How to Restore iPhone Data When You Dropped & Broken iPhone

The 1st & Right Behavior to Deal with A Dropped & Broken iPhone

After having your iPhone dropped, from the desk, or from the hands, it must drive you crazy, and your iPhone may very likely be damaged. The cataclastic screen, the broken shell, or something worse, all of these can make you regret for a long time. And what you must to know is that the right and secure behavior in this situation, is to take your iPhone to the professional store and have a check immediately, other than checking it by yourself. And they will help you maintain your iPhone such as replacing the broken screen. Although you may have to pay a price for that, it is still the best solution for you to choose from.

But sometimes your iPhone may be damaged more than you can imagine. The operating system may have a crash. And in the consequent, you may have your data lost as well. Fortunately, you can recover your lost iPhone data by yourself easily instead of turning to someone else. Here are some methods which could help.

How to Backup & Recover iPhone Data from the Dropped & Broken iPhone

Firstly, let’s talk about the worst situation – your iPhone is totally over. Although it may not happen usually, you still need to know what to fix it. Of course, in this case, there is no way to rehabilitate your iPhone and you have to buy a new one. But the data are still in the broken iPhone, you need to find a way to have them back.

As we know, iPhone has its own functions of restoring. If you have made a backup for the data before, you can recover the data lost in a convenient way by using iTunes or iCloud. However, if you don’t want to recover all data except those useful, like photos, contacts, and SMS, the only way is to find a good tool to help you, such as Dr. Fone for iOS Data Recovery, a good recovery tool for your Dropped & Broken iPhone.

Just download Dr.Fone for iOS, and then install the software on your computer.

Get dr.fone – Recover (iOS)

The steps of recovering iPhone data from iTunes:

  • 1: Open Dr. Fone for iOS
  • 2: Choose the “Recover from iTunes Backup File” under “Recover” mode
  • 3: Select the backup file you want, click “Start Scan”
  • 4: Preview the files in the primary window, and choose which you want.
  • 5: Click “Recover” button, and just wait.

The steps of recovering iPhone data from iCloud:

  • 1: Open Dr. Fone for iOS
  • 2: Choose the “Recover from iCloud Backup File” mode
  • 3: Log on with your Apple account
  • 4: View the backup files and choose one to download
  • 5: Click “Start Scan” to have the backup file extracted
  • 6: Preview the files in the primary window, and choose which you want.
  • 7: Click “Recover” button, and just wait.

See, with the help of Dr. Fone, you can recover your iPhone data selectively. It is easy, right?

Fortunately, we have no need to buy a new iPhone in most instances. If your iPhone can still work, all you have to do is recover the data directly from iPhone, which Dr. Fone can also make it.

Tips: The two solutions I introduce above can also apply to this situation.

The steps of recovering data directly from iPhone:

  • 1: Open Dr. Fone for iOS
  • 2: Choose the “Recover from iOS Device” mode of the program
  • 3: Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB
  • 4: Click “Start Scan”
  • 5: Wait for minutes and view the lost files in the primary window
  • 6: Select all files you want.
  • 7: Click “Recover”

With Dr. Fone for iOS, recovering lost data after having your iPhone dropped can be easy enough just like what I mentioned. Why not have a try?

Get dr.fone – Recover (iOS)


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