If you are like any other phone owner, you probably change your device now and then to keep up with the latest trend. As a result, you will need to move your data from your old device to your new one now and then. However, during the process, there are instances when data loss happens because of some malfunctions. If you don't like to lose any of your precious files like contacts or photos, it is a must to know how to do a Samsung Galaxy S8 photo backup. This is completely understandable, especially because these photos are probably among your most prized possessions that you wouldn't want to lose like that.

Here, you will learn how to transfer as well as backup Galaxy S8 in a matter of click so you can say goodbye to all your worries in no time.

Why Do Samsung Galaxy S8 Photo Backup? It's More Important Than What You Think

The Samsung S8 is a device which boasts of an internal memory of 64GB. But, even though the figures are amazing on paper, in reality, even such a large space could get quite exhausted after some time. For the professional users or for those who love taking photos of all sorts using their phone, it is definitely recommended that you perform a Samsung Galaxy S8 photo backup as timely and as regularly as possible. Although you do use your SD card as the main memory where you save your photos, there are always possibilities when the card could get corrupted as a result of a security or malware attack.

This only means that if you are serious about keeping all of your precious data safe and secure, it is highly recommended that you do backup Galaxy S8 to avoid any regrets in the long run. You can choose to either transfer this to your PC or you can just backup all pictures that you’ve got on your device. It is always good to be protected and safe now than cry later, right?

The pictures you take everyday are important to you as these serve as reminder of the good times, which you spend with your loved ones. Read on to know a reliable and simple solution to do an easy Samsung Galaxy S8 photo backup for you to keep all of the memories safe and secure without experiencing some troubles.

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TunesGo: Your Best Galaxy S8 Photo Backup & Manager

Wondershare's TunesGo is a very reliable and safe phone management application which allows you to transfer as well as backup Galaxy S8 pictures in the easiest way possible. This is well-suited with every premier Android as well as iOS devices, not to mention that this can also run on Mac and Windows. With this, you will be able to transfer almost all forms of the content from the device to the system, and even do it the other way around.

In addition, it offers a hassle-free way of backing up your content as well as restoring this afterward. This is 100 percent secure and safe application for managing your data as well as performing the operations for restore and backup. Aside from performing the usual transfer from one phone to another, this also lets you make custom ringtones as well as root your Android device and manage apps, together with lots of exciting benefits, which include the following:

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Download TunesGo (Windows Version)Download TunesGo (Mac Version)

1. Ways to Backup Samsung Galaxy S8 Photos to Your Computer

The simplest way to save photos is through taking a full backup of them. Through the use of TunesGo, users may backup Samsung Galaxy S8 photos immediately. It only takes one click in backing up data on the computer. Due to the fact that TunesGo works on both Mac and Windows, you may use this without experiencing any hassles in backing up your data on the computer. To do this, you have to follow steps below:

Step 1.Choose the Option for Backup

To begin with, consider downloading TunesGo software. Download this for the operating system you have and install this on your device. When you want backup Galaxy S8, consider connecting your device to your PC with the use of USB cable. You have to open TunesGo and let this detect the device you have. On its welcome screen, you’ll find various types of options. Choose the right option for you to proceed.

Step 2.Pick Your Files & Start the Backup

Once you clicked the option “Backup Photos to your PC”, you will get new window and you may choose your preferred path for saving your beautiful photos. You may either make new folder or consider browsing the designated location. If you’re already done, click OK. This will start the process of backup. Relax as the TunesGo would take full backup of each of the photos. See to it that you do not disconnect the device throughout the procedure. Once it’s completed, you’ll be notified.

2. Ways to Transfer Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Photos to Your Computer

TunesGo can't only do Samsung Galaxy S8 photo backup, but also it may be used for transferring photos from your device to your computer. If you do not want to take a complete backup of each of the photos, then there's nothing you should worry about. Through TunesGo, you may either transfer every photo to your computer or select some of your files earlier. For you to transfer your photos from your Samsung Galaxy S8 to the computer, follow these simple steps:

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Step 1.Open TunesGo and then Connect your Galaxy S8 to Your Computer

Download the TunesGo software and install this on your computer. Whenever you want to transfer data, connect your Galaxy S8 to your computer with the use of USB cable as well as open TunesGo. You should wait for several seconds as this will recognize your device automatically.

Step 2.Transfer Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Photos to Your Computer

To manage some of your photos, you have to choose the option “Photos” from the app’s menu. It will display you all photos stored on the device you are using. Simply choose the photos that you like to transfer as well as choose the option “Export” on the software’s toolbar. Then, to proceed, you have to choose the option “Export to PC”. It will open another window in which you can set your preferred path where you can save your selected images. In addition to that, you may transfer your album. On the panel’s left side, you will see that he interface has segregated the photos with their respective albums. Just consider right-clicking your preferred album for you to transfer it and choose the option “Export to PC” to transfer the whole album to your computer.

Samsung Galaxy S8 photo backup is not really difficult. It's a piece of cake for many people who are used to transferring contents from a device to other one. But, thanks to TunesGo, it makes the process much easier as you can backup Galaxy S8 photos in no time while keeping your data secure and safe seamlessly. This tool can also restore photos from your computer to your Galaxy S8. This is designed with an interface that's simple to use and can transfer data securely from one device to another. So, if you want a hassle-free backup of your Samsung Galaxy S8 pictures, consider downloading and installing TunesGo today.

Download TunesGo (Windows Version)Download TunesGo (Mac Version)