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Samsung Smart Switch Mobile Not Working? – 固定

Good evening, my dear friend, this is already 12 o’clock in the evening, and many of you already in your bed now. But me, your love Digital Talent Z is still working now. Think I work so hard? Sure I am! And the power is all coming from you, 是, the smile on your face and your happy emotion when you solved your problems by reading my article. It’s an amazing strong power for me to make me happy and willing to work until midnight to write out more useful and timely articles for you. Don’t be too moved, 哈哈. Guess what I will talk about in this article? 是, from the title you can see it’s related to the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile software, so though it, you can know this article is also about Samsung smartphones.

最近你家伙疯狂的新款三星Galaxy智能手机S7. 而本产品的创新, 三星公司还创新了这款手机的工具, 三星智能交换机移动应用程序,它可以帮助iPhone和Android手机用户从这些手机的数据传送到三星Galaxy S7. It’s really a good way to solve the bothers for the iPhone and Android phone users if they want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 to replace their old phone but worry about the data transfer problem. What’s more attractive is that this Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app is free. How sweet the Samsung Company is! If I will change my phone, the Samsung Galaxy S7 must be my first choice not just by its advanced techniques and fashionable look but also by the warm service the Samsung Company offers.

As I know, almost all the users have downloaded this app on their Samsung Galaxy S7, and the result of this app is also very good said by lots of users. 然而, there are also some complain voice come out said there are some bothers when they are using the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app such as unstable stability during devices connections or data transfer process, data transfer is easy to crash and so on. When the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app is not working, what should we do? Get the alternative to Samsung Smart Switch? Today your digital talent will help you solve these problems.

PS: 顺便说说, here are the best fixes for 三星支付不工作好吧谷歌不工作 issues for your reference too.

部分 1. 该 4 Problems You May Meet When the Smart Switch Mobile is Not Working

正如我前面提到的, when the users are using the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app, sometimes it doesn’t work. Then we may meet some problems. After a conclusion from these users, the problems can be divided into 4 aspects: compatibility, functional limitation, stability and duplication merge. Now let talk one by one.

Smart Switch Not Working Problem 1. 兼容性

You may think the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app supports all the versions or models of iPhone or Android phones when you hear the advertisement of this app, me, 太. But the truth is not.

Actually this app can only be used among Samsung Galaxy series mobile phones, and the supported version should be above the Android 4.0 操作系统. It means the former Samsung smartphone even Galaxy series phone whose operating system is under Android 4.0 such Galaxy S2 cannot use this app to transfer data between Samsung Galaxy S7 and it.

And also other Android phones which are not from Samsung Company and under the Android 4.0 operating system cannot realize data transfer between Samsung Galaxy S7 and them, 太. It’s really bothered lots of Android phone users.

对于iPhone用户, you need to download the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile PC software on your computer and connect your iPhone with the program and at the same time connect your Galaxy S7 with the program together, you can transfer some limited types of data from iPhone to your Galaxy S7. It’s really bothered the iPhone users, 太.

This device compatibility problem really makes most of the mobile phone users upset.

Smart Switch Not Working Problem 2. Function limitation

As I mentioned in the last paragraph, the problem for the iPhone users is they need to download the PC software of this Samsung Smart Switch Mobile on their PC, the data transfer can be realized. It’s not so convenient and also a little bit complicated. But if you don’t mind, it’s ok. 但是当你使用它从你的iPhone的数据转移到新的三星Galaxy S7, 你很快就会发现另一个问题, 的传送数据类型被限制. 并非所有的你的iPhone的数据可以通过这个应用程序转移到你的银河S7. 例如, the music and videos which you spent your money that bought on the iTunes store cannot be transferred to your Galaxy S7 through this app. 这真的让iPhone用户感到沮丧了很多.

Smart Switch Not Working Problem 3. 稳定性

好, 如果你的问题不是从上面三三两两. 让我们来谈谈第三个恼人的问题, the stability.

Maybe your phone is not an iPhone or under Android 4.0 操作系统, but a Samsung phone with a high version Android operating system, so the above two matters won’t bother you. 然而, when you are using the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app on both your Samsung phone and Galaxy S7 to transfer data, you will accidentally find the transfer process is very easy to crash maybe because of the distance of the two devices, maybe because the data is too large or maybe you did some operations on the phone which unfortunately affected the transfer stability.

