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Better Choice than Samsung Smart Switch for Data Transferring


Reasons for changing Samsung Smart Switch

You may wonder why you should change Samsung Smart Switch to other tools. It is free software which compatible with different platforms like Apple, Nokia, Symbian and can help transfer media, apps, contacts and SMS text messages from different smartphones to Samsung phones. Especially when you are using a Samsung Smartphone, you might never think about changing this tool.

But you should also see the disadvantage of Samsung Smart Switch. You can only move files to your Samsung phone, not the other way around. If you want to export some photos to your girlfriend’s iPad, there will be nothing you can do with Samsung Smart Switch. In order to solve this awkward situation, you will need other data transfer software to help you. And I guarantee you the dr.fone – Switch is the exact one you need. This software also works perfectly with different platforms. But with the dr.fone – Switch, you can transfer the data between Samsung and other devices. Photos, music, videos, contacts and even apps, any kind of data you named, can be transferred within a few clicks.

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Clear and simple primary window that everyone knows how to use this Samsung Smart Switch Alternative

The dr.fone – Switch has the simplest interface for the users. They will know what to do next by following the software’s operation guide.

Excellent compatibility

Except for Samsung devices, this software can work with different platforms like Symbian and iOS. No matter you use Sony, LG, Nokia, HUAWEI and other Apple devices. The dr.fone – Switch will always be the most convenient data transfer tool for you.

What kinds of data can be transferred by the dr.fone – Switch

No matter what the cellular carriers are, the dr.fone – Switch can move all kinds of data between different devices. Even those music and videos can not be played after transferring by traditional method, if you use this tool to help you, it can convert their format into compatible ones for your target device.

You can have a clearer idea about the dr.fone – Switch through this

ContactsMusicSMSPhotosVideoAppsCall Logs
Android to Windows PhoneYESYESYES
Windows Phone to AndroidYESYESYESYES

Steps of how to use the Samsung Smart Switch Alternative – dr.fone – Switch

Step 1: Connect both of your devices to the Windows Computer

After you successfully install the Samsung Smart Switch Alternative – dr.fone – Switch on your computer, you will get a primary window. Then you should use USB cables to connect your devices to the computer. The primary window will display them side by side, one as Source and another as Destination. If you would like to change their position, you just need to click the “Flip” tab in the middle part of the interface.

iphone to samsung data transfer

Step 2: Transfer data from one phone to another

Make sure the connection won’t break during the transfer processing. And there will be nothing you need to pay attention to after you click the “Start Transfer” tab.

ransfer data from iPhone to samsung

Note: There is a list of content between the Source and Destination devices. You can select what data you would like to transfer there.

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