Sync LG Contacts with iPhone 6S / SE / 6 / 7 / 8 / X / XR / XS

The need that transferring all your significant information on your old LG phone to your new iPhone 6S will inevitably become necessary when you just got a new iPhone 6S recently. However, there are so many choices that you may have no idea which one will be your better choice due to their own unavoidable shortcomings. As usual, these traditional methods tend to require you to finish the following dreary and low efficiency operations: the copying of data on your old phone to your PC, then moving all data on the PC to your new bought phone after a plugging in it, or even removing data on the PC. This will be more terrible provided that you are a business person. Take it easy, then we will bring you a totally easy-to-using, efficient, convenient LG to iPhone 6S data transfer tool to you, which can support you to overcome the barrier mentioned above.

Transferring data between LG and iPhone 6S (iPhone X/8/7 Plus) via this miracle tool

The software, dr.fone – Switch, is famous for its powerful function to deal with transferring data, such as contacts, from one phone to another. In fact, you are capable of transferring many assortments of data, including podcasts, music, contacts, videos, movies and many others. In this regard, don’t you think it is a crucial friend to you? Furthermore, this impressive iPhone 6S transfer tool comes with many marvelous features as follows:

Get dr.fone – Switch

First, merely a quick click can accomplish the transferring of all your data to iPhone 6S at once

It is true that you have the ability to move all your data files simultaneously between two devices easily and efficiently with this useful software, dr.fone for Mac, or Windows. Thus, the waiting time is saved. It is no longer a time-consuming tool again.

Second, large quantities of mobile platforms can be ported by this software

The transfer tool is sturdy enough that it is compatible with nearly any kind of platform. As a result, you won’t have difficulties in concerning about your mobile phones’ OS for data transferring. Now with this tool, you are able to transfer data from Android to Nokia, from iOS to Android, or from Nokia to iOS and etc., including new iPhone 6S

Third, you can establish a back-up of the stored data on iPhone 6S

Apart from doing data copying and transferring, you can also set up a back-up for your iPhone 6S data files via dr.fone in an easy and quick manner.

Instruction on how to transfer data from LG phone to a new iPhone

First, get dr.fone launched

The first thing you need to do is to open up dr.fone – Switch. Then the transfer window will be opened upon a click on the tab “Switch“.

Second, make old phone & new iPhone 6S linked with the computer

USB cables can help you connect your devices to the computer. Then you can see from the screen that the devices are in connection with the source device. And transferable files will be shown as well.

Sync LG Contacts with iPhone

Finally, you are required to choose your target files to iPhone 6S

In order to transfer your data from the old phone to iPhone 6S, you should click the tab “Start Transfer” after you have made your final data selection.

LG Contacts to iPhone 6S Transfer

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