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最好的方法,從HTC聯繫人傳輸到iPhone 7 加 / 8 / X / XS / XR

Are you looking to the way on 如何從HTC的聯繫人轉移到iPhone X / 8/7加 安全,快速地? 擁有一部iPhone是肯定的東西,每一個智能手機用戶的夢想. 有趣的功能, 電池壽命長, 和先進的拍照選項使它成為一個偉大的購買. 但是,當涉及到從舊的智能手機如HTC轉移接觸到一個全新的iPhone X, 它可以是一個讓人鬱悶的問題, 如果你不知道一個簡單而安全的方式做到這一點.

Here is a simple yet effective method to change the contacts list from your existing HTC phone to iPhone 7 加. Before we go into the steps here are a few considerations.

部分 1. Reasons for switching to iPhone 7 Plus from Android HTC

HTC has always been a popular smartphone brand favored by many users. The company has made some remarkable strides in smartphone features during its decade-old presence in the field.

But in recent years the company’s hold on the market is waning. From 10.7% share in the global smartphone market in the year 2011, the value has dipped down to less than 2% 在 2016.

Most of the recent smartphone versions released in recent years have suffered some or other issues including user interface, poor hardware or battery problems.

The performance is indeed dismal compared to recent entrants into the smartphone market such as Oppo and Huawei who have come out with ultra-cheap and feature-rich smartphones.

As you can see the reasons are indeed strong enough for any HTC user to think of switching over to a new phone. And if the price is not a concern, an iPhone is certainly a better choice all around. If you are one of the smartphone users who is thinking of switching over to a new phone, 一個iPhone 7 Plus is a great choice to make.

部分 2. The significance of HTC to iPhone 7 Plus Data Transfer tool

Changing your old smartphone to a new one comes with several issues you have to solve such as managing the data transfer and transition of the data. This is more so if you are switching from Android operating system to iOS.

At such times having an expert phone manager handy will make the transition a seamless one. dr.fone – 開關 要么 dr.fone – Android的轉移 is an ideal phone manager that can take care of all the troubles you face with changing from HTC to iPhone 7 加.

dr.fone is the right tool for transfer and management of all phone data including video, 音樂, 往來, 相片, 數據, and SMS on Apple iPhone and HTC Android phones. It is ideal for any type of data transfer between iOS phone and Android devices.

The single click feature for data transfer and simple user interface are scoring points in the phone manager, which is a significant addition, any smartphone user should consider owning.

部分 3. Important features of Wondershare Phone Manager – dr.fone

dr.fone is a one-stop destination for backup, transfer and managing files in iOS and Android devices. Here are the important features of the software.

  • Easy backup of photos, 音樂, 短信, 往來, 視頻, 等等. to PC and easy restore option too.
  • Manage import and export of SMS, 往來, de-duplicate contacts and reply SMS via computer.
  • Supports iPhone and Android phones, and enables the transfer of data between devices including videos, 相片, 音樂, 短信, 和聯繫人.
  • 您可以 root Android tablets and phones with one click feature and take complete control of the device.
  • The App Manager feature helps to uninstall, 安裝, backup or import apps in groups.
  • Has Gif Maker feature, which helps in creating videos, 運動照片和照片.
  • 簡單高效 的iTunes音樂文件同步到Android 通過iTunes管理器功能. 也可以將音樂從Android設備直接傳輸到iTunes.
  • 電話經理是超過兼容 6000 從版本範圍Android設備 2.2 至 9.0 和iOS設備太.
  • 您可以輕鬆地連接dr.fone您的移動和管理目前的SD卡上您的移動應用程序或文件. 從音樂文件, 轉移到郵件和聯繫人轉移電話管理器是一個非常方便的工具擁有.


部分 4. 2 Methods to Fix the Problem of “如何從HTC聯繫人傳輸到iPhone 7 加”

方法 1. HTC轉移聯繫人iPhone 7 加上一批

步 #1. 聯繫人的轉移是一個容易完成,如果你已經安裝了Wondershare的. 一旦你已經下載了手機管理,並安裝它, 打開dr.fone電話經理和點擊 ‘開關‘ 目前功能.

步 #2. 選擇HTC作為源設備,然後選擇iPhone 7 加上作為目標設備.

步 #3. 一旦你選擇了你的目標設備, 你將被帶到那裡你會被提示選擇您希望從源設備傳送的數據類型屏幕, 這是HTC在這裡, 到iPhone 7 加, 這是您的目標設備.

通過挖掘轉接功能, 您將完成轉移過程. 你需要轉移所有聯繫人將被有效地完成.

方法二: 選擇性方式從HTC聯繫人傳輸到iPhone 7 加

你也可以做接觸的轉移有選擇地. 你可以選擇你的新設備要接觸. dr.fone – Android的轉移 有這個非常有用的功能. You can also avoid any duplicate contacts from adding up in your new device. Here is how you do the selective transfer.

步 #1. Once you have selected your source device, click on the Information option present at the interface’s top portion.

步 #2. You can see all your contacts in the HTC phone. Now select the contacts you wish to transfer. Click on the Export feature to choose the target phone.

Transfer contacts from HTC to iPhone 7 Plus Selectively

dr.fone – Android的轉移 要么 dr.fone – 開關, you will be able to fix the issue of如何從HTC聯繫人傳輸到iPhone 7 加” 輕鬆高效. 事實上, 這是一個非常方便的電話經理,為iOS和Android設備之間傳輸任何數據文件類型. 您可以輕鬆完成數據的遷移沒有任何麻煩.





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