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Hoe om gegevens van iPhone naar Google Nexus 6, 6P moeiteloos


Google Nexus 6 heeft uiteindelijk in het openbaar komen! Het is de meest toekomstgerichte product van Google nieuwste uitgerust met Android 5.0 Lolly en en 3GB RAM. Er zijn twee interne modellen opslag voor u om te kiezen: 32GB en 64 GB. The good news is that you will get the chance to order it in advance from Oct 29 and they will hit the stores in November. So if you are curious about this new flagship product and want to change your iPhone into it, we can definitely offer some advice. Bijvoorbeeld, the first thing you should do is to transfer the contents from your iPhone to Google Nexus 6/6P. But the transferring process is not that simple. We will walk you through all the steps of transferring process in the following article.

Wat betreft dr.fone – Schakelaar

Is there a method to transfer files from iPhone to Google Nexus 6 with one click without troublesome moves? When you are done trying the free methods and ended up not valid outcomes, we sincerely recommend you to try dr.fone – Schakelaar uit. Met behulp van dit programma, you are able to transfer multiple contents with simple clicks.

1. Transfer the contacts: You can transfer the contacts on accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Google to Google Nexus 6/6P with dr.fone – Schakelaar. So if you want to transfer the contacts and calendars in your social network account, make sure you sign in on your iPhone.

2. If there is only one phone available for now, you can try to backup and restore your iPhone. Allereerst, use iTunes or dr.foneSwitch to backup your iPhone and then try to restore your Google Nexus 6 when time is right for you.

krijg dr.fone – Schakelaar

Stap 1. Lanceer dr.fone op uw pc

Allereerst, you need to have dr.fone downloaded and installed on your computer. Dan, launch the program immediately. Selecteer de Schakelaar mode in the main interface of the program.

Notitie: Make sure iTunes is installed on your computer previously so that the program can properly function.

Stap 2. Sluit zowel uw apparaat naar uw computer

Connect your iPhone and Google Nexus 6P/6 to your computer with two USB cables. When the program recognizes your devices, you are able to see both of them in the main window.

Stap 3. Transfer contents from iPhone to Nexus 6

You are able to transfer the contents such as music, foto's, videos, messages and contacts in the middle from your iPhone to Google Nexus 6. Check the contents you want and then hit the button Start Copy to initiate the process.

krijg dr.fone – Schakelaar

How to sync iPhone videos and music to Google Nexus 6?

What if you get so many songs and videos down from iTunes and want to move them to your new Google Nexus 6P/6? Let me show you how to do it.

Stap 1. Click to open iTunes and then hit the Store on the Menu. Click Authorize This Computer and then type in the Apple ID of your account and password.

Stap 2. Click Edit. Then go with Preference. Hit Advance and then select the two options Keep iTunes Media Folder organized and Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library.

Stap 3. Use USB cables to connect your iPhone and Nexus 6. Then open the Google Nexus 6.

Stap 4. Raken bestanden > apparaten > Zet aankopen in your iTunes so that you will see all the purchased media files on your PC.

Stap 5. Locate the media folder of your iTunes. The path is as follows: C:\Users {GEBRUIKERSNAAM}\Muziek iTunes iTunes Media.

Stap 6. Click to open Music and video folder to get your desired music and video transferred to your Nexus 6.

How to move calendars and contacts from iPhone to Google Nexus 6, Nexus 6P?

Compared to other contents, transferring contacts and calendars from iPhone to Google Nexus 6 is much easier.
You can achieve the desire result by using iCloud. Go and open iCloud under Settings. Then log in your iCloud. Switch on the contacts and calendars so that you are able to sync contacts and calendars from iPhone to new device without efforts.


Sync contacts to Google Nexus 6:

Stap 1. Log in your iCloud account in the iCloud web. Then hit the button Contacts. You can select a particular contact group and check your desired contacts.

Stap 2. You can find a icon of gear on the left corner down at the side. Hit the Export vCard and you are able to export the contacts to your computer.

