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What to Do if You Deleted or Lost Important WhatsApp Messages on Your Samsung

Any electronic gadget has a lifetime after which you have to replace it with a new one. Android smartphone companies are inventing so many new features every day that the smartphone which you have bought a year ago may look out of fashion and too back-dated to carry with you. It becomes a necessity to exchange your existing smartphones with the new ones so that you get access to all those exciting features and get an instant upgrade with a small pay. Buying a new Samsung smartphone or tablet is always a welcome move but transferring data from your old Samsung device that can be really hectic. Transferring files such as audio, video, photos or document is rather easy as you just need to take out the memory card from the old Samsung device and put it in the new one. But when it comes to transferring the messages especially WhatsApp messages, you cannot see a visible solution.

Most people are reluctant to buy a new Samsung smartphone because of this simple reason. It does not stop to buying a new phone only, sometimes a smartphone can fall from your hands on the ground or in a water container accidentally and break its glass and damage it completely, even in those case you have to replace your smartphone. But how to recover WhatsApp messages in those circumstances? What if you have deleted some of your old WhatsApp messages or attachments and now you desperately need them, how can you recover those deleted or lost messages? Sometimes while upgrading your Samsung OS or due to some malware, your smartphone or your SD card can get corrupted. Even in those critical situations, there is a way to recover all your deleted, lost or corrupted Samsung messages easily.

Dr.Fone –Samsung WhatsApp Recovery is the solution for all your queries and worries. It recovers deleted WhatsApp messages on any Samsung smartphone or device effortlessly. Not only that, it can recover any sort of data or files that are on your Samsung smartphone. It works with any Samsung device be it smartphone or tablet. It is incredibly easy to use due to its user-friendliness and intuitive navigation. Furthermore, you can select which messages or files you want to recover instead of recovering everything. Thus, you can save a lot of time and space. It provides a 30-day money back guarantee and at present, it supports more than 6000 Samsung devices with different versions of Android OS.

How To Recover Your Deleted or Lost WhatsApp Messages on Samsung With Dr.Fone – Samsung WhatsApp Recovery Software?

Step 1. Download WonderShare’s Dr.Fone – Samsung WhatsApp Recovery software on your PC. Click Below To Download. Once the download is completed, install it successfully to proceed further.

Get dr.fone – Recover (Android)

Step 2. Now you need to connect that Samsung smartphone or tablet from which you want to recover or transfer WhatsApp message. Connect it to your computer using the USB cable. Wait for a few seconds for Dr.Fone – Samsung WhatsApp Recovery to detect your device automatically.

Step 3. Once your device is correctly identified, it is time to scan your device to recover everything. On your screen, you will see options such as contacts, messages, call history, documents, gallery, audio, videos and Whatsapp messages & attachments. Select WhatsApp messages & attachment and click on Next button. Note, if you want to recover other mentioned file and data types, you can also go for it.


Step 4. In the next screen, you will find two options Standard Mode and Advanced Mode of scanning. Read the given instruction under each one of them and select one as per you need. It is recommended to go with Standard Mode unless you are an expert. Advance mode generally takes a little longer than Standard mode. Press the start button to continue further. Ensure that you have at least 20% battery charge before beginning the process.

Step 5. Let the scanning process get over and then on the screen, you will find an option -WhatsApp to the left side under your Samsung phone’s name. (Note, here you will find other options as well such as text messages, contacts, call history, and so on which cannot be transferred via a memory card.) Click on that and all the chats you had in WhatsApp will be displayed to you with the attachments. There is a specific option to select only the attachments and recover them.

Samsung WhatsApp Messages Recovery

Samsung WhatsApp Recovery
It is time to select only those conversations which you want to recover by ticking mark the checkboxes provide by the side of each conversation. Once done, press Recover button and wait for a little while for the process to get over and it is done just like that.

Note: Be Sure to Backup WhatsApp messages on Samsung Regularly which can avoid data loss.

If you had gone for the manual way of recovering your deleted messages, you had to copy the entire WhatsApp folder by finding it in your file explorer. Then you had to paste it into your PC’s HDD. Then you had to delete your WhatsApp and reinstall it. Copy back the WhatsApp folder from your PC to smartphone again. Then launch WhatsApp and when the verification of the phone number had been done, it would have prompted you to recover the old conversations to which you had to agree. This is a hectic process and you have the maximum chance of data loss in it.

So better opt of Dr.Fone – Samsung WhatsApp Recovery to do it smoothly and in the most reliable way. Thousands and thousands of Samsung smartphone users are already using it with full satisfaction. It also provides options to Backup & Restore WhatsApp on Samsung. Give it a 30-day try as it offers a money back option and going by its past history, we are sure you will never have to take your money back. Secure your data and files and be a smart smartphone user.

Get dr.fone – Recover (Android)

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