The Way to Sync Contacts from HTC One M8 to Outlook Directly (HTC 10, M9, Compatibles)

After you got a new HTC One M8 or in case of losing your phone, you prefer to backup & sync contacts from HTC One M8 to Outlook directly.

Sometimes, you may think that we can backup HTC One M8 contacts one by one. However, what if there are thousands of contacts on your HTC One M8? I cant’t believe that you can also insist on importing them one by one. So, it is wise for you to find a convenient way to let you make it easy to transfer contacts to Outlook for backup. Then, whether you buy a new HTC One M8 or have your phone lost, you won’t have to worry about losing your important contacts.

To transfer contacts from HTC One M8 to outlook, I strongly recommend a kind of Android manager to you, which is called Wondershare MobileGo for Android. This tool makes it possible for you to sync contacts on your HTC One M8 to your outlook 20010/2007/2003 conveniently and quickly.

Attention: Besides, MobileGo for Android enables you to import your Outlook contacts to HTC One M8 too.

The way to synchronous HTC One M8 with outlook

In the moment, I will show you the method to import your contacts from HTC One M8 to Outlook. First, download MobileGo for Android and launch it on the computer. Then, follow the following steps I show you.

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)

Step 1. Connect HTC One M8 to computer via USB cable

Link your HTC One M8 to the computer by means of a USB cable or Wi-Fi first. Launch MobileGo on your own computer. Next, your HTC One M8will be recognized as soon as you connect them. Then, the main interface will pop-up a stuff looked like the following screen shot.

MobileGo for HTC One
Attention: Many kinds of Android phones can be well compatible with MobileGo for Android, such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola. If you want to get more information,hit “Supported Android Device”.

Step 2. Sync your HTC One M8 to Outlook

Hit “Contacts” tab in the column by the side of your left hand. In the management of the contact window, select the contacts that you plan to import. Press “Export/Import” button. Then the pull-down menu will be popped up, you can choose whether “Export all contacts to computer” or “Export selected contacts to computer”. Next, hit “to Outlook 2003/2007/2010” or “to Outlook Express”. When you start to transfer the contacts, you must make sure of your HTC One M8 and your computer are connected with together through the transfer.

Contacts from HTC One M8 to Outlook
You will find it that you can not only transfer contacts on your HTC One M8 to Outlook, but backup contacts to vCard from your HTC One M8 as well as to Windows Address Book and to Windows Live Mail. If you have possess of the Gmail account, you can also sync HTC One M8 contacts to computer as well as copy your contacts on your Android to your Gmail account.

What are you waiting for! Download a free trial version of MobileGo for Android to confirm what I say!

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)


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