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Sync Music to HTC One M8, M9, A9, Put Songs on HTC One from PC or iTunes


I wonder if you can not still find a good method to put music on your HTC One M8, M9, E9, A9 from your computer or iTunes library. Do not worry! Now you’re in the right place. We will give you suggestions about syncing music to HTC One M8/M9/10/A9.

I think you can not wait to sync music to your HTC One M8 from your iTunes and the computer when you got it. You must want to enjoy the music on the go as soon as possible. However, it may be not easy to do it. Such as you may find that the music you like might meet some problem when played. Then you take pains to find out a way to do the conversion successfully.

Don’t bother! Why not give iMusic a try in order to sync music to your HTC One M8. In my opinion, it is an expert for Android file manager which enables you to convert and transfer whichever music you enjoy and whatever format the music is from computer or iTunes library for the HTC One M8. Besides, this kind of Android manager makes it possible for you to put the music websites which is popular with the people and make it easier for you to download music from it.

Download iMusic trial version to look through the way to put music on your HTC One Phone.

Download iMusic

The way to sync music to HTC One M8/M9/10/A9

Select the appropriate version and set it up to your Mac or Windows PC. Let it work. At present, shall we begin to import the music to HTC One M8 by means of iMusic for Android?

Step 1: Link HTC One M8/M9/10/A9 with your computer

Please connect HTC One M8 to PC via a USB cable. Your HTC One M8 will be identified by iSkysoft iMusic for Android automatically. Finally, you can check your HTC One M8 phone under the DEVICE on the main window.


Step 2: Sync music to HTC One M8

Now, I will tell you the way to transfer music files to HTC One M8 carefully.

Add online music to HTC One M8

a. At the upper left of the main window, you will see “Get Music”, click on it. And then select the “DOWNLOAD” button. Then you can choose the music you like and download them.

b. You are allowed to download online music by copying its URL & paste it on the Download page directly.

That’s it, just hit whichever music website to find the music you like. Once you find the song that you want to download, copy the URL of it. Then return to the iSkysoft iMusic and paste the URL into the input field and then click on the downloading icon. You can save it with .mp3 or .mp4 format as you like. Then download the songs.

c. Finally, at the corner of top-right, hit on “Downloaded”, you can check out the music during the downloading. The music will be collected directly on the “iTunes Library” under the “Download” option as soon as on your HTC One M8.


Step 3: Sync music to HTC One from PC

a. After clicking the “DEVICE” button, from the top-left side, hit “Music” under the name of your HTC One phone. Then you can see all the music files in the connected HTC One M8 phone.

b. Hit the button of “Add”. You ought to pull down the window, select “Add File” or “Add Folder”. Scan your computer, you can see music package or files.

c. Next, you can select the music & put the songs on HTC One M8 by clicking the button “Open”. When you see the message that asks you whether you would like to convert the music file, hit “Yes”. Finally, the program will download and transfer the songs in correct format to HTC One M8 without rejection.


Step 4: Sync iTunes playlists to HTC One 10/M9/M8/A9

a. Find the “Music” option under the “iTunes Library” on the main functional zone. All list of music in your iTunes playlists will be shown in the primary interface.


b. Just check the songs that you want to export from your iTunes Library to your HTC One phone. Then, right click them and hit “Add to” > “HTC One (Your Android Phone Name)” to begin to input playlists. You can also tick the button of “Export” and then select your HTC One M8 phone from the drop-down list to sync music.


Download the powerful iMusic in order to attempt syncing music to HTC One Phone now.

Download iMusic

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