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Three Nice Methods for Samsung Contacts Transfer

After you buy the new model of Samsung device, such as the Samsung Galaxy S9, you may find it troublesome to get the data on your old Samsung phone synced with the new one, especially for the contacts, which is so important for a phone user. In fact, many men are worried about this problem after getting the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The traditional way to get the contacts by adding them one by one to the new phone manually, which is time-consuming and easy to make a mistake. But now, there are few people doing this in this way. Instead, the transfer tools come out one after another, which makes it easy for the phone users to transfer their contacts files between two Samsung phones.

In the following passages list three nice methods for Samsung contact transfer:

Method 1. Samsung contact transfer with the Bluetooth

With this method, you can also transfer all the contacts on your source Samsung phone or choose a part of them for transferring. And the most important thing is that you need to convert the contacts on your source Samsung phone to the format of “vCard (.vcf)”. That is because the Bluetooth requires you to transfer the vCard files. Here is the step-by-step tutorial for you. I would like to do the contact transfer from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to S9 as an example.

Transfer Contacts Image02
Step 1. Turn on the switches of the Bluetooth on both of your Samsung phone and then pair them together with a password. After the connection is successfully done, just go to the next step.
Step 2. Go the Apps drawer on your Samsung Note 4 to find the contacts that you want to transfer to your Samsung S9. Tap on the “More” icon and then click on the “Contacts” item.
Step 3. After all the contacts displayed on the phone screen, select the contacts there. You can choose to transfer them all or just a part of them.
Step 4. After choosing the contacts, click on the “Share” button on the upper right. And then you can see a pop-up box, where a host of transferring method is listed. Choose “Bluetooth”. Then choose the Samsung Galaxy S9 from the available Bluetooth devices list.
Step 5. Now turn to your Samsung Galaxy S9 to accept the contacts that are just transferred from your Samsung Note 4 with Bluetooth. And after that, you need to wait until the whole process finishes.

Method 2. Samsung contact transfer with the vCard

This method is kind of more comprehensive as the former method goes. But you can have more options when you choose the destination phone. So, it is more widely used than the first method. There are a built-in Import and Export function on the Android phones for the vCard or we say the VCF files. It is easy to import or export these files between Android phones including Samsung phones. And it is helpful if you want to transfer the contacts between two different brands of phones. Now let me walk you through this method in the passages below. And I will again do the contact transfer from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to S9 as an example.

Transfer Contacts Image05

Transfer Contacts Image08
Step 1. Turn to your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and then go to the Apps drawer. Tap on the “Display” icon and then click on the “Contacts” item.
Step 2. On the upper right of the page of “Contacts”, find and tap on the option with three dots which are called the “More” option. From the drop-down menu choose the “Settings” option to go to the settings page. On the settings page, you can see two different options, both the “Call” and “Contact”. Choose the later one.
Step 3. After you choose the “Contact”, on the next page choose the “Import/Export contacts” option. And then, you will see a pop-up box, from which you need to choose the “Export” item.
Step 4. Now you have to confirm the export action and take a mind note of the location folder for the contacts. And finally click on “OK” so that all the contacts you chose
Step 5. Now, go to the location folder to find then vCard or VCF files that you have just converted. And then you can start to transfer the vCard or VCF files to the devices that you like. And you have a lot of options for the transfer methods, including transfer with the Bluetooth, with the NFC, or via the computer. Of course, not all the methods above are available for your Samsung, which depends on the model of your phone.
Step 6. When you want to transfer the vCard or VCF files to the Samsung S9, you can refer to the Step 1 to Step 5 above here. Remember to choose the “Import” option instead of the “Export” option. Or you can read the detailed different steps on the tips below.
1. Go to the “Settings” page and on the box of “Save contacts” choose the “Device” option.
2. On the box of “Select vCard file”, check the “Import vCard file” and tap on “OK”. And on the next box, check the item that stands for the vCard or VCF files that you have just been transferred. And then tap on “OK”.
3. After the whole transfer process finishes, you can now erase the contacts on your Samsung Note 4 to protect your personal information from leakage.

Method 3. Samsung contact transfer with the dr.fone

The dr.fone – Switch is a professional tool for data transfer. It can help you transfer almost all the data files on your mobile phone with a few simple clicks. It can transfer the data files including the contacts, call logs, messages, photos, music files, videos, and sometimes the apps and so on. And you can even transfer so many files at one time. As for the moible phones supported, the dr.fone is compatible with both the Android phones and the iOS devices, including the new Samsung Galaxy S9.

The main features of dr.fone – Switch:

  • It can help you transfer the data file between two devices or between the mobile phone to the computer with ease.
  • It can help you erase the phone to make it perform as good as a new phone.
  • It can help you create new backup files of your mobile phone and store the files on your computer.
  • It can help you restore the backup files created via the dr.fone itself, iTunes and the iCloud.

Get dr.fone – Switch

As a payment-required application, the dr.fone offers excellent and easy functions, which makes the payment worthy compared to the quality. All that you need to do is to act some simple clicks after connect your devices to your computer. Here I will show you the way to transfer the data files from the Samsung Note 4 to the Samsung S9 in the following passages.

Step 1. Download and install the dr.fone

After power on your computer, download and install the dr.fone on it. It is noticeable that there are two different versions of the dr.fone, both for the Windows users and the Mac users. Make sure you have downloaded the right version for your computer. Then launch the application to see the primary window.

Step 2. Choose “Switch” mode

On the primary window, tap on “Switch” mode. And then you will see the window reminding you to connect your devices.

Step 3. Connect both of your devices to the computer

With the USB cables, connect both of your devices to the computer. Make sure the Samsung Note 4 acts as the source phone displayed on the left and the Samsung S9 acts as the destination phone displayed on the right. If it is not the case, you can tap on the “Flip” button to correct it. And soon, the devices will be detected by the dr.fone.

Galaxy to Samsung Contacts transfer

Step 4. Select the data files for transferring

Now, on the middle box on the primary window, choose the data files that you want to transfer. In this article, we need to check the contacts only.

Step 5. Start to transfer Samsung contact

After choosing the data files, click on the “Start Transfer” button to start transferring.

Samsung to Samsung Contacts transfer

Step 6. Finish the Samsung Contacts transferring process

After a few minutes, you can get the contacts on your Samsung Galaxy S9. Or you can stop the process during the transfer process. Then, just eject the USB cables to check the transfer results on your Samsung S9.

Now, all the three methods have been introduced. You can give it a try on the dr.fone – Switch, which is so easy to use. Of course, the other two are available easily too.

Get dr.fone – Switch

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