[Moto X]: How to Transfer Android Data to Moto X

Have a plan to change your old Samsung P729 with a Moto X (Moto X 2nd/3rd Gen)? Although a large screen can bring you perfect video experience, 5.1-inch screen may be more suitable for you to carry. Moto X is such a brilliant smartphone with a 5.1-inch screen. It is powerful, and the camera of it is awesome. Owning such a smartphone can be really a cool thing.

Of course it will be very easy for you to transfer all your photos, videos, music to the new device – you just need to copy and paste them from your Android Samsung phone to Moto X2 on your computer directly, but some special types of files such as contacts, SMS text messages, calendar or apps, may bring you lots of troubles to transfer them from old Android device to new Moto X+1. The reasons are as follows:

  • 1: You have no permission to access to your contacts and SMS files with any file manager apps unless you’ve got the root authority of your cellphone.
  • 2: The formats of the contacts and text message files are really special. If they are not converted to proper formats, you cannot open them directly.
  • 3: Some apps are installed on your cellphone internal storage. It is difficult to view them on computer, let alone transfer them to new Moto X+1.

Is there any solution to transfer all data including the special types of data from Android phone to new Moto X at once and without any barriers? Luckily the answer is yes. Just look at below tutorial:

The solution on how to transfer Android data to Moto X (Style/Play) directly

Step 1: Download dr.fone

dr.fone – Switch is a powerful Android data to Moto X transfer tool which we need. With it, you can perform Motorola Migrate & Huawei Phone Clone simply. Download it from the Internet and install on your computer.

If you are Mac users, please download dr.fone for Mac accordingly.

Get dr.fone – Switch

Step 2: Connect your devices to the computer.

Before connecting your Android Samsung phone and Moto X (Style/Play) to the computer, you should launch dr.fone and go to “Switch” window.

When detected, your Samsung and Moto X2 will be displayed in the primary window. If they are in the wrong places, you should swap their positions by clicking the “Flip” button.

Android to Moto X Data Transfer

Step 3: Choose the contents and transfer them to Moto X (Style / Play).

In the middle, tick off the contents you want such as contacts, apps, SMS text messages and then click “Start Transfer” button. What you need to do is just to wait for a few minutes till the process complete. And then all data will be transferred to your Moto X.

Transfer data from android Phone to Moto X

Tips: In addition to Android data to Moto X (Style / Play) data transfer, dr.fone-Switch can also transfer phone data between any two iOS, Android, Nokia phone or tablet easily.

To experience more powerful functions of this program, just download it and try.

Get dr.fone – Switch


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