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Transfer Contacts from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5S/6/6S/7/8 (Plus)/X


Don’t know how to directly transfer your contacts in your iPhone 4 to iPhone 5S/6/6S/7/8 (Plus)/X? Why not try dr.fone – Switch to solve this problem? You would love it!

It is always feel wearisome to transfer contacts from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5S, 6S because the default makes all the contacts stored only in your iPhone’s memory card instead of SIM card, which means there is no direct way to copy the contacts between your iPhone 4 and iPhone 5S/6S (Plus). Let’s try Wondershare Mobile Trans to figure this out. It is the safest and most convenient thing that available in the market that specially designed for the contacts transfer between iPhones. By using dr.fone you can transfer any contacts you wish from your iPhone 4 to iPhone 5S directly in batch. Just can not wait to share the amazing dr.fone with you, and let’s find out how to use it.

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Step 1: Setup dr.fone

First of all you need to download and setup dr.fone on your Windows PC to transfer contacts from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5S/6S+. (dr.fone for Windows works perfectly with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Window 8, Window 7, Windows XP, and Window Vista.)

The next thing you need to launch it is to double-click the quick start icon on your screen after you installing dr.fone.

Step 2: Make iPhone 4 and iPhone 6S, 5S connect to the PC via USB cables

Make connection between you both iPhone 4 and 5S to your computer by using USB cables. dr.fone will scan your phones and then show them together in the primary window which indicates the Source phone and Destination phone. You can exchange the Source phone with the Destination phone by clicking the Flip icon.

contacts from iphone 4 to iphone 5s

Step 3: Transfer contacts from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5S, 6S with 1-click

dr.fone – Switch can be used to move contacts, text messages, photos, videos, calendar, music from one iPhone to another by its default. So if you only want to transfer you contacts, delete the marks before text messages, videos, photos and music accordingly.

iphone 4 to 5s contacts transfer

Just click “Start Transfer” to enjoy the process of transferring contacts between your iPhone 4 & iPhone 5S/6S (Plus). Do remember to keep both your iPhones’ connection with your computer during dr.fone doing its works. After the transfer is completed, please click “OK” to end the whole process.

Note: You will find a “Clear data before copy” option under your destination phone’s window. By choosing this option, your destination phone would able to clear out its contacts to store those from your Source phone.

By using dr.fone – Switch you can transfer all contacts on your iPhone 4 to iPhone 5S instantly. And you will be surprised how fast and convenient it is. After your iPhone 5S had received all the contacts be transferred, don’t forget to backup contacts from iPhone 5S to computer.

Enjoy an easier way for contact transfer from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5S/6S Plus provide by dr.fone – Switch.

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