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How to Transfer Files from PC to iPad, from Mac to iPad


Want to know How to Transfer Files from PC to iPad or from your Mac to iPad in a selective way? iPad is a highly sought after entertainment device that serves an ideal workhorse too.

While iPhone is mainly seen as a communication device, iPad is a through and through entertainer which you can use to watch movies, listen to music or edit a word file. With diverse benefits, it is not surprising for users to find the need to transfer files to iPad frequently. Further the editing and picture quality is superior in iPad when compared to a Mac, PC or an iPhone. Hence having all your important files on iPad comes in handy when you are on the move. Here are five ways by which you can figure out how to transfer files from Mac to iPad & how to transfer files from PC to iPad in an easy way.

Method I: How to Transfer Files from PC to iPad via FoneTrans software

FoneTrans software enables easy transfer of all files including music, documents, movies, photos, SMS, contacts etc., from a Mac or a PC to iPad. Unlike other methods of transfer which are complex or have certain limitations, this method is a simple and efficient process.

Here are the steps to follow for a successful solution on how to transfer files from PC to iPad.

Step #1: Download FoneTrans software, install and run it in the computer. Connect the iPad with PC via USB cable. If you are moving files from Mac, download the Mac version.

Download FoneTrans Download FoneTrans

Step #2: Click on ‘Media’ option in the software interface. Choose ‘Add’ feature to import all selected movies and music files from computer to the iPad. For transfer of pictures, you should click on ‘Add ‘option in Photos feature. In the same way, you can transfer your ePub or PDF files to the iPad for convenient reading.

Useful tips

  • For transfer of contacts that you have backed up in vCard file, CSV file, Outlook or Windows Address Book Fone Trans can be used. It not only imports the contacts but also de-duplicates the contacts automatically.
  • The software can also be used for transfer of files from iPad to Mac or PC for backup of the files in computer. You can back up the songs, photos, contacts, messages, movies and other files easily.
  • The software is also best for file transfer between iDevices such as from iPad to iPod, between iPads or between iPad and iPhone.

Method II: How to Transfer Files from Mac to iPad via dr.fone – iOS Transfer

dr.fone – iOS Transfer is a powerful transfer and phone manager program that offers several benefits to users. It can transfer video and audio from any iDevice to PC and iTunes. You can also convert the video and music files you had imported to formats that are compatible in iDevices. And it also allows a quick delete option, de-duplication of contacts, optimization of covers, ID3 tags, and song information. Best of all it can be used for file transfer without iTunes.

Here is the step by step instructions about How to Transfer Files from PC to iPad or How to Transfer Files from Mac to iPad.

Step #1: To begin with download dr.fone in your computer. Install it and run the program in the computer, Click on “Transfer” option. Connect your iPad to the computer using the USB cable. The software automatically recognizes the iPad.

Get dr.fone – Transfer (iOS)

Step #2: To transfer files including playlists, videos, photos, contacts and music files to iPad, here is what you have to do

  • Select ‘Music’ feature present at the interface’s top portion. You will be able to view audio files in the sidebar to the left and the right portion will display the content.
  • Click on ‘Add’ option and choose ‘Add File’ or ‘Add Folder’ option to add the files.
  • If the files you have chosen are incompatible with your iPad, they will be converted by the software into a compatible format.

The transfer of files from computer to iPad is compatible with devices such as iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPad and iPad Air.

To import your video files follow the above steps. Instead of music files, you need to choose Media and then opt for Music Videos, TV Shows or Movies and add them.

dr.fone also helps to make new playlists directly on the iPad. All you need to do is right-click on the playlist feature, select new playlist option and create a fresh playlist on the computer.

For the transfer of photos to iPad:

  • Click on ‘Photos’ feature.
  • You will be able to see Photo Library and Camera Roll features in the sidebar to the left of the interface.
  • Now choose ‘Add ‘option and select ‘Add Folder’ or ‘Add File’. This will add all the photo files to iPad from the computer.

To transfer contacts:

  • Click on the ‘Contacts’ tab.
  • Choose Import button which displays options such as vCardFile, CSV File, Windows Address book and Outlook.
Mac version of the software does not allow transfer of contacts to iPad from PC.

Method III: How to Transfer files by synchronizing iPad and iTunes

iTunes app is exclusively created for iDevices including iPod, iPhone and iPad. When you sync your iPad to the iTunes app you can perform a safe backup of the files. It is also possible to restore the backed up files from iTunes.

Here are the steps used in this file transfer method:

Step #1: Launch the iTunes app in your system. Connect the iPad to your computer via USB. iTunes will detect the iPad automatically.

Step #2: Search for the iPad icon in the iTunes interface and click on it. Choose ‘Photos’ option and click on ‘Sync Photos’ feature.

Choose ‘copy photos’ from option and then select the ‘Choose Folder’ option. This will open a local computer file.

Select ‘My Pictures’ folder and click on the drop-down menu list to copy the photos from the computer to your iPad.

While transferring movies and music files via iTunes you will receive a reminder that all the existing movies and music files on iPad will be removed once you have backed them up in the computer. The removed files will be synced by the new synchronization done above.

For calendars, messages, bookmarks, and contacts you can do the transfer from iTunes backup to your iPad only when the entire iTunes backup is restored.

Method IV: How to Transfer files from PC to iPad using iCloud Drive

iCloud can also be used for file transfer. You should download iCloud software Windows version and install it on your computer. A Windows 7 or a later version is needed for the download as iCloud is an inbuilt app for Mac OS X Yosemite.

Step #1: Install iCloud and run it in your system. Sign in using your Apple login credentials.

Step #2: Open the iCloud drive folder. Drag the files that you need to transfer from the PC to your iPad. For free accounts, 5GB free storage is possible in the iCloud drive. The transfer of files from the computer to iCloud drive takes just a few seconds.

Step #3: While it is not possible to use iCloud Drive in your iPad, the files you had transferred in Step 2 will be shown on the appropriate apps only. For instance, if the iCloud Drive has a TXT file, you can see this in your iPad with the TXT reader present in it. So you need to ensure your app is updated to be compatible with iCloud Drive. If this is not done, the transferred files cannot be viewed.

Method V: How to Transfer files from Mac to iPad using AirDrop

With Airdrop, you can transfer files to iPad from Mac. Make sure the iPad has iOS 7 or a more recent version and Mac has OS X Yosemite or a recent version.

Step #1: Click ‘Go’ option in Mac and choose ‘AirDrop’. All devices nearby will be compatible with the AirDrop feature.

Step #2: In the iPad open ‘Control Center’ feature by sliding upwards from the bottom of the screen. Tap on ‘AirDrop’ and choose the ‘Everyone’ option.

Step #3: In the Mac, find iPad and choose files that you wish to move to the iPad. Drag the files to the iPad icon. In your iPad choose ‘Accept’ option. This will copy all the files you have selected in the Mac.


  • Ensure you have the Wi-Fi turned on while transferring the files.
  • Turn off the ‘Personal Hotspot’ feature in the ‘Cellular’ tab under ‘Settings’ option.
  • Both devices should be within 9 meters distance from each other.

From the above five methods, it would be clear that FoneTrans and dr.fone – iOS Transfer offer the best options when you want to know How to Transfer Files from PC to iPad or How to Transfer Files from Mac to iPad without any hassle. The two methods offer great options and other benefits to enable a smooth and worry-free transfer.

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