And also as the result of the unstable stability during the data transfer process by using this app, there will be plenty of broken files being created by the crashed data transfer. It’s another headache that is born by this low stability problem.

Smart Switch Not Working Problem 4. Duplication Merge

Due to the last problem, as I said there will be some broken data on your Galaxy S7 now. They might be some contacts, 短信, photos or other files that already transferred to your Galaxy S7 but because the process crashed, they might be transferred to your Galaxy S7 again. So it will cause a data duplication problem.

Or not because of the last problem, you are lucky that all the data from your old Samsung phone to your Galaxy S7 is transferred very smoothly and successfully. But actually you already have some same data on your Galaxy S7 but the app still put the same data to your Galaxy S7 again, it also causes the data duplication problem.

然而, the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app won’t help you to merge the duplicated data. Gosh, you need to delete the same data one by one, so inconvenient and tired.

Am I right? The above four problems are the bothers you have met when you use the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app to transfer data from old phone to Galaxy S7. Don’t be too headache about these, don’t forget I am here, 当然, I will offer you some good solutions to help you get rid of these matters.

部分 2. The Solutions to Solve Samsung Smart Switch Mobile Not Working Problems

So how to solve your problems? 当然, we need some third-party tools while we can’t solve these just on the devices. So what’re the good tools that can help us solve the above 4 problems even the Samsung Company app cannot solve also? Here I strongly recommend the Wondershare software. This is not an advertisement, but according to my own experience. To become a digital talent is not easy stuff. On the way to reach this talent status, I also have experienced a lot of unlucky things and taken roundabout courses. I have tried lots of different software, some are amazing, some are good and some are just specious without any uses. The Wondershare software is in the first kind, the amazing ones.

For the above problems, 该 dr.fone – 开关Wondershare的MobileGo should be the best choices for you to solve your problems. And the software decision between these two is depended on the problems which you have. Continue to read, you will find your most appropriate problem solutions.

部分 1. dr.fone Switch to solve your Problems 123 对于 “Smart Switch Not Working

为了第一 3 对于三星Galaxy S7用户或谁想要购买最新的三星Galaxy S7为您的新手机中的所有手机用户的问题,以取代旧的iPhone, Android手机, 黑莓手机, Windows phone的连诺基亚Symbian手机,但有理会这三星智能开关移动应用程序不能帮助解决手机的兼容性和数据传输, 只需使用dr.fone开关! dr.fone – Switch is the one who can help you solve all the 123 问题一起只需一个按! 多么惊人!

不要怀疑我的话, see the following key features this dr.fone Switch software has, you will firmly trust it:

  • 简单的界面: As most software having a specious interface that may separate the usersattention and doesn’t know the use of different parts, dr.fone Switch offers its user the most simple and easy to understand interface which makes its interface very straightforward and clear.
  • User-friendly program: Many software need lots of steps to complete one process, but the program of dr.fone Switch is freaking user-friendly which is so easy to use that even one click, you can complete the process you want even you are a digital green hand.
  • High compatibility: Unlike most transfer software have a limitation for its supporting device model or version, dr.fone Switch is fully compatible with all the versions and models of iOS, Android的, Windows Phone and Nokia Symbian devices including phones and tablets.
  • Zero risk with 100% 安全: The most concern for the users is data safety. 不同于数据损坏最传输软件可能会导致, MobieTrans保证用户零数据转移风险,以保证 100% 数据安全性,这意味着没有数据损坏会在传输过程中发生,所有的数据将是像之前的原始数据.
  • 全面的数据传输类型: 不是很多软件都可以支持所有类型的数据传输, but dr.fone Switch can speak it out loud. The data types that this tool support to transfer are very comprehensive, 包括联系人, 消息, 日历, 相片, 音乐, 视频, 通话记录, 应用程序甚至应用程序数据.
  • Backup and recovery: Actually most data transfer software only offers one function, 数据传输. But dr.fon Switch not only has this function but also support you to back up your data and recover the data between devices and PC. It’s an add-on function. And it also allows the iPhone users to retrieve data from iCloud backup to Android phones which is one of the function we will use later.
  • Transfer iTunes to Any Supported Device: Except transfer data between devices, this is really a special and powerful function for the iPhone users which allows them to transfer the iTunes backup to any supported device. 这也是另一种功能,我们将使用后你的iPhone之间的数据传输到你的三星Galaxy S7.

