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Outlook联系人到LG G3: 从Outlook转移联系人以LG G3, G4, G5

只要你只是重置您的LG G3和清理在设备自得的所有联系人. 幸运的是,你已经在您的Outlook救了他们, 什么,你会做 从Outlook转移联系人LG G3 再次手机? 转移他们一个接一个? 这将是太可笑了,因为你可能有几百个联系人的应对.

不喜欢iOS设备, Android devices have no official tool just like iTunes to back up your contacts and restore them easily. 然而, is it any way to transfer all contacts from Outlook to Android devices like LG G3 at once? I think you need a professional tool such as MobileGo为Android 来帮助你. You can download the free trial version of the program, and use it for free for 15 days to have an experience.

下载MobileGo (Windows版本)

Simple steps to sync Outlook contacts to LG G3/G4/G5 by MobileGo

Now install this program on your computer after downloading it. 并通过点击桌面上的快捷方式打开. 你会看到MobileGo的UI非常简单,干净. 您的LG G3连接到电脑后,, 程序会快速识别它, 然后显示该设备的所有内容,为你的主窗口中.

MobileGo的LG G4
注意: 这可能要花一段时间才能做连接, 它可能需要您重新启动计算机,以及.

现在让我们来看看如何使用这个神奇的程序 从Outlook到您的LG G3传输丢失联系人 容易.

你需要选择你的设备上的左, 和去 “往来”. Since you’ve reset your LG G3, there should be nothing on the right. 别担心, 只需点击 “进出口button on the top of the window, 并选择 “Import contacts from your computer“, 然后, 选择 “Import contacts from Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013 or Outlook Express“.

Sync Contacts from Outlook to LG G3

In the next, you have to select an account to save the contacts from your Outlook. MobileGo for Android will import the contacts from Outlook to LG G3 and then list them in the primary window. You have to wait for some minutes for this. After that you can preview them conveniently. Just choose what you want, and then transfer them to your G3 in batch just in once.

Outlook to LG G3, LG G4 Contacts Transfer

MobileGo is really powerful, and you can also use it to export your contacts from LG G3 to your Outlook or some other places as well. It is just like the iTunes for iOS users, and with its help, I think you can manage your contacts more efficiently. 只需下载并尝试, 你会不会失望.

下载MobileGo (Windows版本)




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