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Samsung Bypass | How to Bypass Samsung Account Lock Screen

Are you looking for an effective and quick way to bypass Android lock screen & Bypass Samsung account and access your phone? With smartphones being used to store all types of confidential information keeping it away from prying eyes including stalkers and mischievous children, you need to use a proper lock such as setting screen pattern or password protection.

While it is a good thing to keep your emails, pictures, and other vital data safe, there are other issues to contend with. For instance, if you don’t remember the lock pattern or the PIN you use, it will be difficult to access the phone. Or if someone accidentally or intentionally changes the pattern, you will have to know a way around it.

Here are a few proven methods that help in Samsung bypass whether you use PIN, fingerprint, password or pattern for locking the screen. Click them if you still have the problem with Samsung black screen or  Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t turn on.

PS: Switch to it if you forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone.

Method 1:’Find My Mobile’ feature for Samsung Bypass

‘Find My Mobile’ is a feature present in all Samsung smartphones. To bypass Samsung account lock pattern, password, fingerprint or PIN, you can follow below steps accordingly:

  • 1. Set up your account on the Samsung device, then login to the account.
  • 2. Click on the ‘Lock My Screen’ option.
  • 3. In the top box enter the new PIN.
  • 4. Click on Lock feature located at the lower end.
  • 5. In a few minutes, the password for lock screen will be changed to the new PIN.
  • 6. You can now unlock the device.

Method 2: Android Device Manager for Samsung Bypass

If you want to do Samsung bypass using Android device manager, ensure your device has the feature enabled on it. Here are the steps for Samsung bypass.

  • 1. Visit the site, on your PC or smartphone.
  • 2. Log into the Google account you use on the locked device.
  • 3. Select the specific device to unlock the interface of ADM.
  • 4. Click on the Lock feature.
  • 5. Enter password. Choose Lock feature again. It is not necessary to enter the recovery message.
  • 6. A confirmation message will be shown if the process is finished with the Lock, Ring and Erase features.
  • 7. You will see the password box where you need to enter the new password. This will unlock the phone.
  • 8. Now go back to settings on the lock screen. Disable the temporary password.

Method 3: Using dr.fone toolkit to Bypass Samsung Account

The steps mentioned above do not work all the time. If so you will require professional assistance such as dr.fone toolkit – Android Unlock. With this tool, you need not to use other unlock tools. It is easy to perform FRP lock bypass & bypass Samsung account lock password, pattern, fingerprint or PIN.

Significant features of dr.fone toolkit – Android Unlock

  • Unlock Samsung phone lock password & removes lock screen of the Android device within 5 minutes.
  • Remove all four lock types including PIN, fingerprints, password, and pattern. It can also reset the LG phone simply.
  • The software acts only on the lock screen. Thus it avoids loss of data.
  • It is easy to use. No professional knowledge is necessary.
  • It supports all popular carriers including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.
  • It is effective on Samsung devices including LG G Series, Samsung Galaxy- Note, Tab A, and Galaxy S. Click to find out how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • The software is compatible with Windows.
  • A money-back-30-day guarantee is provided.

Here are the steps to follow for Samsung bypass of PIN, pattern, fingerprint and password screen lock with dr.fone:

Step 1: The first step is to download dr.fone.

Get dr.fone – Unlock (Android)

Step 2: Select Android “Unlock” option. Connect your device to the computer and click on, ‘Start‘.

Step 3: Turn off your device. Hold the volume down, power button and home button simultaneously. Press volume up to go to ‘Download Mode‘.

Step 4: Download the recovery package on your device.

Step 5: Once the download is complete, you will view the process under progress. The device will be unlocked. You do not need to enter the password, and the process is very safe and does not cause any loss of data.

Method 4: Google Login (Only for Android 4.4 & Lower) for Samsung Bypass

This method is only for devices that have Android 4.4 or some other lower version. Here is how you can bypass Samsung account lock:

  • 1. Enter the wrong pattern five times in a row.
  • 2. Select, ‘Forgot Pattern.’
  • 3. Type in the backup PIN or login details of Google account.
  • 4. The device will be unlocked successfully.

Method 5: Custom Recovery and ‘Pattern Password Disable’ (Needs SD Card)

This method requires you to have advanced knowledge of the process. You are requested to be familiar with ‘rooting’ and ‘custom recovery’ processes for this Samsung bypass account method. You should install custom recovery of any type. Additionally, you need to have an SD card on the smartphone. This helps to transfer the ZIP file type to your device. This is the unique transfer method for the file with a locked device.

