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Cómo transferir datos de Samsung para HTC Desire 820 / HTC Desire 826 / Ojo HTC Desire fácilmente


Are you fancy for the new HTC Desire 826 / 820 / Ojo / 816 that has just come to us? If you order this new device and ditch your old Samsung device, the first thing you should do is to transfer the files from the old Samsung phone to the new HTC Desire 820. This whole article is about how to complete the transferring process. You have two powerful tools to help you with that. dr.fone – Cambiar y MobileGo para Android. You can take the following instruction as reference.

Método 1: Use dr.fone Switch to transfer files from Samsung to HTC Desire 826 / HTC Desire 820 / HTC Desire Eye with one click

Utilizando <dr.fone – Cambiar is absolutely the best and fastest way to transfer the files from one device to another. You are allowed to transfer files such as contactos, música, vídeos, fotos, aplicaciones, calendarios, call logs and text messages from Samsung phone to HTC Desire 820 in just one click with the help of the program. If you want to try this easy way out, you should get this program to your computer to start with. Then you can follow the steps below. The following instructions are based on Windows. Mac users can also refer to it.

Obtener dr.fone – Cambiar

Paso 1. Connect your Samsung device and HTC Desire 820 a tu computador.

Use two USB cables to connect both your Samsung device and HTC Desire 820 a tu computador. After a short while, the main interface will show in front of you. Pulsa el botón “Cambiarto get into the phone to phone transfer interface.

Data from Samsung to HTC Desire

Paso 2. Start to transfer files between Samsung phone and HTC Desire 826 / HTC Desire 820 / Ojo HTC Desire.

You can see from the interface that both the devices are displayed in the main window with one on the left and one on the right. You can check the files you want to transfer in the middle such as music, photo and contacts. Then you can hit the Start Transfer button to transfer the files from Samsung device to HTC Desire 820.

Samsung to HTC Desire 820 transferencia de datos

Obtener dr.fone – Cambiar

Nota: dr.fone enables you to restore HTC Desire 820 / HTC Desire 826 / HTC Desire Eye with the backup file of Samsung as well.

Método 2: Backup your Samsung data then restore your HTC Desire Eye / Deseo 820

There is another way of transferring the files. Puedes usar MobileGo para Android a backup your Samsung device and then restore your new HTC Desire 820. MobileGo for Android is a one in all third-party tool that enables you to backup all the Android devices.

descargar MobileGo (La versión de windows)

Paso 1. Connect your Samsung device to your computer.

You have two options to connect your device: through WiFi and USB cable. Then you will be able to see the contents in your Samsung device on the left side of the main interface.

MobileGo para Samsung

Paso 2. Backup your Samsung device to the computer

Hit the button backup. Then you can view the files in the popping up window. Check the files you want and click Back up. Then you just have to wait for the files to be backed up to your computer. Normally speaking, the files will be saved at this path:re:\Documentos Wondershare MobileGo Backup. Por supuesto, you are able to change the path on your own.

backup samsung phone all content

Paso 3. Connect HTC Desire Eye/820/826 to your computer.

Use a USB cable or via WiFi to connect your HTC Desire 820 a tu computador. You can maintain your Note or disconnect it as you wish. Then the program will recognize your HTC Desire 820 and display it in the main interface.

MobileGo for HTC Phone

Paso 4. Restore your HTC Desire 820/826/Eye with the Samsung backup file.

Among all the content list on the left side of the program, you have to click Toolkit. Then go on with Restore. Then you can select the backup file you want to restore among all the choices. Then hit the button Restore in the window to confirm your choice.

Restore Data to HTC Desire 820
Actually MobileGo acts very much alike dr.fone Switch when comes to the file transferring part from Samsung to HTC Desire 820 / 826 directamente. En el lado izquierdo del programa, click on the content you are interested in and then choose the exact one on the right to transfer it to your HTC Desire 826 / 820.

descargar MobileGo (La versión de windows)

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