获取dr.fone – 开关

当你明白这个软件这么好, 你应该知道你的问题 1 毫无疑问迎刃而解. 现在,让我们开始使用这个奇妙的工具来解决问题 2 和 3 – the iPhone iTunes music and videos transfer problem and a broken transfer data problem.

How to transfer iTunes purchased music and videos on iPhone to Galaxy S7 (边缘)

步骤 1. Download an appropriate version of dr.fone software on your PC, install it on your PC and then launch it.

获取dr.fone – 开关

步骤 2. Once you open the program, you are on its home page already, 找出 “开关section and click on it. Then you will enter thePhone to Phonedata transfer interface.

步骤 3. Follow the guide shows on the interface to connect both of your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7 with the PC by their USB cables. 请稍等片刻,让程序检测这两台设备. 一旦他们已经成功地检测到, both of your phones will show on the left and right sides of the interface.

步骤 4. 你会看见 “资源” 和 “目的地” 标题上的每个装置的顶部, 点击 “翻动” 在接口上键来切换标题直到 “资源” 在您的iPhone和 “目的地” 在你的三星Galaxy S7. 一旦有人做过, you can find the data on your iPhone are shown in the center box of the interface which is divided into several types like Contacts, 短信, 日历, 通话记录, 应用, 相片, 音乐, 和视频.

iPhone to Galaxy S7 Music transfer

步骤 5. Tick the Music and Videos options, 然后点击 “开始传输” button at the center bottom of the interface. Then wait for a while, the program will transfer these data to your Galaxy S7 from iPhone.

Sync Music from iPhone to Samsung S7 Edge

小费: Make sure both of your phones are firmly connected to your PC during the data transfer process. 除此以外, the transfer process will be interrupted and you need to repeat the above steps again. Though it’s easy, to complete it by just once is the best choice.

现在, your first problem is perfectly solved by this dr.fone – 开关 软件, unbelievable right? 哈哈, it’s magic.

How to deal with the broken transfer data (Clear Data before Copy)

步骤 1. Since we have downloaded and installed the program on our PC already, now just launch it.

获取dr.fone – 开关

步骤 2. 点击 “开关” button and connect both of your phones with the PC by USB cables.

步骤 3. Flip the “目的地” title on your Samsung Galaxy S7.

Sync Android to Samsung Galaxy S7

步骤 4. Tick the data you want to transfer to your Galaxy S7.

步骤 5. Tick theClear Data before Copyselection under your Galaxy S7. If you tick this option, the former broken transferred data will be wipe out before the new round data transfer.

步骤 6. 点击 “开始传输” 按键, and then after some time (it depends on the data size you transferred), your selected old phone data will completely be saved in your Galaxy S7 (边缘) as the original look.

Copy Data to Galaxy S7 Edge
哈哈, so easy isn’t it? Even you are a digital beginner, the easy to use interface will make you operate it very easily.

如果你需要 transfer WhatsApp messages from/to Samsung, 请切换到 dr.fone - 恢复社交应用, 其是专业的WhatsApp数据传输, 备份和恢复工具.

Here are some video tutorials for your reference too:

部分 2. MobileGo to deal with duplicated data on Galaxy S7 – Problem 4 的 “Smart Switch Not Working

After we solved theSmart Switch Not Working” 问题 1 2 和 3, we should turn to problem 4, the duplicated data problem. 正如我之前说的, if we have the same data on our Galaxy S7 already but the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app transferred the same data to our Galaxy S7 from the old phone again, and this app won’t help us to merge the duplicated data or deleted the duplicated data, we can only merge or delete the same data by ourselves manually. It will take lots of our time on this boring thing, also we will feel so tired to do such useless work. 现在, it’s Wondershare MobileGo software’s showtime! This software will help us get rid of a long time but the boring task and will automatically merge the duplicated contacts on our Galaxy S7 and also you can use it to delete duplicated music or videos by just one click. So simple so easy.