Here are the steps:

  • 1. Download the ‘Pattern Password Disable’ zip file in your computer and transfer it to your SD card.
  • 2. Insert SD card in Samsung device.
  • 3. Restart the device in recovery mode.
  • 4. Flash zip file on the SD card and start your phone again.
  • 5. Your device will start without the lock screen. This method is successful, even if you had a password or gesture lock before. You need just to input some random password or gesture to unlock the screen.

Method 6: Remove Password File with ADB

This is another option which is possible if you have USB debugging enabled on your device previously. And your computer should be able to link through ADB. If these requirements are satisfied, this method is a perfect one for Samsung bypass method.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • 1. Connect the Samsung phone to the computer via USB cable. Open ADB on your computer and click open the Command prompt. Enter the following command – “ADB shell rm /data/system/gesture.key” and tap on the Enter key.
  • 2. Start your phone again. The lock screen would have disappeared by now. You will be able to access the device.
  • 3. Make sure you have set your pattern, password, and PIN before you reboot again.

Method 7: Factory Reset is used to Bypass Samsung Account

The factory reset is a good option that comes in handy regardless of the situation. If any of the solutions as mentioned above do not work, this option is ideal. Based on the type of device you have, the reset method will vary.

Generally, the device has to be turned off completely for starting the reset. However, this process deletes all your precious data after the reset is complete.

  • 1. Hold volume down and power button simultaneously. This will open the ‘Bootloader’ menu feature.
  • 2. Press twice on the volume down key. This will choose the ‘Recovery Mode’. Select the mode by tapping on the power key.
  • 3. Now hold the power button as you tap once on Volume up key. This will take you to recovery mode.
  • 4. Select the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” feature with the help of the volume button.
  • 5. Press the power button.
  • 6. Choose “Reboot Now” option, when the whole process is complete.

Method 8: Safe Mode booting for Samsung Bypass

If using a lock screen app belonging to a third party and are looking to bypass your Samsung account, you should boot the device into safe mode.

  • Open the ‘Power’ menu on the lock screen. Press the ‘Power off’ feature and hold it.
  • You will be prompted to boot the device into safe mode. Then tap on ‘OK’.
  • When the process completes, the 3rd-party lock screen will be disabled temporarily.
  • Uninstall the lock screen third-party app, or you can just do a data reset.
  • Reboot the device and opt out of the safe mode.
  • Your lock screen application will be removed permanently.

Method 9: Other Methods Using to Bypass Samsung Account

In addition to the above methods, there a few other ways by which you can tackle the lock screen problem. Here are a few of them.

  • 1. Use your friend’s mobile phone to call your locked device.
  • 2. Accept the call and without disconnecting click on the back button.
  • 3. The device can be accessed completely.
  • 4. In the security settings on your device, remove the PIN or pattern you have set.
  • 5. You will be asked for the correct PIN. Try guessing various combinations.

To avoid being faced with a Samsung Bypass & Samsung Reactivation Lock Bypass difficulty again, remember to write down the numbers or patterns in a paper or text file and store it safely. Of the various methods used above, dr.fone – Android Unlock is the ideal option if you want to bypass Samsung account safely. The professional tool is capable of removing all pattern, password and fingerprint lock screen methods without harming your precious phone data.

Except for dr.fone – Android Unlock, iMyFone – LockWiper (Android) is another professional tool to bypass the Samsung account. And it supports all Android smartphone well other than Samsung devices. If you have a specific Android phone need to unlock, just try iMyFone.

Get iMyfone LockWiper (Android)

Method 10. Use DirectUnlocks to Unlock Samsung Phone from Any Network

For people who are looking for an online way to unlock Samsung smartphone for any network, DirectUnlocks is your best choice.

DirectUnlocks is a legal tool & works perfectly for almost all networks, such as Simple Mobile, cricket, Cellcom, Straight Talk, at&t, Sprint, Xfinity, etc. from the United States; O2, T Mobile,, ASDA Mobile, Orange, Giffgaff, Sky, Virgin, Tesco, Talk Mobile, Vodafone, etc. from the UK; even TELUS, Bell, MTS, Fido, Rogers, etc. from Canada, and others from Sweden, Ireland, France, Spain.

Just click to select the network your Samsung phone is locked to now.

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