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Selecția înțelept pentru transferul de fișiere de la iPhone la iPad Mini


Many people have iPhone as well as iPad Mini or iPad Air. That is why they need this professional file transfer to transfer some special files for them.

It seems quite easy to transfer data from your iPhone to new iPad Air or iPad Mini because you can use iTunes to help you. But when the files are original on your iPhone or the songs are not purchased from iTunes, iTunes can do nothing for you. What you are going to do with this part of the data. I think it is where the dr.fone – Intrerupator shows up and solve this problem for you.

You can learn how to use dr.fone-Switch in the following part.

Parte 1. Learn what kinds of data are supported to be transferred from iPhone to iPad Mini

iPhone to iPad Mini/ iPad Air/iPadMusic/VideosTransfer and convert form of music without using iTunes sync
FotografiiExport photos in Camera Roll and Photo library by using dr.fone-Switch
ContacteCopy all the contacts, Hotmail, Gmail, icloud, Yahoo! with the help of dr.fone-Switch

Parte 2. Install dr.fone on your computer

Descărcați dr.fone (Versiune Windows) Descărcați dr.fone (Versiune Mac)

Download the dr.fone on your Windows computer. The whole installation process is very simple. You just need to follow the indication given by the software. And you will get a primary window if you successfully launch dr.foneon your computer.

Notă: dr.fone is compatible with all different platforms like iOS, Android și Windows Phone.

Parte 3. How to use dr.fone-Switch to transfer files from iPhone to iPad Mini/iPad Air

1. How to transfer music, Videoclipuri

It is very simple when all your music and videos are from iTunes; you only need to sync your iPad to iTunes. But what can you do about this music not from iTunes? You should let dr.fone-Switch to help you. This tool will not move any music or videos on your iPhone. You can learn more by clicking How to transfer data from iPhone to iPad Mini or iPad Air.

2. How to export photos and albums

You can select the items you want to transfer on dr.fone’s interface. After you tick off photos and albums, dr.fone-Switch will save them on Photo Library with retaining the current photos on iPad. Anyway after you clickStart Transfer“, dr.fone-Switch will export photos and albums from your iPhone to iPad. Still feel confuse? Why not check more information by clicking here.

3. How to copy contacts

În prezent, you already know how to transfer music, Videoclipuri, photos and album from the previous part. The last part is going to teach you how to copy your contact from your iPhone to iPad Mini or iPad Air. dr.fone – Intrerupator can copy those contacts on your iPhone memory card and other accounts like iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo! Hotmail and so on to your iPad. More tips about how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPad can be found aici.

Descărcați dr.fone (Versiune Windows) Descărcați dr.fone (Versiune Mac)

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