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Many smart phone users are addicted to the new BB 10 OS of Blackberry’s New Classic since the operating system is a special experience and even as good as Android 5.5 ودائرة الرقابة الداخلية 8 THE. Due to the special experience, many people are looking to switch to a Blackberry phone. If you used to be a Windows device user, you may face a problem: how to transfer precious data from Windows phone to Blackberry since the two phones are of totally different OS.

Since Blackberry phone runs on its own OS, you have to transfer data in a different method since there is no direct way to transfer files between two phones of different operating system.

If you are looking for a method to conduct such a transfer, كنت في المكان المناسب هنا. في المقالة هنا, I will show you how to transfer your precious files from Windows device to Blackberry phone. Here are two methods for you to choose: one is to transfer data from Windows Phone to BlackBerry through your PC, و the other is to transfer files through native blackberry features.

طريقة 1 – Transfer Data from Windows Phone to BlackBerry through Your PC

في الواقع, you can transfer files directly through your PC without help from other third-party tool. من خلال الأسلوب, you can transfer all important files, مثل الصور, جهات الاتصال, موسيقى, أشرطة فيديو, and more other popular file types from the Windows phone to Blackberry device. The task can be done easily, ومع ذلك, you have to transfer files from your Windows phone to Blackberry device manually from storage drives.

  • USB cables of both Windows Phone and Blackberry
  • الحاسوب
  • Blackberry phone
  • هاتف ويندوز

خطوة 1: لتبدأ, please connect your Windows phone and Blackberry phone to computer via USB cables. Your computer will start to detect your devices immediately and display them once recognized. Please open storage drives of your devices once detected.

خطوة 2: You can now start to transfer files including music, الصور والفيديو. Please copy your files on Windows phone storage or SD storage and save them to your computer. In the step, you need to choose the files you want to transfer manually and then save them to certain location of your computer.

خطوة 3: Now you can open storage drive of your Blackberry and transfer files from the location of your computer that you just saved.

If you want to transfer varies types of files including video, music and texts, you can turn to the method for help. If the files you want to transfer are contacts, the steps will be a little different. To transfer contacts from Windows phone to Blackberry, you need to export them to eCard type first and then transfer the file to your Blackberry. Then you just need to open the eCard file on your Blackberry phone since your device will convert and transfer them to Blackberry automatically.

The method has both advantages and disadvantages as follows:


* You can transfer varies kind of different types such as video, music and photos with ease.
* You can transfer files faster and easier if the files you transfer are of great size.
* You don’t need to connect your computer to internet and no account creation is needed to transfer files between phones.


* Since you need to choose files and folders manually, the process will take you a long time if there are too many files on your Windows phone.
* Although you can transfer media files and documents easily, you cannot transfer apps, contacts and call logs directly through the method.
* You need to organize transferred files on your new Blackberry phone after the transfer.

طريقة 2 – Transfer Files from Windows Phone to BlackBerry through Native Blackberry Features

In addition to through PC, you can also transfer files through native features and apps of your Blackberry phone. من خلال الأسلوب, you can transfer not only media files and documents, but also other important files such as calendars and contacts from Windows phone to Blackberry with ease. You can transfer calendars and contacts through Outlook account, and transfer media files and documents through cloud apps.

  • Outlook account
  • Internet Connectivity (Wi-Fi preferred)
  • Dropbox app or any other cloud app.

ملحوظة: To complete the task successfully, you should ensure that your Windows phone files are synced to respective account such as Dropbox and Outlook.

خطوة 1: بادئ ذي بدء, please ensure that you have a good internet connection. Then please connect your Blackberry device to Wi-Fi. Please turn to your Blackberry phone and locate Setting.

خطوة 2: Under settings, please turn to account, where you can add varies kind of accounts such as Outlook. Please use the same credentials that you used for synchronizing windows phone. Few seconds later, you can find your phone is synced to your Outlook account automatically so that you can upload tasks, جهات الاتصال, event and calendars synced to Blackberry device.

خطوة 3: To transfer your media files including video, الموسيقى والصور, وغيرها من الوثائق, you can install apps such as dropbox on your blackberry phone first. Then please log in the app with the same credentials you just for Windows device. ثم, your media files and documents can be downloaded from the app when needed.

كما يمكنك أن تجد, there are also some advantages and disadvantages through the method.


* You can transfer without the use of USB cables and computer, while with only a good Wi-Fi connection is enough. You just need to handle your Blackberry phone to complete the transfer.
* You don’t need to organize files on your Blackberry since they are synced get organized automatically.
* No need to choose files and folders manually as you do in the former method.


* The key process is to sync your Windows phone to accounts such as OneDrive, Outlook and Dropbox. Without the sync, the method cannot work at all.
* You’d better connect your Blackberry phone to Wi-Fi if the files you want to transfer is too large.
* من خلال الأسلوب, varies apps and credentials are needed in order to transfer all files to your Blackberry device.

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