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Udover AirDrop, Sådan deler data mellem iDevices på iOS 12/11/10/9/8/7?


What to find something more efficient than AirDrop? Why not try dr.foneSwitch which can transfer anything between iPhone/iPad/iPod on iOS 12/11/10/9/8/7/6/5 with just 1-click? Imidlertid, if your AirDrop ikke arbejder, please fix it first.

What’s AirDrop capable of?

AirDrop used to be in Mac OS X for data transferring. Men nu, it is also available on iDevices like iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPad Pro, iPad Air or iPad mini 4 og så videre. AirDrop, for some extents, does let its users can transfer data like videos, fotos, documents more convenient, and it can work wirelessly. Things that shared on Twitter, Facebook and iMessages can also be shared through AirDrop. Hvad mere, it allows people to store videos to their iDevice and send files to other apps.


What AirDrop can not do?

Looks like the AirDrop is the perfect tool for iDevices users, but it is not true. It only allows file share between those devices running on iOS 7. You can not use it transfers data from an old version iPhone to a new generation one, neither can you use it to share file between iDevices and Android devices.

What AirDrop alternative to share file between iDevices running iOS 9/8

I will introduce one tool that can do what the AirDrop can not. Det dr.fone – iOS Transfer can be used for transferring music, fotos, kontakter, film, videoer, HomeVideo, audiobook, TV dramas, iTunes U, playlist and podcasts between iPhone, iPad and iPad. And the devices can run iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6 eller iOS 5, it won’t make any troubles for the dr.fone – iOS Transfer .

Hent dr.fone (Windows-version) Hent dr.fone (Mac-version)

What AirDrop alternative to sharing file among devices runs different platforms.

Consideration about the reality, you might have an iPhone but use Sony computer or get a Samsung phone while have an iPad. Hvad du vil gøre, if you have to share file these devices, you know it would be hard because they are running different platforms.

It is the time you need the dr.fone-Switch to help you. The dr.fone-Switch is the best AirDrop alternative software you can find in the market for data transferring between different platform. Inden for et enkelt klik, you can move all the selected data transfer from one device to another, uanset hvad platforme de kører.

Den næste del vil kort introducere dig, hvordan du bruger AirDrop alternativ – dr.fone – Kontakt

Trin 1. Tilslut dine enheder til computeren

Efter installation af AirDrop alternativ – dr.fone på din computer (både Windows og Mac kan gøre). Du vil få en primær vindue. Så skal du bruge USB-kabler til at forbinde begge dine enheder til pc'en. Softwaren bliver nødt engang at opdage dem, før vise dem på sit primære vindue. Snart vil du få på skærmen ved siden af ​​hinanden som kilde og destination enhed.

Trin 2. Transfer data between devices from different platforms

The AirDrop alternativedr.fone-Switch is fully compatible with platforms like iOS, Vind Telefon, Android og Symbian. So you don’t need to worry your devices can not be recognized by the software. Since you already connected your devices to the computer, you should check the list of contents in the middle of the primary window. Unmark those data you don’t need to transfer and then clickStart transfer”. The rest work is left for the dr.fone-Switch which it can finish quickly and errors free.

Hent dr.fone (Windows-version) Hent dr.fone (Mac-version)

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