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Sådan Transfer Billeder, Kontakter, SMS, Musik og videoer fra Nokia (Symbian) til Nokia X2


Jeg ønsker at ændre min Nokia N8, da det er forældet, but I do love Nokia devices and don’t want to switch to other handset brands. Og jeg vælger Nokia X2, den nyeste Nokia Android-enhed. Den nye mobiltelefon er ganske god, but how can I transfer all my photos, tekstbeskeder, videos and music from my old Nokia to the new Nokia X2? I do not want to do this all by manual.

Since Symbian OS is really outdated for a long time, find a doable way to transfer data from Nokia Symbian devices such as Nokia N8 to Nokia X2 Android or iOS devices efficiently, would be enough difficult. In the case, the best choice would be finding a capable tool to do the task. Although very little of such Symbian-to-Android data transfer tool has been produced, I still find one which is really capable in this field. Det er Wondershare MobileTrans, a powerful file transfer program which can help you out. Below is the tutorial of this Nokia to Nokia X2 data transfer for you.

Hent MobileTrans

Tutorial of transferring Nokia N8 data to Nokia X2 with MobileTrans

Trin 1: Install MobileTrans and open it. You will see the simple and beautiful interface of it. Bare klik på “Start” button to switch the program into “Telefon til telefon Transfer” mode.
Wondershare MobileTrans til Windows

Trin 2: Connect your Nokia N8 and Nokia X2 to the computer (via USB cables). MobileTrans will detect them quickly and then display in its primary window.

contacts from Nokia to Nokia X2

BEMÆRK: If there already are some important data saved in your Nokia X2, be cautious not tick theClear data before transfer”, all you may suffer a data loss after the transfer complete.

Trin 3: Choose the contents of your Nokia N8 you want to transfer, og klik derefter på “Start kopi” knap. The Nokia Symbian data transfer tool will start copying the files to your new Nokia X2 device. You may need to wait for a few minutes according to the size of the data. Efter det, blot klikke “Okay”. If nothing goes wrong, you can check all the contents on your Nokia X2 now.

Transfer data from Nokia to Nokia X2

MobileTrans can transfer all contacts to your new Nokia X2 with job title, company name, email address included. And videos, musik, fotos, SMS text messages can be copied together if you needed.

You’ve see how simple it is. In addition to transferring data from Nokia to Nokia X2, if you want to transfer data between other kinds of devices, you can also turn to MobileTrans. Have a try!

Hent MobileTrans

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