An Effective Method to Sync Videos from iPad to iPad Air/iPad Mini/iPad Pro

If you want to sync videos from your old iPad to a new iPad Mini or iPad Air or you would like to share the movie clips, which are too big to send via email, with your friend, what should you do? Maybe the top idea in your brand would be using iTunes to transfer; however, when you choose this method, it also means that all the existing videos will be removed before the transfer process. Therefore, we need to find another effective and efficient method.

Then, the dr.fone – Switch is exactly what we are looking for; it can help you achieve that goal as a third-party iPad to iPad Air videos transfer software. It’s of convenience and the function of converting is very amazing. Can’t believe it? You can download it from the link below and have a try. How to use this software to transfer & convert videos between iPads (iPad Pro, iPad Air & iPad Mini are included) also is very simple, and now please follow the step-by-step tutorial I am going to introduce.

Get dr.fone – Switch

What you need to prepare in advance are 2 iPads, the Windows computer, 2 Apple USB cables, the dr.fone, which are all essential for the successful transfer process from iPad Pro or iPad Air or iPad Mini.

And the iPad Pro or iPad Air/iPad Mini data transfer process will take 3 Steps below:

Step 1: Run the dr.fone

Run the software on your Windows PC and the primary control panel will be shown on the screen.

Step 2: Connect iPads via Apple USB cables

Link both iPad and iPad Air with your Windows computer via Apple USB cables and the two devices will be detected automatically by the software. Now, you need to tick the Videos and make sure other files you do not want are already unchecked.

transfer videos from iPad to iPad

Step 3: Start to transfer videos between iPads (iPad Pro, iPad Air or iPad Mini)

Press the button of Start Transfer, the transfer process will begin. It can be seen the rate of process from the window. And when it reaches one hundred percent, the transfer from iPad to iPad Air is done successfully.

iPad to iPad Videos Transfer

What I would like to mention is that the dr.fone – Switch not only can transfer movie from iPad to iPad Air, but also can support syncing music and photos from one iPad to another.

So do not miss this versatile software please. Click Download and experience it on your computer. And I believe you will be persuaded by the amazing experience.

What are you waiting for? Download it and join us!

Get dr.fone – Switch

Moreover, Wondershare has provided another application called the dr.fone – iOS Transfer, which can copy videos between iPads just like the dr.fone-Switch. Besides, the dr.fone – iOS Transfer is superior than iTunes to some degree, because it can manage files pretty easily no matter music, videos, photos, contacts or iMessages on your iPad.

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