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Easy moduri de a restabili imagini pierdute pe iPhone XS / XR / X / 8/7 / 6S / 65S / 5C / 5 / 4S / 4


No need to be hopeless anymore, even if you cleared up all precious photos from your iPhone, you can still restore them easily from so many ways. If you are a prudent people, always remember to have a backup for your photos regularly. It could be easier for you to save the situation.

The most obvious way, as we know, is turned to iTunes. If you have turned on the automatic synchronization of your iPhone, atunci când vă conectați dispozitivul la computer, your data include all your pictures may be had a backup by iTunes automatically. Once something terrible happens, you can use iTunes to recover lost data. But iTunes will remove those new data you just download on your iPhone after last iTunes sync.

But in order to have an effective and goal-oriented recovery, you would like to use this small but powerful tool- iMyfone D-spate pentru iPhone de recuperare de date. This well-designed program can help you recover deleted or lost photos from both iCloud & iTunes backup file, not just all, which iTunes recovery cannot support.

Descărcați iMyfone D-spate, and let me show you 3 ways to get back your lost iPhone photos easily.

Descărcați iMyfone D-spate

Metodă 1: Retrieve iPhone Photos from iTunes Backup Files

in primul rand, open iMyfone D-Back on the computer. The interface is very simple. And there will be three modes for you to choose from. Here let’s select the mode ofRecuperarea din iTunes Backup“. And the program will work under this mode.

În al doilea rând, the program will show all existing backup files in the window. Choose one of them and click “Incepe scanarea”, then the extracting will be set out.

In cele din urma, after the extracting, you can see all files contented in the chosen backup file. Select the photos you want, și faceți clic “Recupera” să-i înapoi.

Metodă 2: Recover Deleted iPhone Photos by Extracting iCloud Backup

Not just the method above, you can also have a recovery from iCloud as well. Just follow the step 1 de mai sus, but choose the mode ofRecuperare de la icloud Backup“. Then do as follows:

1. Use the Apple ID and password to sign in your iCloud service. Your backup files are all saved in the remote server, so you have to download it first. Just choose one of them and click the “Descarca”. And the file will be downloaded to your local storage.

2. Just as recovery from iTunes, doar click “Incepe scanarea”, minute mai târziu datele dvs., cum ar fi fotografii, muzică, contacte, etc. va apărea pe ecran. Le puteți vizualiza și alege fotografiile dorite, le recupera, făcând clic “Recupera”.

Recuperare Imagini din iCloud Backup

Metodă 3: Preluare Imagini de la Lost direct pe iPhone

A treia metodă pentru a recupera fotografiile iPhone este cu adevărat uimitor- direct de pe iPhone. iMyfone D-spate pot afla urme de posibile date pierdute, și să-i înapoi.

Trebuie să fii precaut că datele șterse nu au fost suprascrise. Deci, nu mai utilizați iPhone-ul până când face recuperarea. Or your lost photos may disappear forever.

Now connect iPhone to your computer after switching the program to “Recuperare de la iOS Dispozitiv” mod. Apoi apasa “start” to scan your iPhone. If no distraction, you will see all your lost data in the primary window and have been classified with App Photos, Photo Stream, and Camera Roll. Doar previzualizare & choose the photos you want, clic “Recupera” pentru a le salva pe computer.

Recover Pictures from iPhone Directly

Download this magic tooliMyfone D-spate acum!

Ia-iMyfone D-spate

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