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The Way to Switch BlackBerry Phone to Android Phone Easily


Just change your BlackBerry in T-Mobile trade and want to try an Android phone?

You will hold two minds on operating BlackBerry and Android systems because you don’t know the differences between them. What’s more, it seems to be not easy for you to move content on your old BlackBerry to new Android phone. Don’t worry, in this article, you will find the difference between BlackBerry and Android. You will also learn how to move data from BlackBerry to Android and use BlackBerry Messenger or other BlackBerry apps on your Android device.

Part 1. Difference Between BlackBerry and Android

HardwareAll BlackBerry mobile phones are produced by RIM. The appearances of them are similar, which can be shortcoming in some degrade, as they are not various in appearance. But users are crazy about its QWERTY keyboard and have fun in typing.Android offers its users a wide diversity of choices on choosing what they want, compared with BlackBerry. Because Android has many manufacturers, like Google, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Sony, LG, etc.
OSThe most of BlackBerry phones are relying on physical QWERTY keyboard, except BlackBerry Z10, which is a touchscreen smartphone. You’d better choose BlackBerry if you are concentrated on communication.What makes Android highlighted among the smartphones is its open nature. You can have access to manage photos, video, contacts, music and more easily with only a USB cable.
UpgradeIt’s much more convenient for BlackBerry to be upgraded. BlackBerry informs you the latest version when the new one is available.Android always announces an upgraded version along with some new Android smartphone. However, it’s not easy to upgrade an Android smartphone. You can’t get the upgraded version until the new Android be approved by manufacturers.
NetworkingApps on BlackBerry offer you instant communication with your families and friends. Some well-known apps include messaging, email management, WeChat, and WhatsApp, some of which are also available in Android platform.Android provides you with wonderful online surfing experience. You can download some popular apps to chat with your friends, like Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and more.
AppsYou can buy apps or even get for free online on BlackBerry’s App store, which has less apps than Android’s.You can find a lot of Apps in Android platform, like Google Play, AppBrain and so on.
Battery LifeYou will never worry about BlackBerry phone battery, since it can last a long time.You have to charge your Android phone within one day since its battery is poor.

Part 2. Switch BlackBerry content to Android in one click

MobileTrans offers you a wonderful transfer tool between BlackBerry and Android phone. With that you can move all your contacts including SMS and call logs from BlackBerry to Android. Before that you need download BlackBerry® Link or BlackBerry® Desktop Software V7.1 or V7.0 to create backup file on BlackBerry.

Transfer BlackBerry Data to Android Phone
Key Features of MobileTrans:
  • ·Switch BlackBerry’s contacts to Android easily
  • ·Copy SMS and logs from BlackBerry® Desktop’s backup file and then switch to Android
  • ·Be compatible with Samsung, Sony, Motorola, ZTE, HTC, LG, HUAWEI, Acer and other Android phones.
  • ·Be compatible with phone carriers – Sprint, Verzion, T-mobile, AT&T.
  • ·Support BlackBerry® Desktop v7.0 & V7.1 and BlackBerry OS 7.x ,OS 10.x

Download MobileTrans

Way to switch BlackBerry files to Android

Step 1. Be Sure to Backup Your BlackBerry

If you already have backup your BlackBerry with BlackBerry® Desktop on your computer, skip this step. Otherwise, follow it.

Download BlackBerry® Desktop Software or BlackBerry® Link and install it on your computer. Link your BlackBerry and the software. Crate a backup file on your computer.

Tip: The software newly support BlackBerry 10 version smartphones.

Step 2. Link Android Phone to your computer then open the MobileTrans

Download MobileTrans on your PC and install it. Launch it, and click Restore on the primary window.

Download MobileTrans


Step 3. Switch BlackBerry’s Call Logs, Text Messages and Contacts to Android

Click the left inverted triangle and you will see a drop-down menu. Then find the Backup file of your BlackBerry. Restore the contents and start copy. Make the Android phone connected to your computer through the whole process.

Part 3. Apps for BlackBerry & Android

BlackBerry apps used on Android

1. BlackBerry messenger used on Android

You can continue to enjoy BlackBerry Messenger on your android phone. This fantastic Apps now has a version for Android. With it, you can contact with your friends and families through instant messaging, picture sharing, voice notes, documents sharing, voice calls, and more.

2. Download Android version BlackBerry Messenger

You can get many popular apps on Android markets. If you want Google Play, search it on the Internet and then sign in the download account. Do the same with BBM. Download and install the apps you want in Android phone.

3. Apps to replace BBM on Android

There are some wonderful alternative apps for BBM, one of them is the WhatsApp Messenger, which can be used in Android phone and others. You can chat freely with your families and friends with it. You can also enjoy messages, video messages, audio note, and photos on it. And other apps, like Skype, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Viber can also offer you wonderful using experience.

Android apps used on BlackBerry
1.Android apps version used on BlackBerry Q10/Z10

It may confuse you how to use android apps on BlackBerry 10.2.1. You can find how to install Android version apps on BlackBerry Q10/Z10.

1.1 Way to find and install Android apps

You can find and download Android Apps for BlackBerry Q10/Z10 with the help of a third-party apps store, like Amazon Appstore, APK Train, 1mobile Market, Snap APK Downloader, etc.

1.2 Way to install these apps

I am going to show you how to do it with the help of Amazon Appstore. Download Amazon Appstore on your BlackBerry Q10/Z10, and then log in your Amazon account. You can download Android apps on your BlackBerry Q10/Z10. Get More Info

2.Android apps used on BlackBerry Playbook

You can get many popular apps with the BlackBerry Playbook version OS 2.0, which supports Android Player. Download and install Android apps used on BlackBerry playbook and find top 10 apps. Just click the links below.

Way of installing Android to BlackBerry Playbook

Top 10 Android apps for the BlackBerry Playbook

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