Stap 3. Use a USB cable to connect your Nexus 6 naar jouw computer. Dus, your phone acts as a hard drive. Open Nexus 6 and move the vCard file to your Nexus 6.

Stap 4. Locate Contacts app on your Nexus 6 and select Contacts tab.

Stap 5. There is a menu icon next to the home button. Click it to get the menu. Click Import/Export and then select from these two options:Import from USB storage or Import from SD card. Daarna, you will find the contacts on your Nexus 6.

contacten importeren naar android

Sync calendars to Google Nexus 6:

You can also transfer the calendars by sharing. You can share your calendar so that you can have the calendar file to upload it to your Google account. Dan, try to sync your Google account to your Nexus 6. Dus, you can have the calendars at your Nexus 6.

How to move SMS/iMessages from iPhone to your Google Nexus 6?

The SMS in your iPhone maybe the most valuable thing since it may record some useful information. So transferring the SMS from iPhone to Google Nexus 6 becomes a very tricky problem. We will show you how to get the SMS from iTunes backup with two Android apps and then transfer the SMS text messages to Nexus 6. If you find this method complicated, you can use a third-party tool such as dr.fone-Switch to help you solve this problem.

Stap 1. Click to open iTunes. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your PC.

Stap 2. You are able to see your iPhone showing on the left side of iTunes. Click iPhone so that you can see the control panel.

Stap 3. Find Back Up Now on the right panel and all you have to do is waiting for the progress to end.

Stap 4. Connect your Nexus 6 to your computer as a hard drive with a USB cable. Dan, open your Nexus 6 under My computer.

Stap 5. Locate your iTunes backup file on your computer and then copy the backup file to your SD card of Nexus 6.

Stap 6. Open Google Play Store on your Nexus 6 en dan vinden iSMS2droid en SMS Backup & Herstellen in de zoekbalk.

Stap 7. Launch the iSMS2droid and then click the option select iPhone SMS Database. Pick the backup file you set up and then click All or Select to get the SMS transferred to your Nexus 6.



Stap 8. Launch SMS Backup & Herstellen. Click Restore after launching. Then you will be able to view SMS on the screen. Select the file and click Ok to continue the restore process.


Stap 9. Verreweg, you have completed the whole process. Go and check your SMS in your Nexus 6!

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Google Nexus 6?

When you have used your iPhone for quite a long time, there must be hundreds of photos in it. So transferring the photos appears to be a must-be step to take. Actually you can transfer the photos in your Camera Roll to your Nexus 6 gemakkelijk. All you need is a USB cable and then follow the instructions below.

Notitie: The method we are gonna talk about is not applicable to all situations. If you want to transfer photos which has been synced to iPhone already, you may need to turn to a third-party tool for help.

Stap 1. Use USB cables to connect iPhone and Nexus 6 naar jouw computer.
Stap 2. When the two devices are recognized successfully, the computer will display them as two hard drives.
Stap 3. You can see both the devices as Portable Devices under Computer. The device may appears to be someone’s iPhone or someone’s Nexus.
Stap 4. Open your iPhone to locate the file folder called DCIM. You will find all the photos you’ve taken in this folder.
Stap 5. Take the same movements on your Nexus 6. Open the Photos folder on the SD card of Nexus 6. Or you can try to start a new file folder to keep the photos.
Stap 6. Op dit punt, you can transfer the wanted photos in your iPhone to the target folder on your Nexus 6.

The instructions above display the whole steps of transferring photos from iPhone to Nexus. You can use Image capture or iPhoto to transfer the photos between the two devices if you use Mac. Third-party tools such as Android File Transfer and MobileGo are also good choices for you.

How to transfer apps from iPhone to Nexus 6?

Strictly speaking, het is not possible to move apps from iPhne to your Nexus 6 direct. Since the formats of iPhone apps are .ipa, .pxl or .deb which can’t be used on your Nexus 6. But you can find the Android version of most of your iPhone apps. Google play, the biggest Android apps store,is the right place for you to download what you want. Or you can find the replacement of your desired apps.


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