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How to Sync Photos with New Moto X Style / Moto X Play via an Easy Click


We almost facilitate the transfer of photos from phone to phone every day. In fact, for most users, it is a daily-to-do thing, and there is nearly no exception to anybody. It is possible that you want to do photos transfer from your old phone to a new Moto X Style or Moto X Play that you just bought. Also, you sometimes feel like getting photos of your friends’ phone. And at times, you may have a mind to enjoy your photos with your families. In these cases, I wonder you must be eager for a superior tool to help you, right?

To help the users do so in a better way, and get the best transfer result of original photos without any unexpected changes, then we will introduce you professional and useful photos to Moto X Style or Moto X Play transfer software – dr.fone – Switch.

Sync Photos with Moto X Style or Moto X Play – dr.fone Switch for Mac or for Windows

You will find that dr.fone Switch for Mac or for Windows is an excellent software which enables the users to finish photos transfer between old phone & new Moto X Style or Moto X Play quickly and efficiently, without any risk. Fortunately, now a quick click can realize the transfer of all data without much effort as long as you have such a powerful tool. What else can you do?

  • First, you are allowed to enjoy photos with others by transferring them from phone to Moto X Style or Moto X Play, and only an easy click, not any other complex skills, is required.
  • Second, it is able to realize the complete transfer of photos without any loss of the data.
  • Third, restore feature and data backup are contained in this software.
  • Finally, data like music, contact, video, messages and so on that existing in iOS, Symbian, Android, and BlackBerry can be transferred to Moto X Style or Moto X Play.

Get dr.fone – Switch

The transfer can be done with the following easy steps by dr.fone – Switch:

First, launch the Android to Moto X Style or Moto X Play transfer.

In this regard, you are required to finish the downloading of the dr.fone program file, which should be dragged to an “Application” icon. Then hit the “Application” icon for the launch of it.

Second, to keep the phones in connection with Windows computer

Do authorization of your old Android phone & new Moto X Style or Moto X Play to a computer after two phones are linked with USB cable.

With an easy hit on “Switch” tab, source phone of the two phones will be shown upon the transfer window opening.

Photos from android phone to moto x style Transfer

Third, to start the photos transfer to Moto X Style or Moto X Play

A hit on the button “Start Transfer” after checking your target transferred photos leads to shifting your photos immediately. Now everything is done well.

Transfer Photos from Android to moto x style

Get dr.fone – Switch

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