Best Ways to Restore Lost Data on iPad

As we all know, electronic products become more and more common all over the world, and iPad is one of the most popular products whose users throughout all the classes and levels. Because of this, people are increasingly concerned with the security of data which is saved on the iPad or any other product. That’s to say, people are looking for a reliable data recovery application, so that they can help to retrieve and recover the important documents if necessary, which may be accidentally deleted. In this way, users can get the data back in an emergency and reduce the risk of data loss. Considering these requirements, this tutorial will introduce some knowledge about data deletion, and tell you what to do next and how to deal with them when you encounter these problems. Of course, the important facts will be emphasized, for instance, some facts which are not the same as you wish or hard to accept and some other things which you should pay more attention to. In view of this situation, it also points out that, it is unwise of you to let novice users operation recommended programs or use these products without professional help.

Part 1. Does iPad have any kind of application such as trash can?

Of course, it is necessary to have at least one application which is created with advanced technology, so that we can retrieve and recover the important documents on iPad with satisfactory. In this case, the users are very concerned about the answer to this question. Unfortunately, the result turns out to be “NO”, that is to say, there is no application designed on iPad can ensure the data security or make sure the lost files would be retrieved and recovered. It is so bad, isn’t it? It makes the users feel surprised and disappointed as they hope some measures should be taken to make sure they can get the best and the state of the art results when they encounter the issues of data loss. It is also pointed out that it is better to make sure that the users can use the application easily without any obstacle, and can get the result as they want.

Part 2. How to deal with the situation that you have deleted some important data on iPad accidentally

Although there is no application of the data recovery designed on the iPad as mentioned, we also can ask other software for help. Here, I’d like to introduce one amazing tool to you, which is called Wondershare Dr.Fone. Its powerful features are used to make sure the data which is deleted by wrong operation or virus invasion, can be retrieved and recovered easily and simply. It is also pointed out that Wondershare Dr.Fone is created to have functions of depth retrieval, powerful recovery, and convenient operating interface. All of these advantages would meet user requirements and they don’t have to worry about data loss anymore. What’s more, in order to allow the user to get a better guide, the application developer promise to update tutorial or operating instructions constantly. In this way, any user can get the latest product information about its features and usage with no delay. It is also pointed out that the other products on Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS official website can also ensure the same timeliness, which makes users can get latest features and information for the first time so that they can enjoy the service with satisfaction.

Part 3. How to get the iPad deleted data back by using Dr.fone.

The using procedure of Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS Data Recovery is very simple to follow, and all the steps are described with words and screenshots so that it ensures users can deal with the issues about special features and additional functionality without any difficulty. The fact which must be paid attention to is that all these steps mentioned above should be followed before you install a new application on iPad. Because there is some possibility that the new application installation may overwrite the old data technically and never be recoverable so that we should prevent such a situation. In order to avoid the data loss, it is wise of you to perform in strict accordance with the following steps one by one, so that it can play with the best effect as you want. Here are the steps:

Step 1. In the beginning, you should log in the website and download the application. Then install the program according to the prompt. After all these are done, open the application to process further.

Get dr.fone – Recover (iOS)

Step 2. The Start Scan is used to search all types and location of files, and then output the search result which is important to the data recovery.

Step 3. The users can view the information of files about the path, size or modification time on the computer screen if necessary.

Step 4. Choose the storage location of files which should be recovered according to your preference, so that you can find the missing data saved there.


Part 4. The ways to avoid data loss on iPad if your important documents have been deleted already.

Following are some tips that should be considered by the user to make sure the services are enjoyed without any issue and problem:

  • 1. You shouldn’t install any new application if you are doing the recovery process as it may overwrite the old data and make you take the risk of data loss.
  • 2. Make sure the best data recovery program is available to you, and the user manual is written in details according to the fact.


With the introduction mentioned above, when you encounter the issues of data loss on iPad, you can take it easy and get your data back according to the instruction of data recovery application.

Get dr.fone – Recover (iOS)


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