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Free Tools for Searching and Listening to Music Online


If you are a big fan of music, then the music may play an important role in your life. Here is a question: what tool do you usually use for listening to music? Which kind of music players do you like, the web-based one or the mobile application? As the music can not only be played online, the offline music is also important. Thus, in this article, I’d like to introduce you the top 9 tools for listening to music online, which available both as the web-based player and independent one. These tools are nice and convenient, which make sure that the music tracks are updated at regular intervals and new tracks are offered without delay. Now, let’s have a look at these tools in the following passages.

Tool 1. Pandora

It is the best software I have ever used.
This application makes my life easier!
What an awesome stuff!
So wonderful.
Pros and cons:
It is one of the most popular applications.
But it turns out that it can not always find the most exact results.
Step 1. Through the link above, visit the homepage of this tool. Then you can choose to download it or just search for music tracks online.

Step 2. You can input the keywords in the search bar and then you can see the results of the search.


Tool 2. Last FM

The layout is easy to understand.
The best.
It makes me feel easy to find a song.
Pros and cons:
The layout is wonderful and the features are great.
But the interface need some change.
Step 1. Download this application on your computer or browse its homepage.

Step 2. Use the search to search for the music tracks you need by typing some related words in it. Then you can click on the music track among the search results to listen to it.


Tool 3. Spotify

I love it for its powerful functions.
The interface is simple, and that is why I choose it.
It is easy to use.
Pros and cons:
This is the most popular music application online.
The interface is too simple while it is less attractive.
Step 1. Download it on your computer through the link given above.

Step 2. Then, run it and find the search bar on it. It is noticeable that there is no sign of it, but it actually locates on the top of the window.

Step 3. Input the keywords. And you can click on any of the result of search to listen to it.


Tool 4. Rhapsody

It is easy to understand.
The sound quality is awesome.
What a stunning application.
Pros and cons:
This is a very stunning music tool with powerful functions.
But the overall interface still needs improvement, because it is kind of hard to understand especially for the novices.
Step 1. Download and install this application on your computer.

Step 2. Tap on the “Find” option and give it some keywords about the songs that you are looking for.


Tool 5. Slacker

It saves me a lot of time.
The interface is great.
I love it.
The search function was good.
Pros and cons:
It is an understandable application for both the novices and frequenter.
While the crash needs to be solved.
Step 1. First, you need to visit the link above to either download this application or use the website.

Step 2. On the search bar, input the keywords of the music tracks you want to find.


Tool 6. My Space

This application makes my life easy.
It is superb.
I love it so much.
The overall interface is interesting.
Pros and cons:
The layout of this application is stunning and the functions are easy to use.
But it crashes at times.
Step 1. Through the link given above, enter the homepage of this application and download it on your computer.

Step 2. Use the search bar and you will get some items related to the music tracks you want to find.


Tool 7. Grooveshark

In a word: awesome!
I am grateful I find it.
This application is the best.
Pros and cons:
The operation on it is smooth and the functions are great.
But the overall interface is a little hard to understand.
Step 1. Download and install this application on you computer.

Step 2. Type the name of the song or the artist on the search bar. It is easy to get the song you want.


Tool 8. Maestro

I can’t believe my dream has come ture.
It is awesome.
As wonderful as the reviews online.
It is a big surprise for me.
Pros and cons:
The interface is friendly and the functions are awesome.
While the results of search are sometimes inaccurate.
Step 1. Find the application and download it on your computer.

Step 2. Click on the “Discover” button on the lower right. And then you can start to search for the song you like.


Tool 9. Deezer

It is easy to use.
My favorite of this application is the management services.
Simply tremendous.
Pros and cons:
This application is widely welcomed for its great user experience.
But there are some ads on it, which is annoying.
Step 1. The address mentioned will lead you to the homepage of this application and you need to download it and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Launch it and find the search bar on it. Then you can start to search.


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