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How to Transfer Files from Old Windows Phone to New Windows Phone


Want to switch to a new Windows phone? If so, you will have to transfer all important and precious files from your old phone to the new Windows phone. However, you may find the task not easy-handling when the two phones are of the different OS or different version of the same OS. If you want to keep your content such as media, contacts, messages, apps and calendar, you’d better turn to professional program for help.

Here is to show you how to transfer files from your old Windows phone to new Windows phone in two methods. The first method is to use a professional program such as Transfer My Data, which is developed to transfer files between two Windows phone, even of a different version. The second method is to use the built-in tools of Windows phone to transfer important files between phones. Here I will show you steps to complete the task in both methods. Just choose the suitable method to have a try.

Steps to transfer data between Windows phones with Transfer My Data

To start with, you need to download and install the app Transfer My Data on both your old Windows phone and your new Windows phone since files are transferred via Bluetooth.

The requirement for this method:

By using of Transfer My Data app, you can easily transfer all kinds of data, including video, contacts, photos, music, from your old windows phone to new windows phone. Through this method, you have to choose data manually from old phone to new phone.


1. The app “Transfer my Data”
2. Bluetooth connectivity for two phones


1. Firstly, you need to ensure that Bluetooth is on and discoverable on your old windows phone.

2. Now, please turn to your new phone and launch the app. On the home screen of the app, please click on Continue.

3. Wait for a few seconds. The app on your new phone will start to detect the old phone that you want to pair with automatically. Once you see your old phone is detected, just click it to continue.

4. The app on your new phone will scan all type of files that are allowed to transfer. Please ensure that all files are ticked once they are scanned. In screen of the app, you can also see the amount of time it will take to transfer files. Just click on “Start” now.

Note: Please note that the kind of files that are allowed to transfer depends on your old phone. For example, some phones only allow you to transfer contacts, while some other phones also allow you to transfer photos and text messages.

5. You can now see a new screen that shows you status of the transfer, please wait patiently for the transfer.

After the five steps, you can see your files are transferred already. Just click on the respective apps on your phones to confirm it.


* Through the method, you only need to install the Transfer My Data app on your both phones, which is quite easy handling.
* You just need to wait for a few seconds for the transfer and no much effort is needed.
* Only Bluetooth connectivity is needed and you don’t need to connect to the Internet.


* Through the method, you can only transfer limited kind of files, such as text messages, photos and contacts. In some cases, you can only transfer contacts.
* Since the task is done via Bluetooth, you will need to wait for a long time of the data is large.

Steps to Transfer Windows phone Data with Built-in Features

Once purchased a new Windows phone, the first thing you need to do is to set up your phone, for example, entering, time, date, login information and many more. During the process you set your new windows phone, you have the chance to restore from your old Windows phone.

The requirement for this method:

1. Old phone login credentials for various accounts.
2. Wi-Fi connectivity is required.


1. Once switch to your new phone at the first time, you will go through a migration process, which requires you to set Wi-Fi connection, time zone, and more other settings. One by one, you will then reach the step that requires you to enter the Microsoft account credential, here please just enter the one that you ever used on your old phone.

2. Now you will sign in your Microsoft account and see all list of the latest windows phone backup files from your old phone displayed in the screen. You can choose the files of the recent version you need and then click “Next”.

3. In the new screen, you will be asked for confirmation of the restore process. Since the process will be done through Wi-Fi or data plan, please confirm the connection and click on “Next”.

4. Now, you just need to wait for a few seconds. You can also see the progress bar of the process in the new screen. Please allow it to complete.

5. During the process, you will need to sign in your personal accounts, such as the Twitter, Facebook, etc.. Please use the same credential that you used on your old phone.

6. After the process, you may also want to restore your old phone. You can complete the task easily by going to “store and form” menu, and choose “Downloads”, which shows you all files you ever downloaded on your old phone.

7. In the new screen, you can the progress of the apps downloaded on your phone directly.

Through this method, you can transfer almost all kinds of your files to the new phone in one click. Please note that you should do Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure the success of the task.


* You can get important files back for the first time you switch to your new phone.
* Only Internet connection is required and you don’t need to install any third party tool or PC transfer.
* You can get all the same data as saved on your old phone after the sync.


* You will need to connect to Wi-Fi to download files to your phones.
* You cannot transfer call logs and apps through the method. Please note that they are installed fresh on your new phone.


It is not difficult to transfer files from your old Windows phone to a new Windows phone. Since it has been a long time after the introduction of Windows phone, there are still good sync capabilities between the two Windows phones. You don’t need to worry about the problem.

Since both methods have advantages and disadvantages respectively, please just choose the suitable method according to your condition to complete the transfer.

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