, disable the ‘Motions and gesturefunctions.

4. Modify the ‘Animation Scale

Noen ganger, TouchWiz may consume more memory for a huge amount of graphics maintenance. This can result in an error, ‘unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped.Whenever this kind of notification comes, try to modify the animation scale and remove all errors.

  • Select ‘Settingsand then choose ‘Developer Options.
  • This function can be found inside ‘About Device
  • Click on the ‘Build Numbersix to seven times.
  • A message will be displayed after that stating, ‘You are a developer.
  • Go back to Settings and click on Developer Options.
  • Begin modifying the ‘Window AnimationScale, ‘Transition AnimationScale, and ‘Animator durationscale values.
  • After all these steps, you need to restart the device.

5. Wipe ‘Cache Partition

If you’re still here, it means you are looking for another solution to the unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped the issue. Wipe Cache Partition is one of the most efficient solutions. It can resolve minor problems in Android devices. Follow the steps to know how you can implement it.

  • Switch off your device.
  • Press and hold ‘Volume up’ og ‘makt’ knapper sammen.
  • Continue doing this until an Android screen appears. This function will take your device into healing mode.
  • There will be multiple choices on the screen. With the help of Volume buttons, scroll up and down until you see an option of ‘Wipe Cache Partition.Hold the power button to verify, and your device will start to reboot.

Restart your device to check whether the error is removed. Hvis nei, then try other solutions.

6. Turn on Easy mode

Some users find this mode very useful. This mode removes complex features and makes the user experience very smooth and efficient. Easy mode is highly recommended to solve the unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped the issue.

  • Go to ‘Settingsand choose ‘Personalization.
  • Click on ‘Easy Mode

If this solution doesn’t work for your device, then hop on to the next one.

7. Boot your device to ‘Safe mode.

Here is another solution for unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped the problem. The solution is to boot your device to Safe mode. Som nevnt tidligere, sometimes third-party applications cause TouchWiz to stop functioning. An easy fix to this issue is to boot your device to Safe mode. It will disable all the third-party apps temporarily, and your problem will be solved.

  • Turn off your device to begin
  • Press and hold the Power button until the logo of the device appears
  • As soon as the logo starts appearing, release the Power button and hold the Volume down button
  • Hold it until rebooting ends
  • ‘Safe modecan be seen at the bottom of the screen, now release the button

8. tilbakestille “Factory Settings

If the above solution also doesn’t work on your device, then try this one. This particular solution will take your device to a factory state. It will result in the smooth functioning of TouchWiz. We would also recommend you to get a backup of the data on your device. Create a backup before you reset Factory settings. This will prevent you from the loss of any personal information from your device. Follow these steps to fix the TouchWiz issue.

  • Go to ‘Settingsand choose ‘Backup and Reset.
  • Enable ‘Backup my dataand create a backup
  • Search for ‘Factory Data resetoption and click on ‘Reset Phone.
  • Your device will start to reboot after a few minutes

9. Install another launcher to remove TouchWiz

All the solutions mentioned above are effective in any Samsung device. I tilfelle, you still face the unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped the issue; we recommend you to replace TouchWiz with another launcher in your device. There are multiple options to download the home launcher from the play store. Find one that is compatible with your device and use it. We hope that you find these solutions helpful.

Så, these are the nine quick fixes to the unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped problemet. These solutions are easy to understand and follow. You can follow any of these solutions in order to solve this issue. We hope that you find this article informative and useful.

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