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Gem snapchat Pics nemt via Best Photo Saver Værktøj


Snapchat has become the most popular application for sharing pictures among various users as it has crossed over 160 million brugere. Imidlertid, the worst part about Snapchat is that you cannot save pictures sent to you by other Snapchat users along with their stories.

It becomes a problem for some as you cannot even save pictures of your close friends on Snapchat. All photos and stories get deleted after a while from Snapchat automatically. It is a good thing for some while frustrating for others. Men, you can save Snaps with the help of photo saver applications. The act of saving Snapchat pics is not that difficult now with these photo saver applications. If you are looking for ways to store Snapchat pics then, this article is going to provide you with so many options.

You do not have to worry anymore as we are providing you with some of the best photo saver applications in order to save pictures of Snapchat. These applications are surely going to be helpful for you. Some of these applications are even available for FREE. Let’s get started with our list of the best photo saver applications with no further delay!

Top 1 Snapchat Pics Saver – iOS Screen Recorder

Dette snapchat Saver is specially designed for iPhone users. If you have an iPhone then, this application is the best one for you. It supports iPod, iPad, and iPhone with all latest iOS versions ranging from iOS 7.1 til iOS 12. It arrives with a lot of amazing features. With iOS Screen Recorder, you can record your every screen activity and even, mirror it on bigger screens. This photo saver is extremely safe and reliable as you can keep Snapchat pics with no violations of T&C. It is available as iOS as well as desktop application.

Unikke funktioner i dr.fone – iOS Screen Recorder:

  • It records videos, spil, Facetime, etc. on mobile phones.
  • It supports un-jailbroken/jailbroken iOS devices.
  • Mirror devices to projectors or computers wirelessly.
  • Den er kompatibel med iPod, iPad, and iPhone even running on iOS 12.
  • It comes in both iOS and Windows versions.


  • Kompatibel med de nyeste iOS versioner
  • Extremely safe and reliable
  • Ingen krav om log-out fra konti
  • Fungerer godt på iOS og Windows-pc


  • Ikke tilgængelig til Android-enheder

Få iOS Screen Recorder

2. MirrorGo Android-optager

Det kan bruges til at holde snapchat billeder på Android-enheder uden risiko for at blive fanget. Wondershare udviklet MirrorGo Android-optager for at tage screenshots og optager videoer på Android-enheder på en lettere måde. Du kan spejle telefonens skærm til en større skærm for at forbedre din oplevelse. Det er en pålidelig foto saver, da det ikke er i strid med nogen T&C snapchat. Så, it is a safe application to take screenshots of Snapchat pics.

Unique features of MirrorGo Android Recorder:

  • It plays mobile games on computers for a better control with mouse and keyboard.
  • It can be used to send or receive messages using your system’s keyboard even for apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.
  • View every notification with no need of picking up the device.
  • It records your gameplay.
  • It can be used to take screenshots.
  • Secret moves can be shared with others via MirrorGo Android Recorder.


  • Brugervenlig grænseflade
  • Mirror screen to big screens
  • No requirement of log-out from Snapchat
  • Supports major Android devices
  • Reliable and secure app


  • Its premium version is not free

Få MirrorGo

3. SaveMySnaps

It is a popular photo saver application for Snapchat that works really well on Android devices. It is an unauthorized application of Snapchat that can tamper your account’s authentication. På den anden side, you have to log out of your Snapchat account in order to use this photo saver application. It can be downloaded via apk files so as to keep Snapchat pics.


  • In-built picture editor
  • FREE application
  • Compatible with major Android devices
  • Useful for forwarding snaps


  • No updates available
  • Continuous use could hamper your account

Get SaveMySnaps

4. Casper

It is considered to be the oldest photo saver for Snapchat. It works really well on various Android devices. Its user interface is quite similar to Snapchat’s. It comes with a continuum of filters, klistermærker, and an option for forwarding Snapchat pics. From its folder ofSaved Snaps”, your saved snaps can be accessed that you can even transfer to your device’s gallery. Like various photo saver applications, it is not authorized with Snapchat.


  • FREE application
  • Understøtter forskellige Android-enheder
  • Advanced features like forwarding snaps


  • NOT for iOS devices
  • No approval from Snapchat Inc.

Get Casper

5. snapchat Saver

It offers an easy and simple way to keep Snapchat pics. This application is not available on Google Play store, but you can have it from third-party links. Det kan bruges til at holde snapchat billeder af dine venner og andre brugere uden at underrette dem om det samme. Imidlertid, dette billede saver ansøgning har ikke modtaget opdateringer siden længe, ​​men fungerer helt fint på en bred vifte af Android-enheder.


  • Brugervenlig grænseflade
  • Kompatibel med Android-enheder
  • FREE application


  • No updates available
  • Kontinuerlig brug kunne blokere din snapchat konto

Få snapchat Saver

6. Snapbox

Snapbox er et gratis program, der giver dig mulighed for at holde snapchat billeder problemfrit i et enkelt klik. Den understøtter både iOS- og Android-enheder. Det kræver at logge ud af din konto. Dens kontinuerlig brug kan blokere din snapchat konto midlertidigt. Imidlertid, det kommer med en lang række avancerede funktioner såsom besparelse på snapchat billeder uden at åbne dem på din konto.


  • Understøtter både iOS- og Android-enheder
  • Hold snapchat billeder uden åbning
  • FREE application


  • Kontinuerlig brug kunne blokere din snapchat konto
  • No updates available

Få Snapbox

7. SnapSave

Det bedste ved denne ansøgning er, at SnapSave understøtter både Android- og iOS-enheder. Det er ikke tilgængelig på Google Play butik og Apple Store, men på andre kilder samt. Dette foto saver applikation giver endnu en web-applikation. For its web version, du skal betale $5 as a single-time payment. Imidlertid, it is not an authenticated application, and its continuous usage may compromise with your Snapchat account’s authentication.


  • Brugervenlig grænseflade
  • Works on both Android and iOS devices


  • Web App cannot be accessed for free
  • No authorization from Snapchat

Get SnapSave for iOS Get SnapSave for Android

8. Snapcrack

It is going to change the way you perceive your favorite Snapchat application. With Snapcrack, you cannot only save snaps but also stories without even getting caught by anyone. Den er kompatibel med alle versioner af iOS og Android. Du kan bruge Snapcrack på næsten alle førende smartphone.
Det har en brugervenlig grænseflade, der gør det lettere at bruge, uden nogen tech viden. Den leveres med en bred vifte af funktioner, og at også, gratis. Og det er et gratis program, der kan anvendes til at holde snapchat billeder.


  • Upload billeder via telefon
  • GRATIS program
  • Zoom ind stillbilleder og snaps


  • Ingen godkendelse fra snapchat Inc.

Få Snapcrack

Så, du kan bruge disse otte ansøgninger til keep Snapchat pics of your friends on Snapchat. Some of these applications are for free but risky to use as these free applications are not authorized with Snapchat. If you want to keep your Snapchat account secure then, it is best to go with our topmost selections like MirrorGo Android-optager og iOS Screen Recorder. These two programs do not violate any T&C of Snapchat and hence, secure and safe for use.

Imidlertid, du kan vælge et hvilket som helst billede saver ansøgning om snapchat at hamstre snapchat billeder, men sørg for at det ikke går på kompromis med din snapchat kontos autentificering. Fordi du ikke ville være i stand til at bruge din konto, efter det bliver blokeret permanent. Så, Sørg for at gå med det bedste billede saver ansøgningen for at holde snapchat billeder på tavlen. Hent MirrorGo Android-optager og iOS Screen Recorder NU!

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