Also to own your trust, I list some of the nice features of MobileGo software below:

  • 管理功能 supports you to manage your phone data on the computer desktop and also can help you transfer data between mobile devices and your PC. 你可以导入你的手机数据,如联系人, 短信, 音乐, 相片, videos and other files to the computer by this software and also you can export these files to your device from PC, but the data exporting from computer function cannot be used on IOS operating systems like iPhone or iPad.
  • 该工具包的功能 可以优化您的移动设备,如生根设备, 在PC上备份您的设备数据,并将数据恢复到您的设备, 擦除设备等功能的数据.
  • 镜像功能 是一个非常有趣的功能,它可以模拟计算机上的设备接口. 你的设备, 例如, a smartphone, will show on the PC screen as the same as its actual look in reality. 你可以通过你的模拟手机屏幕上做的操作通过鼠标喜欢玩游戏操作手机, 发送短信等.
  • 该移动功能 提供用户一个惊人的功能转到Wi-Fi功能,它允许您将移动设备与电脑通过Wi-Fi无线,这款软件不提供USB线连接. 而且通过这个功能, 您还可以提高你的设备运行速度, 清理你的移动设备和PC之间的对您的设备和数据传输的垃圾文件.

下载MobileGo (Windows版本)下载MobileGo (Mac版本)

好, since you have known this software so well, let’s use it to solve our problem 4 对于 “Smart Switch Not Working”. 最后一个问题可以分为两个方面, 一个是重复的联系人,另一个是重复的媒体文件,包括音乐, 视频, 和照片.

How to merge duplicated contacts on Galaxy S7 / S7边缘

步骤 1. Go to the MobileGo software official website to download an appropriate version of MobileGo software on your PC, install it on your PC and then launch it.

下载MobileGo (Windows版本)下载MobileGo (Mac版本)

步骤 2. 通过USB电缆与PC连接您的三星Galaxy S7. 请稍等片刻,让程序检测到您的设备. 一旦它已经成功地检测, 您的银河S7将显示在 “我的设备” 接口.

步骤 3. 找出 “往来” 上的左侧按钮 “我的设备” 界面,点击就可以了.

步骤 4. 找出 “去重复” 在界面顶部的按钮,点击它. 然后,一个小窗口会弹出来问你要查找的重复其联系人账户, 根据您的需要选择一个. And then all the duplicated contacts which have the same name, 在该帐户的电话号码或电子邮件地址会出现在界面上.


步骤 5. 在下拉菜单中选择合并类型,并选择一个类型.

步骤 6. 点击 “合并所选” 在界面处的底部按钮. Then all the duplicated contacts will be merged as one and saved in your Galaxy S7.


Pretty easy and simple to operate, 对? 现在, your problem 3 is no longer a matter anymore.

How to deleted duplicated music/videos/photos in one batch on Galaxy S7 Edge or S7

步骤 1. Since we have downloaded and installed the program on our PC already, now just launch it.

下载MobileGo (Windows版本)下载MobileGo (Mac版本)

步骤 2. Connect your Galaxy S7 with the PC until it showed on the “我的设备” 接口.

步骤 3. 找出 “音乐” button on the left side of the interface and click on it. Then you will enter the music management interface and all the music that saved in your Galaxy S7 will show on the interface as a list.

步骤 4. Tick the same music pieces and other music pieces you want to delete. 一旦有人做过, continue the next step.

步骤 5. 点击 “删除” 在界面的顶部按钮. Then a pop-up hint will show on the screen to ask for your confirmation whether you are sure to delete these selected files. 点击 “是” to delete the duplicated music pieces.

deleted duplicated music on Galaxy S7
Wait a short time, the duplicated music will disappear from your Galaxy S7 forever.

Though the above operation is for deleting duplicated music, the steps for deleting duplicated videos and photos in one batch is the same. You just need to click on影片” 和 “相片options and repeat the above steps, the duplicated videos and photos will disappear, 太. So convenient and simple.

下载MobileGo (Windows版本)下载MobileGo (Mac版本)

Hey buddies, how’s your feeling now? 该 dr.fone – 开关MobileGo are so amazing, 对? 是, they help you so easily to solve the 4 “Smart Switch Not Workingheadache problems in such several simple steps with a user-friendly interface. And also helped you saved a lot of time while dealing with these problems. So a slogan comes out from my brain, Wondershare software in hand, all problems go fast.

哈哈, am I a genius? 好. The night is so late, I hope you have a good night and tomorrow wish you can enjoy this article and like it. Bye.

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