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Transfer iTunes Apps to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 / Note 8 / Note 9 with Ease


[blockquote]Is it possible to transfer iTunes Apps to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 / 7?[/blockquote]

Definitely, iPhone is one of the best sellers in the market and you can see 6 people of every 10 are using iPhone around you. Why iPhone is so popular? One important reason is that there are huge numbers of apps in App store, and you can find many interesting apps in the exciting and great place. You can download your favorite apps and play them whenever and wherever you like! Due to the unique system, your iPhone is quite safe to keep your privace data. However, on the contrary, these apps can only be used on your iPhone and cannot be used or transferred to other OS, such as Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Android phone.

When you bought the latest smart phone Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you may want to transfer your favorite iTunes apps to your new phone so that you can use them in the future. However, I have to tell you that the task cannot be done since each platform has its different programming languages even though these apps just look almost the same. Due to difference of the development and background, it is impossible to transfer them from iOS to Android platform.

According to the introduction above, you may know that there are different teams to work for each version of app in every development companies. However, it becomes a pitiful thing since you just cannot convert or transfer your apps that you ever used on iPhone to your new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 directly. Luckily, many solutions have been developed to solve the problem and you can find by searching the Internet. In the article, you can learn more about how to solve the problem without any hassle.

Two Biggest App Store to Download Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 5/8/9 Phone Users

As you can see when bring up your App Store to download apps for iPhone, these apps also have their Android version on Android platform. Thus, why would you still want to convert or transfer your iOS apps to the Android phone? You should know that there are tons of interesting apps exist on Android stores, which are filled with a wide range of applications and quite functional although these apps may not as flashy and good as iOS version.

When purchased a new Samsung Galaxy Note 7/5, you can download your favorite apps just the same ones you played on your iPhone. Nowadays, there are already many app stores available for Android phone user, however, not all them are professional to provide you with all popular apps with a complete function. Here I recommend you two best ones: the Google Play and Amazon Store, both of which have been given a high score. In the following passages, I will introduce you the two app store for Android phone user in detail.

1. Google Play

Developed by Google, the Google Play is widely used by all Android phone users. With Google as a powerful support, the Google Play Store runs on a stable platform and now provides Android users with millions of applications. Here you can download all kinds of apps in any types of situation, for example, travel, life, efficient, etc. Thus, when you need any help, you can turn to the Google Play Store for help. Equipped with a friendly search option and intuitive interface, you can not only find and download your favorite apps more conveniently but also manage tablets and phones at the same time.

There are many advanced features of Google Play:

* Google Play classifies all apps into the different range of categories so that you can easily browse the store and find the app you need.
* When you download apps from Google Play, the speed will be quite fast to save your time.

As the most commonly used app store, the Google Play is considered the best application store for all Android phone users. You can download many interesting apps for your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in an easy way.

2. Amazon App Store

Created by Amazon, the Amazon App Store was originally used to equip with its own tablets. Customers who purchased the tablet can download these apps from Amazon App Store. Nowadays, Amazon App Store provides you a multitude of categories so that you can view them more conveniently and even receive an app of the day for free, without any restrictions.

If you ever experienced the Google Play store, you may find the Amazon App Store is not so large. However, in the store, you can also find tons of apps, such as travel, music and video player, efficient, wallpaper, etc. Here are some advanced features of the Amazon App Store:

* The Amazon App Store provides you huge numbers of free applications and demos so that you can search for your favorite apps without hassle.
* Through the Amazon App Store, you can conduct a test drive first to check whether the app worth purchasing or downloading before you purchase it.
* Since the program is developed and integrated with Amazon, you can gain and spend your Amazon coins to purchase applications when you need, you can save your money through the platform.

According to the introductions above, you can see that it is quite easy to get your favorite apps for your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 even though you cannot transfer or convert your iOS apps to Android phone. Now, you can try the Google Play and Amazon App Store to search and find the popular and hot apps in an easy way. In addition to the two platforms, you can also find many other platforms to provide you more interesting apps. Thus, please don’t hesitate and go ahead to get your favorite apps for your Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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