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How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Nexus 5, Nexus 5X


With too many contacts on your old Nokia phone that you want to transfer to your new Google Nexus 5? Let the dr.fone – Switch to help you with that.

Like Apple company, Google also has a lot of enthusiastic fans. Google Nexus 5 soon becomes the new favorite Android phone in the market. As a faithful fan of Google’s products, you change your old Nokia 5800 to a brand new Google Nexus 5. But soon you realize a big problem there, not all your contacts are stored in the SIM card. If you only put your old SIM card in your new phone, you will lose a lot of contact ways. So what are you goanna to do?

You don’t have all the day to type down the contacts one by one. I think a real Google fan will find the solution through technology. Try the dr.fone – Switch. It is well designed phone files transfer software. People can use it to copy all detailed information like company name, email address and home address as well as all your contacts from your old device to the new devices.

Now download the dr.fone on your computer and have a try!

Get dr.fone – Switch

Three steps learn how to use dr.fone to transfer contacts from Nokia to Nexus 5

Step 1. Install phone files transfer tool on your computer

After downloading dr.fone in your computer there will be a few tabs that you need to click to install this software on your computer. Unlike software for geeks, dr.fone installation is very simple. Even a beginner can handle it easily. If you install successfully, you will get a primary window as follows.

Step 2. Connect both your devices to your computer

Both your Nokia and Nexus 5 need connect to your computer via USB cables. And they will be detected by dr.fone – Switch before being displayed on the primary window side by side. And between them you can find the list of contents which including contacts, text messages, photos, music and videos and other items. Uncheck those items you don’t need to transfer, if you only want to move contacts from Source phone to the Destination phone.

contacts from nokia to google nexus 5

Note: The dr.fone – Switch totally support platforms like Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

Step 3. Transfer contacts from Nokia to Google Nexus 5

After the previous two steps. You are ready to transfer all the contacts from Nokia to Nexus 5 now. Just click “Start Transfer” and wait a few seconds. Be careful not to break the connection between your devices and computer during the transferring. There will be a window with process bar to show you how much work had dr.fone being done. And you can check whether the data is successfully moved through this window. After the whole procession is done, click “OK” to finish it.

Contacts from Nokia Phone to Google Nexus 5
You can do more than transfer data between Nokia and Nexus. By using the dr.fone – Switch you can move all contacts from Nexus 4 to Nexus 5/5X/6/6P or learn how to export contacts from iPhone to Nexus 5/6/6P.

Get dr.fone – Switch

The Wondershare also have dr.fone – Transfer for Android for users to manage contacts, apps, SMS and many other files on their Android devices.
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