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Salva Snapchat Pics facilmente tramite Strumenti Foto Best Saver


Snapchat has become the most popular application for sharing pictures among various users as it has crossed over 160 milioni di utenti. però, the worst part about Snapchat is that you cannot save pictures sent to you by other Snapchat users along with their stories.

It becomes a problem for some as you cannot even save pictures of your close friends on Snapchat. All photos and stories get deleted after a while from Snapchat automatically. It is a good thing for some while frustrating for others. Ma, you can save Snaps with the help of photo saver applications. The act of saving Snapchat pics is not that difficult now with these photo saver applications. If you are looking for ways to store Snapchat pics then, this article is going to provide you with so many options.

You do not have to worry anymore as we are providing you with some of the best photo saver applications in order to save pictures of Snapchat. These applications are surely going to be helpful for you. Some of these applications are even available for FREE. Let’s get started with our list of the best photo saver applications with no further delay!

Superiore 1 Snapchat Pics Saver – iOS Screen Recorder

Questo Snapchat Saver is specially designed for iPhone users. If you have an iPhone then, this application is the best one for you. It supports iPod, iPad, and iPhone with all latest iOS versions ranging from iOS 7.1 per iOS 12. It arrives with a lot of amazing features. With iOS Screen Recorder, you can record your every screen activity and even, mirror it on bigger screens. This photo saver is extremely safe and reliable as you can keep Snapchat pics with no violations of T&C. It is available as iOS as well as desktop application.

Caratteristiche uniche di dr.fone – iOS Screen Recorder:

  • It records videos, Giochi, FaceTime, eccetera. on mobile phones.
  • It supports un-jailbroken/jailbroken iOS devices.
  • Mirror devices to projectors or computers wirelessly.
  • E 'compatibile con iPod, iPad, and iPhone even running on iOS 12.
  • It comes in both iOS and Windows versions.


  • Compatibile con le ultime versioni di iOS
  • Extremely safe and reliable
  • No requirement of log-out from accounts
  • Works well on iOS and Windows PC


  • Not available for Android devices

Get iOS Screen Recorder

2. MirrorGo Android Recorder

It can be used to keep Snapchat pics on Android devices with no risk of getting caught. Wondershare developed MirrorGo Android Recorder in order to take screenshots and records videos on Android devices in an easier manner. You can mirror your phone screen to a bigger screen so as to improve your experience. It is a reliable photo saver as it does not violate any T&C of Snapchat. Così, it is a safe application to take screenshots of Snapchat pics.

Unique features of MirrorGo Android Recorder:

  • It plays mobile games on computers for a better control with mouse and keyboard.
  • It can be used to send or receive messages using your system’s keyboard even for apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, sms, eccetera.
  • View every notification with no need of picking up the device.
  • It records your gameplay.
  • It can be used to take screenshots.
  • Secret moves can be shared with others via MirrorGo Android Recorder.


  • Interfaccia user-friendly
  • schermo specchio per grandi schermi
  • Nessun requisito di log-out da Snapchat
  • Supporta i principali dispositivi Android
  • applicazione affidabile e sicura


  • La sua versione premium non è libero

Get MirrorGo

3. SaveMySnaps

Si tratta di una foto popolare risparmiatore domanda di Snapchat che funziona davvero bene su dispositivi Android. Si tratta di un'applicazione non autorizzata di Snapchat che può manomettere l'autenticazione dell'account. D'altro canto, è necessario essere registrati dal vostro conto Snapchat al fine di utilizzare questa foto applicazione risparmiatore. It can be downloaded via apk files so as to keep Snapchat pics.


  • In-built picture editor
  • FREE application
  • Compatible with major Android devices
  • Useful for forwarding snaps


  • No updates available
  • Continuous use could hamper your account

Get SaveMySnaps

4. Casper

It is considered to be the oldest photo saver for Snapchat. It works really well on various Android devices. Its user interface is quite similar to Snapchat’s. It comes with a continuum of filters, adesivi, and an option for forwarding Snapchat pics. From its folder ofSaved Snaps”, your saved snaps can be accessed that you can even transfer to your device’s gallery. Like various photo saver applications, it is not authorized with Snapchat.


  • FREE application
  • Supporta vari dispositivi Android
  • Advanced features like forwarding snaps


  • NOT for iOS devices
  • No approval from Snapchat Inc.

Get Casper

5. Snapchat Saver

It offers an easy and simple way to keep Snapchat pics. This application is not available on Google Play store, but you can have it from third-party links. It can be used to keep Snapchat pics of your friends and other users without notifying them about the same. però, this photo saver application has not received updates since long but works absolutely fine on a wide range of Android devices.


  • Interfaccia user-friendly
  • Compatible with Android devices
  • FREE application


  • No updates available
  • Continuous use could block your Snapchat account

Get Snapchat Saver

6. Snapbox

Snapbox is a free application that allows you to keep Snapchat pics seamlessly in a single click. Supporta sia iOS e dispositivi Android. It requires logging out of your account. Its continuous use could block your Snapchat account temporarily. però, it comes with a wide range of advanced features such as saving of Snapchat pics without even opening them on your account.


  • Supporta sia per iOS e dispositivi Android
  • Keep Snapchat pics without opening
  • FREE application


  • Continuous use could block your Snapchat account
  • No updates available

Get Snapbox

7. SnapSave

The best thing about this application is that SnapSave supports both Android and iOS devices. It is not available on Google Play store and Apple Store but on other sources as well. This photo saver application even offers a web application. Per la sua versione web, è necessario pagare $5 come un pagamento e getta. però, non è un'applicazione autenticato, e il suo utilizzo continuo può scendere a compromessi con l'autenticazione del tuo account Snapchat.


  • Interfaccia user-friendly
  • Funziona su entrambi i dispositivi Android e iOS


  • Web App non è possibile accedere gratuitamente
  • Nessuna autorizzazione da Snapchat

Ottenere SnapSave per iOS Ottenere SnapSave per Android

8. Snapcrack

E 'intenzione di cambiare il modo di percepire la vostra applicazione preferita Snapchat. con Snapcrack, è possibile non solo risparmiare scatta, ma anche storie senza nemmeno essere scoperti da nessuno. E 'compatibile con tutte le versioni di iOS e Android. È possibile utilizzare Snapcrack su quasi ogni smartphone leader.
Ha un'interfaccia user-friendly che lo rende più facile da usare, senza alcuna conoscenza di tecnologia. Viene fornito con una vasta gamma di funzioni e che troppo, gratuito. Ed è un'applicazione gratuita che può essere impiegato per mantenere Snapchat foto.


  • Carica le immagini via telefono
  • programma gratuito
  • Zoom in alambicchi e scatta


  • Nessuna autenticazione da Snapchat Inc.

Get Snapcrack

Così, è possibile utilizzare queste otto applicazioni keep Snapchat pics of your friends on Snapchat. Some of these applications are for free but risky to use as these free applications are not authorized with Snapchat. If you want to keep your Snapchat account secure then, it is best to go with our topmost selections like MirrorGo Android Recorder e iOS Screen Recorder. These two programs do not violate any T&C of Snapchat and hence, secure and safe for use.

però, you can pick any picture saver application for Snapchat to hoard Snapchat pics but make sure it does not compromise with your Snapchat account’s authentication. Because you would not be able to use your account after it gets blocked permanently. Così, make sure to go with the best picture saver application in order to keep Snapchat pics on the board. Download MirrorGo Android Recorder and iOS Screen Recorder NOW!

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