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Is It Possible to Transfer Apps between Phones

In the era of smartphones, it is getting even harder to leave our mobile phones. Usually, we download a lot of apps on our phones, including those for work, study, entertainment, and contact. There are different apps for the Android phone and iPhone. It is known to us that the Android phone and iPhone are running with different operation systems, and they cannot be combined together. So it is impossible to transfer apps between them. And the apps you have purchased from the Google Play should be purchased from the App Store.

However, it is really possible to transfer apps between different phones running with the same operation system. That is to say, we can transfer apps between Android and Android, or between iPhone and iPhone. Let’s check it in the following passage.

Part 1. Transfer Apps between Android and Android

The simplest way is to use a third party tool like the dr.fone – Switch, which is the professional transfer tool for apps, text messages, contacts, call logs, calendars, photos, audios, videos, etc.

Step 1. Download and install this amazing application on your computer.

Get dr.fone – Switch

Step 2. Connect your phones to your computer, and run the dr.fone.

Step 3. Choose the “Switch” mode on the primary window.

Sync apps from android to android

Step 4. Select the item of “Apps” & “App Data” on the window and click on “Start Transfer” to transfer apps from one Android to another Android.

Apps from android device to android device

JN: Except contacts, SMS, media files, calendar, call logs, and apps, dr.fone-Switch now is upgraded to support App Data transferring between any two Android phone or tablet. But please be kindly reminded that you should root the goal Android device temporary before data transfer. After you finishing the task, the Android phone will get back to the unroot status. And it will never void the Android’s warranty.

Get dr.fone – Switch

Part 2. Transfer Apps between iPhone and iPhone

Solution 1. By iCloud


Step 1. Make sure that all the app you want to transfer can be backed up on the iCloud. Then create a backup file of the apps you want to transfer on the iCloud.

Step 2. Then log in the iCloud on the destination iPhone with the same iCloud ID and password as the one you use in step 1.

Step 3. Restore the backup you have just made on your iCloud. During the whole process, make sure that you have access to a steady network.

Tip: There are only 5GB of storage space on the iCloud, so if you want to transfer apps over the memory permission, you need to do it in batches.

Solution 2. By iTunes


Case 1. Sync all the apps
If you want to sync all the apps with another iPhone, you can turn to the function of “synchronize” which can help you do this automatically.

Case 2. Sync just a part of apps
If you want to transfer just a few of the apps, and there are any purchased apps, you’d better transfer them to your iTunes account at first. And then, click on “download all” on your destination iPhone.

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  1. Per Hovgård Paldan says

    Hi, i have an Lumia 735 where i have an app (y-cam homemonitor) is it posible to cupy that app for my friend, who want the app aswell on he`s Lumia 630 phone ?
    The app is not avalible in store anymore :-(

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