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If you want to enjoy your beloved music with the new-purchased HTC Desire Eye on the go, it would be very easy for you to transfer the music files to the internal storage or the SD card of your cellphone because the files on Android devices can be managed efficiently through many ways. 이 기사를 읽은 후, you will know how to import music files to HTC Desire Eye effortlessly. And the two methods of transferring music to smartphone are also suitable for almost all Android devices including cellphone and tablet.

부품 1: Import music files to HTC Desire Eye with music transfer software

Since the HTC Desire Eye has an internal storage of about 16GB, you can directly save hundreds of music on it. And if you don’t want to copy the music files all by yourself, you can just try this amazing HTC Desire Eye music manager third-party program안드로이드에 대한 MobileGo (while the Mac version is named 안드로이드 프로 MobileGo), which has a power to let you transfer the music files from computer to your HTC Desire Eye 한 번의 클릭으로. Just follow below steps:

단계 1: Download MobileGo for Android from the Internet.

MobileGo 다운로드 (윈도우 버전)MobileGo 다운로드 (Mac 버전)

Just choose the correct version of MobileGo for Android according to your computer operating system, 및 설치. I will take MobileGo for Android as a demo, while the Mac version is quite similarly.

단계 2: Launch MobileGo for Android and then connect your HTC Desire Eye to PC

컴퓨터에서 안드로이드 MobileGo을 실행. And then connect your HTC Desire Eye using the USB cable. If you can install MobileGo for Android app on your Desire Eye, you can also get your cellphone connected to the computer via Wi-Fi as well.

MobileGo for HTC Desire Eye

단계 3: Transfer music files from computer to your HTC Desire Eye

딸깍 하는 소리 “음악” in the left sidebar and you will go into music management window. In this window, you can import the music from your computer easily. 그냥를 클릭 “더하다” button and then you can choose the music files you want to import them to your HTC Desire Eye. 그런데, you can also import iTunes playlist or the music folder directly as well.

transfer music from pc to htc desire eye

MobileGo 다운로드 (윈도우 버전)MobileGo 다운로드 (Mac 버전)

부품 2: Copy music files to the SD card of HTC Desire Eye

HTC Desire Eye supports up to 128GB extended micro SD card, which enables you to storage more music on your cellphone. So the other method on transferring music files to your Eye is to copy the music you want to the micro SD card and then insert it to your Desire Eye. All the music files will be recognized effortlessly by your cellphone. And then you can start your music trip with your new powerful device again!

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