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Songs Transfer from iPod Touch to HTC One (M9, M8) & HTC 10


Sync all music to HTC One (M9, M8) or HTC 10 to make it be your music player, just use dr.fone – Switch to export all your songs on iPod Touch to your HTC phone in batch easily.

People are tired of bringing all kinds of devices with them. They always carry one or even more phones and an iPod for music, iPad for games and so on with them. Actually, phone makers already give your phone enough functions, such as HTC One. You can enjoy music on your HTC One as well as on iPod. Then you don’t need to carry a bag filled with electronic equipment.

You may think you can transfer all your music by using iTunes. But nowadays, people get music from many different channels. iTunes cannot support all of them. You still need a third party tool to help you sync music to HTC One from iPod Touch. The dr.fone-Switch not only can sync music to HTC One directly for you, but also convert music in to a playable format for different devices. No matter you paid or unpaid for your music, dr.fone can transfer them all quick and safe.

Keep reading, and find out how to use dr.fone-Switch to transfer music from iPod to your HTC phone in three steps.

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Step 1. Download and install dr.fone on your computer

First of all, you need to download this software on your Windows computer. Be sure there are enough disk spaces left for the installation (at least 62.5 MB). dr.fone will give your instructions for installing. Users basically only click a few tabs to finish the whole thing. If you successfully launched dr.fone on your computer, you can see a primary window show up on your screen.

Step 2. Connect both iPod Touch and HTC One to your computer

Use USB cables to connect both your iPod Touch and HTC One to the computer. The primary window will display both of your phones side by side after dr.fone detecting them. Since you want to transfer from music from iPod Touch to HTC One, you can see your iPod on the left as the Source and left Destination is your HTC One.

music from iPod to HTC One
dr.fone gives you a list of transferable data on the middle of the primary window. If you only need to transfer music, then, unmark those data like contacts, photos, videos before clicking “Start Transfer” button.

Note: By clicking “Flip” you can change your Destination device to Source device.

Step 3. Music transfer from iPod Touch to HTC One

dr.fone converts incompatible formats to compatible format automatically. So after you click “Start Transfer“, you don’t need to worry about the procession will stop by this problem. There will be a process bar shows you how much music is already being transferred. You can click “OK” when it is 100% done. And never break the connection between your devices and your computer.

iPod Music to HTC One transfer

Note: The dr.fone – Switch is fully compatible with devices running Symbian, WIN Phone, Android, iOS. You can use it transfers contacts from your iPhone to your HTC 10, M9, M8 too.

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