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Smart Way to Transfer Videos from Android Tablet to iPad Air, iPad Pro


Want to enjoy videos on your iPad Air instead of your Android devices? Try dr.fone – Switch to help you do the videos transfer from Android tablet to iPad Air, iPad Pro or iPad Mini.

iPad Air would be a better choice if you want to enjoy the recently took videos with your family or friends. Your Android phone might not get the same big screen like iPad Air. And you can do only a little video processing with your Android phone or tablet. But to be honest, it is not easy to transfer videos from Android tablet to iPad Air or iPad Mini directly. There are many so-called tutorial to teach you how to solve this problem, but not all of them teach you right. You might find data loss or, even worse, your device might be damaged because you follow the wrong tutorial. Why not try dr.fone-Switch? It is the best software for video transfer from Android to iPad, and you will find dr.fone-Switch is easy-to-use and never cause mistakes.

Steps to transfer video from Android tablet to iPad Air (Pro, mini)

Download dr.fone and learn how to use it in the next part.

Get dr.fone – Switch

Step 1. Install dr.fone on your Windows PC

After downloading dr.fone, you only click a few more buttons to install it on your computer. Then you will get a primary window which shows dr.fone very-simple interface. Even you are not very good at handling the computer or other electronic product, you will appreciate how easy it is to use dr.fone-Switch.

Step 2. Connect your devices with computer

Connect your Android phone or tablet and iPad Air or iPad Mini with your PC through USB cables. And both your devices will show on the primary window. Between them, you can see a list of what you can transfer from Source to Destination. Don’t mark other files except video. There is “Clear data before copy” tab, if you click it, all the stored data on your iPad will be deleted before data transfer to iPad Air. So think twice before you click this tab. And you should know that the “Flip” tab will help you change the place of Source and Destination device. If you want to transfer something from your iPad to Android just click it.

Videos from android tablet to iPad air

Step 3. Video transferred from Android tablet to iPad Air|iPad Pro|iPad Mini

The last step is also as simple as the previous two steps. Since you already tick off videos to transfer, the last thing you have to do is one quick click on the “Start Transfer” button. There will be a process bar to remind how much work has been done. Just a few seconds later you will get all the videos you wish to store in your iPad.

videos from galaxy tablet to iPad mini/air
See, that is how quickly dr.fone works and I guarantee you that dr.fone always do a wonderful job.

Get dr.fone – Switch

Tips: I also recommend you the dr.fone – iOS Transfer, which can help people move videos, music, playlists, photos, contacts between iPad and computer and manage all files on computer directly. And it is also easy to use like dr.fone – Switch. You will not want to miss it.
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