Efficiency Methods to Transfer Playlist with Music Files from iTunes

Being a perfectionist, I always want everything to be perfectly organized, so sometimes I feel that having too many devices are torturing me because I have to keep the data in these different devices keep syncing. This wastes me a lot of time and energy, but hard to come to satisfactory results. The music playlist is the pain in my ass, no matter how many different methods I’ve tried; they just cannot be the same on two different devices. For example, every time I try to transfer playlist from iTunes to my iPhone or iPad, the lists will be messed up or just cannot be moved. Maybe the right side of a perfectionist is that we never easily give up. I decided to try some third party software, something professional design to help people like me to transfer the playlist with their music file in a well-organized manner. Lucky I found this software precisely like what I require.

But before I show you how to use this software, I think to introduce a method which required no third party software will make this article more perfect.

Method 1: Transfer iTunes Playlist to Text

If you have no strict requirements about transferring playlist from iTunes to other devices like iPhone 6 or iPad Air, this method will be good enough for you. iTunes itself is designed with many powerful functions that meet the normal requirements of its users. It can export the playlist as Text, XML, M3U8 files. All you need to do is to open iTunes and find the File option at the top of its interface, after clicking it; you should click Library so that you can see the Export Playlist function. Then you can choose the playlist you want to other devices.

Now we are going to the most exciting part, I cannot wait to show you how to use the iMusic, and I will take the Windows version for example.

Method 2: Transfer Playlist from iTunes to iDevices.

To transfer playlist from iTunes to iDevices like iPhone, iPad, you can also do it without using third party software. Check the Music option at your iTunes interface, and then Sync Music>Remove and Sync, after that, you can see the media files contents playlist for you to select to transfer to iDevices. Just click Apply at the last step.

But I think people have tried this method also known that every time after synced playlist to iDevice, the old one will be erased. And there are no good solutions to this problem.

So after all these methods, using iMusic is still the best. Just check the steps, and you will find out that I only tell the truth.

Step 1: Download and install iMusic on your computer which running iTunes.

Download iMusic

Step 2: Connect your iDevice to the computer, and then check the connected iPhone/iPad/iPod under the “DEVICE” option.

Note: Be sure to click the option of “Trust This Computer” if this is your first time to connect your iOS device to your computer.

Step 3: Click the option of “Transfer iTunes Music to Device” in the main interface to transfer iTunes playlist.

Step 4: After all your iTunes files have been scanned & shown. Choose the playlists to transfer and then click “Transfer.”


Get iMusic

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