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Samsung Tablet Recovery: Återställa förlorad data från Samsung Tablets


Why recover lost contacts, SMS, video-, musik, photos from Samsung Tablet

Children like play games with your Samsung Tablet, apparently the bigger screen can provide them more fun. But they don’t understand the consequence if they had accidentally deleted your important data on it. And you know how hard it is to keep those kids away from your devices. Even after finding what they did to your Samsung Tablet, you can not punish them. Just think about how to fix it, when you have to face a messed up Samsung Tablet which you don’t know where those data are gone.

Bilder, videoklipp, musik, dokument, call logs and other kinds of data on your device might delete. I believe you must eager to find out if there will be any Samsung tablet data recovery software that can help you. Självklart, this software better time-saving and error-free. Luckily there is this software can meet all your needs. De dr.fone – Android Data Recovery software that not only easy to use but also capable of recovering all different kinds of data from your Samsung tablets. Det är också recovers deleted text messages on Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6/S7 easily for you.

Even it is common knowledge, I think need to mention it again, after losing data, you should not record any new data before you had to get those missing data back, because new data might cover your old data and makes it become impossible to recover them. So do keep this in mind. If you take the right steps to recover data with Different Samsung Recovery Solution versions & the right Samsung tablet data recovery software, it won’t be hard for you to regain your deleted data back.

Simple steps to recover deleted data from Samsung Tablets by Samsung Tablet Recovery

Steg 1. Install Samsung tablet recovery and connect your Samsung tablet to computer

Use USB cables to connect your Samsung tablet to the computer which you already downloaded and launched the dr. fone for Android on. Then you will get a primary window as follows.

Hämta dr.fone (Windows version)Hämta Dr.Fone för Android (Mac-version)

Steg 2. Make sure Samsung Tablet USB debugging is enabled

There are three ways to do this. According to different Android OS systems

  • Metod 1. För Android 2.3 or version before it
    inställningar – tillämpningar – Utveckling – USB felsökning
  • Metod 2. För Android 3.0 till 4.1
    inställningar – Utvecklaralternativ – USB felsökning
  • Metod 3. För Android 4.2 eller mer uppdatering versioner.
    inställningar – Om telefon – Bygga nummer (maybe more than one time, keep tap until you seeyou are under developer mode” – Back to Settings – Utvecklaralternativ – USB felsökning

Notera: You can move directly to the next step if your Samsung Tablet has been enabled USB debugging. Annat, du ska klicka “Opened? Next…

Steg 3. Scan lost or deleted data on your Samsung Tablet

You should click “Start” to scan and analyze your device. But before you click the button, check if there is still more than 20% battery so that the Samsung Tablet Recovery software can work properly. After the software finishing analyzing your Samsung Tablet, it will keep scanning those missing data, you will see a Superuser Request pop up, you should choose “Tillåta” to keep processing. Efter det, you just click “Start”.

Steg 4. Förhandsvisning & recover data from your Samsung Tablet

When the Samsung Tablet Recovery software finishes scanning your device, you can preview the information of your data, check them and choose the data you want them back, efter det, klick “Ta igen sig” and the software will save these data on your computer.

Concern about safety issues, the recovered data would not be saved on your Samsung Tablet again. If you want to manage data on your Android device, please try the dr.fone – Android Transfer. Also a wonderful iTunes for Android software to manage all Android files on computer easily.

Hämta dr.fone (Windows version)Hämta Dr.Fone för Android (Mac-version)

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