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Outlook聯繫人到LG G3: 從Outlook轉移聯繫人以LG G3, G4, G5


只要你只是重置您的LG G3和清理在設備自得的所有聯繫人. 幸運的是,你已經在您的Outlook救了他們, 什麼,你會做 從Outlook轉移聯繫人LG G3 再次手機? 轉移他們一個接一個? That would be too ridiculous because you may have hundreds of contacts to cope with.

Not like iOS devices, Android devices have no official tool just like iTunes to back up your contacts and restore them easily. 然而, is it any way to transfer all contacts from Outlook to Android devices like LG G3 at once? I think you need a professional tool such as MobileGo為Android 來幫助你. You can download the free trial version of the program, and use it for free for 15 days to have an experience.

下載MobileGo (Windows版本)

Simple steps to sync Outlook contacts to LG G3/G4/G5 by MobileGo

Now install this program on your computer after downloading it. And open it by clicking the shortcut on your desktop. You will see the UI of MobileGo is very simple and clean. After connecting your LG G3 to the computer, the program will identify it quickly, and then show all contents of the device for you in the primary window.

MobileGo的LG G4
注意: It may cost a while to do the connection, and it may require you to reboot your computer as well.

Now let’s see how to use this magic program to 從Outlook到您的LG G3傳輸丟失聯繫人 容易.

你需要選擇你的設備上的左, 和去 “往來”. 既然你已經重置您的LG G3, 應該有什麼右側. 別擔心, 只需點擊 “進出口” 在窗口頂部的按鈕, 並選擇 “從您的計算機導入聯繫人“, 然後, 選擇 “從Outlook導入聯繫人 2003/2007/2010/2013 或Outlook Express“.

從Outlook同步聯繫人以LG G3

下一個, 你必須選擇一個帳戶,從您的Outlook保存聯繫人. MobileGo為Android將導入從Outlook中的聯繫人LG G3,然後在主窗口中列出它們. You have to wait for some minutes for this. After that you can preview them conveniently. Just choose what you want, and then transfer them to your G3 in batch just in once.

Outlook to LG G3, LG G4 Contacts Transfer

MobileGo is really powerful, and you can also use it to export your contacts from LG G3 to your Outlook or some other places as well. 這就像在iTunes為iOS用戶, 與它的幫助, 我覺得你可以更有效地管理您的聯繫人. 只需下載並嘗試, 你會不會失望.

下載MobileGo (Windows版本)




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